Is Kratom a Food Product?

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I hope that everyone is starting to get back to normal. We can finally start to have a fun summer outside and be able to go more places again.

I know everywhere in the country is different, but in NJ it has been strict since March 2020. It is now August 5,2022 and we are still dealing with covid-19 and now monkeypox. What else?

I should not ask that question! Anyways, We are discussing whether kratom is a food product or not? We will discuss that issue and make you aware of what’s new at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. We are adding new products over the next year, and we hope to be your one stop shop for all your needs.


We have revamped the website to make it easier to purchase and see the products you are buying. Product descriptions are interactive and will go directly to testing results and other pertinent information. Kratom is a wonderful plant that collaborates individually with each person.

No one can say that a certain phenotype of Mitragyna Speciosa works one way for everyone. Nature is great and challenging to find out what works best. Herbalism is trial and error to find out what works best and what amount of each herb is right for you.

There are many changes in the industry, and we are doing our part to make sure this plant is available for years to come. We are not a company that cares about money. We care about Kratom. We care about Fair Trade. We are Paying extra money for quality products and Pure kratom. We care about making sure that these plants that we love and use daily are not banned or endangered by overharvesting practices. We are here for the community and not to dominate the industry. We are here for you!

Christopher's Organic Botanicals

Mitragyna Speciosa must be processed, Tested, Packaged, and treated the proper way. This Plant means so much to so many and We promise to be here doing the right thing. Kratom contains Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine along with many other alkaloids that are responsible for the way this plant interacts with our bodies.

Kratom has been traditionally drank as a tea or the leaf was chewed and discarded. This looks like a food supplement or food product to me. Herbs are food since we use herbs in our cooking and beverages. Is kratom an herb?

One Johns Hopkins study refers to kratom as an herb and other studies such as National Institute of Health refers to kratom as a plant. The national institute on drug abuse views kratom as an herbal substance.

The food and drug administration states that kratom leaves are not FDA approved and side effects have been reported in southeast Asia and the united states. People who use kratom are stating the effects of kratom are not negative. Kratom users are stating that this plant has helped them and not hurt them in anyway at all.

We have a lot more research to do and we obviously have a vocabulary issue too. Whether or not it is a plant, tree, or an herb we know that life is different once we found Mitragyna Speciosa.

Either way we look at the verbiage, kratom is consumed one way or another, so when we consume something, it is food.

Drying Kratom Leaves

We are in communication with Indonesian farmers and local government officials ensuring that Kratom is managed and treated properly. There are many differences in the way kratom is managed and processed in Indonesia and eventually we will get to a point where we are all on the same page.

There is still plenty of kratom coming out of Indonesia that is either being sold by private citizens from their backyard and not evaluated or leaves that are very weak and not what we want in a kratom product.

Also, there are alot of kratom powders and kratom products coming from Indonesia that just are not even kratom at all.

There are a few sub species of kratom that have little or no Mitragynine at all. Problem is that the leaves look very similar and taste alike too.

Mitragyna Stipulosa, Mitragyna Javanica and Mitragyna Hirsuta are some of the sub species of kratom that have little or no Mitragynine.

There is a wonderful piece on kratom that was published by Harvard Health that’s worth a read:

Be vigilant in everything that you do and know where your kratom leaves are coming from. We use one group since 2017 and do not change our suppliers at all!

We have joined forces with BWK and are creating a unified group of likeminded kratom enthusiasts.

Our group is the same since 2017, but we are becoming better organized in Indonesia now!

We will be meeting with our suppliers next week and having some good conversations about kratom and what we can do to sustain the plant that we love so much.

God Bless You! Be Safe! Take care of each other 😊

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