COB Payment Options

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Payment Options

We are one of the kratom vendors that accepts credit cards!

  • Mastercard, Visa and American Express Only!
  • E-Check is one of our payment methods. Your information is never stored on our servers. We take pride in keeping our customers safe and secure.
  • Pay Now With Echeck!
  • You can also use your debit card or credit card for payment processing.
  • We are trying our best to stay above the waves with kratom payments.
  • However, …There will be a $20.00 charge for all returned checks or Echeck!
  • Orders that are placed and paid for before 2:00 PM EST will be shipped the same day.
  • E-Checks may be held up to 7 days for clearance for First Time Orders, and new Bank Accounts.
  • If you have not used an Echeck within 90 days with our company that is also cause for a Hold to make sure the Echeck clears.
  • Echeck information needs to match exactly to your Banking Information also please do not exit out once you click PAY NOW!
  • For all New echeck processed or New Kratom Customers using Echeck there will be a 7 day Hold for clearance purposes this is mandatory.
  • If you are a Returning Customer and use a New Bank account or bank routing and Account number this also needs a mandatory Hold for clearance.
  • If you are a Returning Customer and have not ordered or used an Echeck in 90 days this also requires a mandatory Hold for clearance.
  • Please let us know if you have any questions or need help processing your Echeck Payment!
  • Please call your bank first to make sure Echeck is compatible with your Bank!
  • Some banks have SPECIFIC Routing and Account Numbers for Electronic/Echeck Payments!
  • We cannot delete Echeck after they are processed into the system!
  • From our experience Bancorp Bank and some Federal Credit Unions do not accept Echeck!
  • If we get a returned E-Check or Personal Check, you will be held responsible for the $20.00 fee or fees.
  • We have had many bounced checks and will have to wait for clearance of all E-Checks from accounts not used in the past 180 days before shipments!
  • If you live in Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, Wisconsin, Indiana, Rhode Island, Sarasota County (Florida), San Diego (California), Jerseyville (Illinois), Canada, Sweden, or the U.K. E-Check will not process payments from these Regions, and we will not ship as well.
  • This is out of our control.
  • For E-Check please make sure that you click on the Green Electronic Check Button that says PAY NOW on the screen after you choose E-Check for payment!!!
  • As you can see, we try our best to give plenty of payment options for our customers. We are sorry for any frustration or confusion currently.
  • If this is your First order or have not ordered from us in over a year via E-Check, there will be a 7 day hold on ALL New E-Checks!
  • Sorry for any Issues this may cause for anyone.
  • God Bless and Thank you for your understanding!
  • We also accept Personal Checks and Money Orders. You must send a picture of your filled out Check or Money Order and Envelope to 6092026880 to insure faster shipping!!!
  • Personal Checks or Money Orders need to be filled out to Christopher’s Organic Botanicals or C.O.B. and sent to P.O. BOX 281 DEEPWATER NEW JERSEY 08023
  • C.O.D. is no longer a choice due to substantial loss and the inability to receive our payments. Sorry for any problems this may cause.
  • We are implementing a kratom Points & Rewards system sometime in the first few weeks of the New Year 2021. This will add 10% points reward to every $1.00 Spent. Meaning you will receive 10% back on all purchases towards your next order with us.
  • We want you to know that We care and understand the issues we all face right now. We want to be able to offer kratom products that everyone can afford without sacrificing the Safety & Quality of our kratom products.
  • We have lowered pricing on all kratom powders!
  • Tracking Numbers are emailed with every order! You will receive 3 emails from us.
  • Anything 15.9 oz or Under gets shipped FIRST CLASS with Tracking.
  • Anything Over 16 oz gets shipped PRIORITY with Tracking.
  • Tracking Information sometimes will take 24 hours to UPDATE.
  • We always offer free shipping. If you want Express, it is an extra $23.25 shipping cost added to the total order this must be chosen at time of order!
  • Tracking Numbers are emailed with every order! You will receive 3 emails total from us. Please check your spam folder and change the spam filters if this is an issue.
  • We offer FREE SHIPPING for ALL kratom orders over $20.00 for the FIRST ATTEMPT TO SHIP!
  • If YOUR Kratom ORDER is RETURNED to our facility due to an error in the address entered, YOU will be HELD RESPONSIBLE for a SHIPPING FEE to ship your order out again!
  • Please be sure to enter your SHIPPING ADDRESS CORRECTLY in our system. Our system AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFERS what YOU ENTER on to a SHIPPING LABEL!!!
  • (First Class- Variable Fee according to weight of package)
  • (Priority- $8.15)
  • (Express- $23.25)
  • The cost is an extra 10.00-25.00 on our part that we do not get back. Thanks for your understanding. We will do our best to LIMIT the amount of the cost Increases as We strive to be Affordable to ALL! GOD BLESS!
  • We want you to find lab tested kratom capsules, kratom powders, kratom extracts and any type of Mitragyna speciosa product you need at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.
  • We take customer service very seriously!
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