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by | Dec 29, 2022 | Kratom Recipes

Kratom has been making rounds all over the globe due to its usefulness. People are eager to try out this famous botanical known for its various benefits. Kratom Powder is just one of the many ways to enjoy kratom.

Although the bitter taste of this herb makes it hard to be palatable, users are all down to experimenting with it to find different ways to mask the taste. Just a few years ago, you would hardly find any forms of Ketum except raw powder or capsules.

However, with the changing times, the Mitragyna market is also changing. You can find this herb in any shape, size, and form. Be it some Ketum extract or a cigarette to smoke, you can enjoy this herb in many ways. Just like these, one particular class of this botanical makes everyone its huge fan – Kratom edibles.

Why Should I Consume Kratom Edibles?

One thing about Mitragyna that can force anyone to scrunch up their nose is its extremely unpalatable bitter taste.

Moreover, it is difficult for the users to consume the herb not just because of the taste but also the loose texture of the powder. It is easy to choke down on the dry texture or make a mess in case of spillage.

Now, here enter the Kratom edibles. They are tasty delights infused with this beneficial botanical to provide you with all the alkaloids goodness that the usual powder provides. Moreover, they are not only flavorsome but also extremely easy to use.

You can use them anywhere on the go, just like your usual snacks. Just pop a Kratom candy while going to work or eat a Ketum cookie when you are running late from your class; they are straightforward to use.

Kratom Edibles

Kratom edibles are quickly gaining massive popularity in the herbal community. As there is a large variety of these fantastic treats, we will be breaking down the details below to help you choose the best one.

Kratom Chocolate

Kratom chocolate is one of the best ways to enjoy this botanical tastefully. Although some brands sell ready-made Speciosa chocolate, you can still make it at home with little effort.

To make these delicious pieces of goodness, all you need is some organic oil or butter, cocoa powder, some sweetener like honey or sugar, vanilla extract, and your favorite strain of Ketum. Simmer the oil on low heat while stirring cocoa powder and sweetener. After cooking for five minutes, add in the herbal powder and only mix it in the mixture.

Do not cook the powder, as it might lower the herb’s potency. Now, pour in the mold and let it cool down. Your chocolate is ready to be enjoyed.

Kratom Gummies

A combination of sugar and gelatin with the Ketum infused inside, wrapped in deliciousness, these are the perfect herbal product to have on the go.

Kratom gummies contain a good amount of botanical that is considered safe to consume as either powder, leaf extract, or raw leaf in dried form. The Mitragyna is simmered on low heat in gelatin or just sprinkled on the ready-made gummies.

Kratom Honey Balls

It is another easy-to-make recipe that doesn’t require too many ingredients, but only two: organic honey and Mitragyna powder.

To make the Kratom honey balls, add your botanical powder to a bowl and pour in a small amount of honey. Don’t forget to give it a good and consistent mix till it becomes a firm paste with a smooth texture.

Now, you can place the mixture on parchment paper in the shape of balls and let it cool down. You can also store these sweet treats in the freezer for a long time.

Kratom Cookies

Kratom cookies are another type of herbal edible that can be easily made at home. You can make some chocolate chip cookies or simple but delicious butter cookies.

With the help of readily available ingredients like flour, eggs, butter, and cocoa powder, you can bake these cookies by adding some Ketum powder to the cookie dough.

Even if you want to avoid the hassle of baking, several online vendors are selling these crunch bites at reasonable prices.

Kratom Smoothies

Kratom smoothie is yet another way to include botanical powder in your regular diet to mask its taste and increase its nutritional value.

You can make smoothies with Mitragyna, green leafy vegetables, and some sweet or tangy fruit to give your day a fresh start.

Put coconut, almond, or plain milk in a blender and add kale or spinach leaves. Now, blend it a bit and add fruit of your choice like banana, apple, kiwi, mango, or whatnot. Again, blend it till it’s thoroughly combined. Now, add your desired quantity of herbal powder and mix it for a few seconds. Your Kratom smoothie is ready to be consumed.

Where should I buy Kratom edibles?

Although it is effortless to make Kratom edibles at home, if you are not the kitchen type, you can buy them ready-to-eat. There are quite a lot of online shops selling delicious and reasonably priced edibles.

Here are some of the best ones below:

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

Christopher’s Botanicals offers some of the best kratom products available online and in the United States. Thier website offers plenty of options for kratom shots, extracts, and gummies.

Amazing Botanical

Amazing botanicals is a leading manufacturer and online seller of Ketum products, including Kratom edibles. Their website has different flavored candies, chews, gummies, and cookies.

Natural Life Kratom

Although not a wide variety, this vendor has some exciting products, like Kratom caramel candies, Speciosa soda, tea bags, and gummies.

Super Natural Botanical

Super Natural botanical is yet another best Kratom edibles seller with different types of Ketum shots, sodas, gummies, and candies.


Kratom edibles are becoming quite the rage as they are delicious treats that are easy to consume. You can either snack on kratom chocolate chip cookies in the evening or munch on kratom gummies on your way to work. They are tasty, convenient, and cost-effective -as you can easily make them at home.


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