Our 3-year-old Kratom Tree

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I wanted to talk about our 3-year-old kratom tree that I have been growing for a few years now. I did have a total of three trees but gave the other two trees away to friends to take care of and enjoy.

Taking care of live kratom plants takes some knowledge, but buying kratom plants to grow at home is a great hobby.

You cannot find kratom plants for sale at your local plant nursery, but you can buy kratom plants online.

One tree is enough to manage in our climate. I recommend all kratom consumers try to grow a kratom tree at least once. growers send out leaves and plant materials for lab testing and can see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Our climate in South Jersey is great during the summer, but once it gets a bit colder; we must bring the tree inside. Kratom does not make a great house plant and does not do well in small spaces. Kratom is from Southeast Asia and not used to cold winters or dry climates. At this point the tree is about seven feet tall including the container and weighs about eighty pounds.

Even in warmer climates of the United States American Kratom is vulnerable to cold snaps and other issues that make it a bit of a hassle to grow outdoors. I have had to use a hand cart to move the tree from our inside tent area to outside during the summer for the past year.

I have tried to bring the tree inside the house, but each time the tree drops all the leaves and does not do well at all. We had a few cuttings we tried this with, and they did great until we brought them inside the house. The lack of humidity is the culprit and kratom trees do not like dry conditions.

We used California lightworks grow lights specifically the Solarextreme 500 for our kratom trees. We use the same light to start other herbs, plants, and flowers. We have had this light for 2 years without any issues. I have spent less in the past, but never got more than a year out of the light. Burnt out bulbs, broken fans and other issues would occur.

We have used the Bonsai method to bush the tree out a bit while making sure the height is not a problem. Right now, we have the kratom tree inside a 40-gallon container. The leaves of the tree after 3 years are quite bitter. I have harvested many leaves over the past 3 years, and I have plenty of crushed leaves for homemade kratom tea.

Having a kratom tree and harvesting the leaves gives me profound respect for all the Kratom Farmers who work tirelessly to bring us kratom. I harvested about 5 1-gallon jars, and I am lucky to have a kilo once finished.

I realize that it is only one small tree but seeing these large kratom trees in the Indonesian Jungles makes you realize how time consuming it truly is to harvest hundreds of kilos of kratom.



I used Organic Mechanics and Fox Farm soil for the container blend. This soil is very nutrient rich, and I avoided any further nutrients until the kratom tree was about 6 months old. At that point I used worm castings and a calcium Magnesium supplement to balance out any deficiencies.

After about a year I started with some nutrients that are used for the traditional cannabis growing market. I have used assorted brands over the years and finally stuck with Epsoma plant tone for the ease of use and cost. This was recommended by a local garden center for a full range of benefits.

Kratom leaves have distinctive characteristics, sometimes based on the age of the leaf, as well as genetics plus the amount of sunlight they receive. Different ages of kratom leaves have distinct vein colors. The youngest leaves have white veins, while more developed leaves have green veins. Fully mature leaves have red veins.

Fermented kratom is made by using the fermentation process which changes the alkaloid composition and produces a different affect. White vein kratom powder is said to be more balanced between red and green vein kratom types. Different strains of kratom will always have different effects.

Growing diverse types of kratom has truly been a wonderful experience that I love. I have a strawberry patch that produces about 10-quart containers of strawberries every spring. Gardening is my only hobby now, but I am getting some good practice for My retirement in about 20 years! I am looking forward to having a large garden and growing all my own fruits and vegetables at home. I am learning all the dos and don’ts of gardening now.

Plants and Herbs have a profound effect on our general wellbeing. Just growing plants indoors has been shown to reduce stress. I guess growing plants can induce stress if your new to growing and killing your plants, but that is why I made sure to do my homework and learn about each individual plant that I was caring for and growing.

Outdoor and indoor Plants are living things and taking care of any living thing daily should make us feel better. Plants are air purifying and mostly slow growing. Just watching plants grow can be very relaxing. Whether you have a large yard or a small yard, or no yard at all it is easy to take care of a plant

Depending on each other to live is the way this world was originally made. We give breath to plants and plants give breath to us! I hope that you enjoyed my talk about my tree and about my love for gardening in general. Growing and Gardening give me the peace of mind I genuinely enjoy from living things.

God Bless and Be Safe, Christopher


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