Kratom Alkaloids Over Time

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Blog, Kratom Phenotypes, Kratom Testing

I wanted to share something with everyone that I thought was remarkably interesting. We had a few batches retested to see if there is any degradation in Kratom Alkaloids during storage, or after 1-2 years’ time. I will be using Green Riau as an example for this blog post. We didn’t see anything in the way of bacterial growth over 1-2 year’s period. We also noticed that alkaloids were a bit higher than the earlier testing result. This could be from the natural variable found in the plant. Interestingly the 7-hydroxymitragynine did not get any higher. These results were similar with the 3 batches that We tested for this experiment.

There has been some discussion that 7-hydroxymitragynine gets stronger over time, but what we have seen is that Mitragynine, Speciogynine, and Paynantheine were raised slightly with no change in 7- hydroxymitragynine. We are also working with a plant that has some variables, so that may also come into play. Unopened packages do not show signs of degradation with long term storage.

Kratom Science is something that We are continuing to learn about daily. We want to share the science behind kratom with you so We can learn together about the wonderful plant We all love. We depend on the power of plants just like you do! We want to make sure that We are always transparent and explain what we have learned along the way. I want us all to be the greatest community of like minded Kratom advocates in the world! We can make plants before pills a reality for future generations.

I had some questions about the percentages that we have on our packaging. These percentages are added to ensure the buyer that they are buying pure kratom products. We also learn how kratom alkaloid differences can affect us differently. I wanted to share this with you to better understand how kratom behaves when stored for long times. I also wanted to explain that kratom has slight differences in the same batch.

Kratom is a natural plant and does vary slightly from leaf to leaf. It takes approximately one full grown kratom tree to deliver 20 kgs of kratom powder. We can just imagine how many leaves are in a 20 kg package. I love kratom! Kratom has made such a dramatic difference in My life, and I am happy to still be here sharing what I love with all of You!

We are Happy to add that Our Co-Packer has gone 100% solar since 2020 and We are now using renewable energy to package and produce our products. We want to make sure that We are doing our part for the environment and the future of Kratom. We will be looking at the Science behind kratom deeper this year and talking with everyone about what we’ve learned. We are proud to be supporters of the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy for Kratom Research. Christopher McCurdy has done such extensive work and We are proud to be supporting this endeavor.

We have also been learning about chemotypes of kratom and how they differ:

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