Green Riau Kratom Powder

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Green Riau

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Green Vein Riau Kratom powder is a different strain which is newer and has only been on the market a few years. Kratom is a tree that comes from the coffee family, but doesn’t contain caffiene.

Only a few Kratom vendors are working with the Riau phenotype. That is why not many people know about this particular type of kratom. Like all the other varieties, Riau Kratom also promises an unique experience for all customers.

Green Riau Kratom is a distinct strain of kratom that comes from the Riau region, situated on the central eastern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The area’s lush, tropical rainforests and a humid climate are ideal for growing the *Mitragyna speciosa* trees from which kratom is harvested.

Green Riau Kratom is known for its unique profile, which distinguishes it from more common strains like Bali or Borneo. It typically offers a fine balance between the stimulating effects of white strains and the relaxing effects of red strains. Users often report that Green Riau provides a clear-headed energy and mood enhancement, making it suitable for those looking for a boost in focus and a reduction in stress without the overly stimulating effects that can come with some other green kratom strains.

This strain is also noted for its pleasant aroma, which is milder and less earthy compared to other kratom varieties. The subtler, more appealing scent, coupled with its balanced effects, makes Green Riau particularly popular among new and seasoned kratom users alike.

Overall, Green Riau Kratom is valued for its potential to enhance mental clarity and provide a moderate lift in energy, coupled with a calming effect that doesn’t lead to significant drowsiness. These qualities make it a versatile choice for daytime use.

Green Riau Kratom Effects

  1. Green Riau Kratom is a specific strain of kratom that originates from the Riau province in Indonesia. Riau is famous for its good soil and weather, which helps produce high-quality kratom.
  2. Green Riau Kratom is a type of green vein strain. It combines the energizing effects of white vein strains. It also provides relaxation like red vein strains.
  3. The specific effects and potency of a substance can vary significantly depending on various factors. One crucial factor is an individual’s body chemistry and tolerance, which refers to the unique physiological and biochemical makeup of each person. Different people may have different sensitivities and reactions to herbal substances due to variations in their metabolism, enzyme activity, and genetic predispositions. For example, some individuals may be more sensitive to the effects of a particular substance, experiencing stronger or more pronounced effects, while others may be less affected.
  4. Another factor that can influence the effects and potency of a substance is the dosage. The amount of a substance consumed plays a crucial role in determining its impact on the body. Higher doses generally result in more intense effects, while lower doses may produce milder or less noticeable effects. It is important to note that the optimal dosage can vary for each individual, and finding the right balance is essential to achieve the desired effects without experiencing adverse reactions.
  5. Furthermore, the quality of the product can also significantly impact its effects and potency. The purity, composition, and manufacturing process of a substance can vary between different products and brands. Factors such as the sourcing of raw materials, production methods, and quality control measures can all influence the final product’s potency and consistency.
  6. In some cases, impurities or contaminants in a product can alter its effects or even pose health risks. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain substances from reputable sources and ensure their quality and purity.
  7. In conclusion, the effects and potency of a substance can vary depending on several factors. Individual body chemistry, tolerance, dosage, and the quality of the product all play significant roles in determining the specific effects experienced. Understanding these factors is essential for responsible and informed substance use, as it allows individuals to make informed decisions and minimize potential risks.
  8. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has not been approved for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its effects and safety have not been extensively studied, and it may pose health risks.
  9. It is crucial to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement, particularly for individuals with medical conditions, pregnant or nursing women, or those taking other medications. The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Use kratom responsibly.

Here are some common effects that users have reported with Green Riau Kratom:

  1. Energy and focus: Many users find Green Riau Kratom to provide a natural boost in energy and improved focus. It may help increase alertness and productivity.
  2. Mood enhancement: Green Riau Kratom is often known for its mood-lifting properties. It may contribute to a sense of well-being and uplift the mood.
  3. Relaxation: While green veins are generally associated with more energizing effects, Green Riau Kratom is often reported to provide a sense of relaxation and calmness without causing tiredness.
  4. Cognitive effects: Some users have reported it may help with concentration and mental tasks.

It’s important to note that the effects of kratom can vary from person to person, and individual experiences may differ. Kratom is not FDA-approved for medical use and its safety and side effects are not well-studied. Before using Green Riau Kratom or any other kratom, it is important to consult with a doctor. This is especially crucial if you have any existing health issues or if you are currently taking medication.

A good Daytime phenotype as mentioned by consumers. Green Kratom is used more for energy and focus during the day along with white kratom powder, or mixed together for a unique experience.

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Green Riau has been said to be similar to Green Malay or Green Bali.

Region and History of Green Riau Kratom Powder

  • Green Riau Kratom originates from the Riau province on the central eastern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. This area is known for its lush, tropical rainforests which provide the ideal humid and warm climate that kratom trees thrive in. The Mahakam River, a vital waterway, flows through the region and contributes to the lush vegetation, including the Mitragyna speciosa tree, from which kratom is harvested.
  • Historically, kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for its various therapeutic properties. Local populations traditionally chewed the leaves or brewed them into teas to enjoy their relieving, energizing, and mood-enhancing effects. The specific variety, Green Riau Kratom, is named after the region because the environment along its banks supports the growth of kratom trees that produce leaves with a unique alkaloid profile. This strain is particularly noted for its balanced effects that combine mild stimulation with relaxation, making it popular among kratom users worldwide.


  • Medium Green

Batch Number

  • 152311

Expiration or Best By Date

  • 10/26

Alkaloid Percentages

  • We test kratom alkaloids twice to ensure quality before selling on our website. One alkaloid test for the package and one alkaloid test for random release testing. This will give a better idea of how the kratom alkaoids vary and how we can understand this plant much better.
  • Even with blending we see variations within the batch. This cost extra money for validation but we want to give our customers a better understanding of the plant and alkaloids.

Initial Kratom alkaloid Percentages when testing the batch and adding percentages to the package

  • Mitragynine=1.48% 7-Hydroxymitragynine=0.02% Speciogynine=0.21% Paynantheine=0.28% Speciociliatine =0.44% Total Alkaloids=2.43%

Second random alkaloid percentage test pulled from this batch for release testing as seen in the lab results

  • Mitragynine=1.54 % 7-Hydroxymitragynine=0.011% Speciogynine=0.226% Paynantheine=0.319% Speciociliatine =0.397% Total Alkaloids= 2.49%

Green Riau Kratom Powder 3rd Party Lab Testing Results


Chris’s Take

  • Great for anytime during the day to give that extra boost!

GTIN Product Identification Numbers 2oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181116

4oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181109

9oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181093

16oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181086

WARNING: Before Using any Herbal Products, make sure that you have a full knowledge of the herb, It’s Workings and any adverse reactions it may cause! Caution: Consult your physician prior to using this product if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition. This product was produced without federal regulatory oversight for health, safety, or efficacy. This product complies with testing and labeling requirements for microbiology, heavy metals, and contaminants required by the KCPA (New Jersey Kratom Consumer Protection Act).

18 reviews for Green Riau Kratom Powder

  1. christi5851

    Great Kratom, Great Service

  2. wellstravis2000

    Great mood loft with a lot of energy. Definitelyly one for my kratom box.

  3. joshcarrillo44

    This is the best kratom iv’e ever had and I been using kratom for around two years now!

  4. darrellmarkie

    I tried most of the greens that they carry and this by far is my favorite. Bali is a close second.

  5. Jimjamesradar

    I’m pretty much a red man but this green gives my red that boost I need on some days. It’s even a good stand alone strain. I’ve not had many greens I like alone but I’m about to have some. Goes great with CBD.

  6. Johnsonptd

    Very new to the Kratom experience and I enjoyed this strain quite a bit. Felt easier to relax into the moment with very positive uplifting sensations, however, for me there was a crash after a few Hours that I want to avoid. Would recommend this to anyone new or looking for an effective balanced green strain.

  7. iloveequus.cristiani

    I keep coming back to Green Riau as it works great and gives me a nice mood and energy!! Chris has the very best quality kratom, always so fresh. Thank you Chris!

    Melissa from Florida

  8. nancyborne1964

    I took a chance on ordering this strain and was not disappointed. This strain worked wonders on my issues and the mood lifting effects we’re outstanding.It had a fast onset about 10 to 15 minutes and kept me motivated well over 5 hours.Also you can tell Christopher cares about his customers and has a true honest passion about helping people.I have referred many of my friends to him and they feel the same as I do.What you get from Christopher is hard to find these days.He always has fresh top notch Kratom and excellent customer service.

  9. steve4magic

    Comes on very fast 10 to 15 minutes. 1.2 grams. Quite possibly the best massage feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Phenomenal relief. I Can Only Imagine it’s hope. Don’t ever get rid of this strain!

  10. hotheadedjoelhaha

    I have never had a Green with such relieving properties, just Wonderful. mood enhancement. Quality product and outstanding customer service.

  11. cody_myers88

    This was included as a sample with my order. I highly recommend this strain!

  12. tamyraking

    I usually get reds and have tried them all but the reds stopped working . I was afraid of trying a green because I also suffer and did not want anything stimulating. I took a chance on the Green Riau and so glad I did! I tried it and within 20 minutes the relief! It did not make me jittery but gave me a wonderful mood lift. I felt like dancing! I gave some to my brother who suffers and he said he actually felt like going out and doing something for the first time in months. It just makes you feel so happy! This is by far the best Kratom I have tried. So mood lifting without feeling jittery at all. Delivery is very fast, prices are great but the customer service is outstanding! Christopher always reply’s to my emails promptly and actually cares about his customers.

  13. bugaboo49

    Highly recommend . Super clean product and does everything a Green should .No jitters . Just all around feeling of relief.

  14. Douglas F.

    I really enjoyed this strain.Even though it is not a strong strain of kratom it worked very well for my issues .I would recommend this strain for night time or to mix with another strain.It would be also be a excellent strain for people who are new to kratom.

  15. Jon (verified owner)

    I think I’ve finally settled on my favorite strain! Perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning.

    • Christopher

      I love the green riau for morning myself!

  16. Staceycook17 (verified owner)

    I don’t write reviews but this may help someone, my husband became very ill with critical covid he ended up in ICU on a ventilator, long story short by the grace of GOD he made it home 9 weeks later , when he came home he was so weak he could barely walk, I started him on kratom and no doubt this stuff put him on the road to recovery quick ,I put him on kratom 2 to 3 times a day it gave him the energy and clarity to get through his recovery, 2 months later from being home and being on kratom he is back to work doing great , thanks Christopher , kratom is put on this planet by GOD ,

    • Christopher Deaney

      God Bless You and Thank you. Kratom has made my life better and I will always do our best for you and for kratom!

  17. kratom butterfly

    I’m an oddball, greens usually give me a little too much energy. I really like this one, it’s relaxing for me, with a hint of energy. Perfect! Thank you!