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Fair Trade Kratom Ethically Sourced Using GMP Fair Trade Practices.

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Our Certified GMP Kratom is 100% natural wild harvested from the Jungles of Indonesia.

Where can I buy quality kratom products?

Where can I buy quality kratom products? If you are looking for the best kratom in New Jersey look no further than Christopher's Organic Botanicals located in Salem County. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the best places to buy kratom...

Borneo World Kratom BWK Indonesia Visits New Jersey

We had an exciting visit from Trinusa Herbalindo, Borneo World Kratom and BWK.ID this past week. Eddo, Indah and Bayu were here all the way from Indonesia (southeast Asia) for a couple of weeks. Eddo, Indah, and Bayu attended the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas. Then...

New Batches of Kratom Powder

Kratom Kilos are under $100.00 with coupons and under $90.00 with points! Pricing on ALL Sizes of kratom powder reduced! We are currently producing Red Riau, White Vietnam and Green Riau. These batches should be ready by Friday March 31, 2023. Our newest kratom...

Real Kratom Consumer Testimonials

I’ve been taking Kratom Powder for over 2 years now.  Kratom has been a relieving gift from God!

Josh F.

Hands down the BEST Kratom provider ever. From the price to delivery to the product itself, I wish people knew how different the product is with a company like this. What a difference!!!! Thank you for the samples, thank you for the FAST delivery and thank you for the very reasonable prices! God bless this business!!!!

Desiree D.

This is the best experience for me. Working nights have to have energy for long days. No shakes, wobbles etc but just great energy! Chris is awesome. If you email him for anything, you will get a reply in minutes. Also I had been buying from a site for over a year with low quality. What I was buying was twice as much for half of the amount I am now getting here.

Darren C.

I lost an over 20 year marriage to the father of my 8 children. I have at times become homeless NEVER did I think something could come along and save me.

Stacey A.

I have been using Kratom for about 2 1/2 years now. I have tried almost every strain COB sells, and this one is my favorite…the mood lift is a life saver…literally… And, yes, I have tried other vendors…there is no comparison: COB is the REAL DEAL!!!

David M.

I found kratom about 7 years ago, after suffering for 17 years and thinking nothing would be able to help me.  I was just waiting life out.  Then I found kratom and Chris.  My outlook on life, and the things I can do has changed so much.  Thank you Chris, and thank you kratom for letting me get up out of my bed and enjoy life again.  It’s nice to know I don’t have to search for relief any longer, that was always my biggest fear in life, suffering forever.  With C.O.B. I know I always have a safe, tested kratom product that will do what it should..

Lynn Venus

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