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We will be discussing Phenotypes, Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, kratom alkaloids and the regions and (sometimes no reason at all) names of Kratom.

Kratom names such as Maneg Da, Vietnam, Bali, and other popular kratom names that you have probably heard before. The Cannabis industry is similar with names. Some people get frustrated with all of the names, but names help identify a certain product, so names aren’t that bad. Names are bad when they are used to promote a product and confuse customers.

Kratom Leaves, in which White Vein tends to be white or beige in color and Green Vein is, of course, Green. You’ve probably noticed numerous names referring to the same types of Kratom which can be entirely too confusing. Unfortunately, many vendors tend to confuse the customers by rebranding traditional strains with interesting new names. The traditional names for Kratom come from the regions in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The naming conventions include Sumatra, Borneo, Riau, Bali and so forth. Below are the main types of Kratom, although there are many names out there that are referring to these strains. Those names are typically named for the region where the strains of kratom below are grown.

  • Thai (Grown in Thailand)
  • Indo (Grown in Indonesia)
  • Malay (Grown in Malaysia)
  • Borneo (This is Indo grown in Indonesia)
  • Maeng Da(Not a region, but an enhanced version of Thai)
  • Bali (a combination of Sumatra and Borneo. Supposedly Bali was named this because it was in Bali where the combination was first created.)

Thai: Thai kratom effects are said to be the longest lasting, and most sedating of all kratom strains. Nowadays commercial available Thai kratom is grown in countries other than Thailand, as it was banned some years ago. A normal dose of Thai kratom contains 3-5 grams. 

There are many names popping up everywhere, but remember that they are all either Thai, Indo or Malay or combinations of such.

Malaysia: Malaysian kratom is reported to be almost identical to kratom originating from Bali.

Maeng Da: (Thai) Maeng Da kratom is translated as ‘pimp grade’ kratom and originates from Thailand. It is the strongest kratom strain available today. According to users, Maeng Da is less euphoric than other strains, but it’s praised for its energizing effects. Critics say it’s more jittery than other Premium Thai strains, and argue it doesn’t last as long. The active dose is 1-2 grams. High quality Maeng Da is very green in color.

We will talk about Kratom Products, types of testing, kratom test results, different profiles and Kratom leaves from the United States, which will be available soon, and much more!

A plant phenotype is the result of the interactions between the genome of a stationary plant and all the micro and mega environments encountered during its life span.

Plant breeding and discovering different types of kratom plants will be very interesting for future research into the features and benefits of the mitragyna speciosa plant.

We want to open this up for discussion and better understand the workings and science behind Kratom and all herbal plants we love. We want you to feel like your voice is being heard and we are providing you with the kratom products that you deserve.

I have said it before, and I will say it again “Not all kratom is the same”. I want kratom that works the best for me personally. That is why we source our kratom from the same source since 2016. We know what the cheaper versions are like, and they do not work for me either.

We will be going over the phenotypes we offer and after this series is over, we would love to hear your opinions about how our findings and the way we see Kratom is the same or differs from your personal experience.

White Maeng Da will be the first phenotype we will discuss in the series. There may not be just one author, but a few different explanations and opinions from people who use kratom and/or work for Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.

If you would like your story about kratom posted on our website, please reach out and we will discuss how we can make that happen. We love to hear about your favorite types of kratom. Please no medical terminology or health claims.

We are starting to get back to the series and you will see more posts soon. We have had numerous delays since covid-19 that have put us behind in many ways.

We are still a small family run business and trying to keep our heads above water like everyone else in the world right now. The past 2 years have been extremely hard on us and everyone that we know.

Kratom is a plant that we are all still discovering its wonderful attributes. We have discovered numerous Alkaloids we can test for now. When there becomes more kratom alkaloid testing techniques available you can rest assured, we will be testing for those alkaloids too.

Testing has evolved in 2022 and we are testing 5 alkaloids and will be looking into the 7-alkaloid test soon. The better we understand the alkaloids in kratom the better we can figure out what works best for us personally.

These kratom alkaloid test results will be listed in the product description and on the package of kratom. The kratom testing process is very costly and adds up quickly.

Kratom is a Plant from southeast Asia that we are very enthusiastic about, and we want to share as much knowledge with you about this amazing tree.

We are working on a proprieraty kratom extraction method and we are creating some of the best water soluble kratom products on the market in 2023

Please stay tuned in 2023 as we talk about these different regions that kratom is grown and the multiple profiles that they uniquely possess.

Now with the decriminalization of kratom products in Thailand we should see a more diverse selection of kratom products in the marketplace over the next few years. This will take some time, but with more science about kratom coming and gmp requirements in Indonesia and Thailand we should see an even better-quality product being produced over the next few years.

We hope that you enjoy our posts, and we want to be able to talk to everyone like family. The blogs come from my heart, and I just want people to understand us as a company a bit better.

I started this company to provide the best kratom products. I will not allow anything to persuade my decisions or values in the future of this company. We will always do our best for our customers!

God Bless You and Thank You for Reading.


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