Where is Salem County New Jersey?

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Where Is Salem County New Jersey Located?

Salem County is in the Southwestern part of the State located next to the Delaware River. Salem County is about 30 minutes from Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from Atlantic City New Jersey. We are about 2 hours from New York City.

We are located a little over an hour from Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson New Jersey. If you want to go to six flags in Jackson New Jersey just use the plan your visit link.

According to people on reddit’s r/newjersey, living in Salem County feels like a time warp. This is one of the reasons why many people love living here. We have some local Wawa stores and small mom and pop delis, but most of the area is rural farmland.

We are the most rural county in the state of New Jersey. Farming contributes to many incomes in our area of New Jersey. The closest largest city would be Wilmington Delaware. Second closest city would be Philadelphia.

More About Salem County

Our local About Salem County even references:

“In an age of urban sprawl, Salem County stands out as an unspoiled oasis with a genuine, “down-home country” feel that pervades every facet of the county. The people only surpass its agricultural, historical, cultural, and economic characteristics here who work as a team to preserve the features that make the county great while planning to keep it viable for future generations”.

That says a lot and one of the many reasons people love living in Salem County. I like to say that we have the best of both worlds. We have farm fields and creeks, but at the same time we can be in a major city in 30 minutes. Life on the good earth!

Creek flooding can make travel hard, but having a 4×4 vehicle helps. The small-town feel is what truly makes Salem County New Jersey the place to live. Choose Salem is a great local website to showcase businesses in Salem County.

Alice Dunbar-Nelson

A great poet Alice Dunbar-Nelson wrote about Carney’s Point. A poem titled The Lights at Carney’s Point.

She is a great poet and wrote about her time in Carneys Point. Not many people have even heard of Carneys Point, but there is another great celebrity that is from the same town.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is from Penns Grove in Salem County New Jersey. He lived here before he became famous and still visits from time to time. A local Facebook post will usually let us know when he is in town. Bruce Willis loves the local stores in Salem County and people can see Bruce Willis eating his favorite cheesesteak from Roman Pantry.

There are even a song titled Bruce Willis, so you can see why such a star is important to Salem County New Jersey.

Amazon Prime

Recently in the past couple of years Amazon has built fulfillment warehouses in Salem County, which make amazon prime delivery very fast! Talk about inventory management.

E-commerce businesses, order fulfillment services and fulfillment centers make up a good percentage of small businesses in cities in the United States.

Even better there are now 800 more jobs available to area residents. Amazon has a few warehouses in our area and has been building numerous warehouses within our region.

The newest warehouse is in Carneys Point, which for many years was the home of DuPont. DuPont helped subsidize the property taxes for many years. We still enjoy lower property taxes than most of New Jersey.

Our local Salem County Economic Development helps businesses thrive in Salem County. We are proud of the acomplishments.

Carneys Point Township

Our local newsletter shows the community involvement and how close knit this community really is to begin with. Our local Carneys Point Township newsletter has been included with this post for your reading pleasure.

In Salem County, a 3-bedroom home on ¾ acre would have an annual tax of approximately $5,000-$6,000. However, in the north, property taxes can go beyond $12,000 for the same sized house and property.

We have to drive further, but it’s worth it because we don’t have to sit in traffic for a long time.

The Wal Mart trip takes about 15 minutes and driving to the food store is about the same driving time. We have a different feel than most urban areas.

Our business is in Quinton which is about 20 minutes from our home and outside of Salem City. Salem City has such old architecture and buildings which make it an historical landmark. Visiting old Salem City in the summer is wonderful.

We are happy to be in the Salem County Chamber of Commerce and appreciate Jennifer Jones for her hard work.

Salem Oak Tree

We had the 600-year-old Salem County Oak that fell in 2019. On Thursday, June 6th, 2019, a significant event occurred in the small historic town of Salem, New Jersey.

The ancient Salem Oak fell around 6:00 PM. This tree had been there for about 600 years. It fell due to old age. This iconic oak tree, known for its stately presence and historical significance, had become a beloved symbol of the town’s rich heritage.

The Salem Oak had stood tall and proud in the Salem Friends Burial Ground on Broadway, serving as a silent witness to centuries of history unfolding around it. Its massive trunk and sprawling branches had provided shade and shelter to countless generations of residents and visitors alike. The tree had become an integral part of the community, offering solace and tranquility to those who sought refuge under its leafy canopy.

Throughout its long life, the Salem Oak had witnessed numerous significant events and changes in the town. From the early days of Salem’s settlement to the American Revolution and beyond, the tree had stood as a silent sentinel, bearing witness to the triumphs and tribulations of the community it called home.

The loss of the Salem Oak was deeply felt by the residents of Salem and beyond. Many had grown up with the tree as a constant presence in their lives, and its demise marked the end of an era. The town mourned the loss of this natural landmark, recognizing the irreplaceable void left behind by its absence.

Efforts were made to preserve the memory and legacy of the Salem Oak. Local historians and arborists worked together to document the tree’s history and significance, ensuring that future generations would understand and appreciate its importance. The wood from the fallen oak was salvaged and repurposed, with pieces being used to create commemorative items and artworks that would serve as a lasting tribute to the tree’s memory.

The passing of the Salem Oak served as a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life and the impermanence of even the most enduring natural wonders. Its demise left a profound impact on the community, reminding them of the need to cherish and protect the remaining natural treasures that grace their town. The memory of the Salem Oak would forever be etched in the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege of witnessing its grandeur, ensuring that its legacy would live on for generations to come.

We have a small cutting with the certificate of authenticity of the Great Salem Oak. Looking at this piece of oak and knowing that Native Americans signed treaties under this tree is surreal.

Salem County History

We have many historical sites in Salem County New Jersey. From the Salem Oak to the bunkers Fort Mott State Park. The historic district in downtown Salem City has buildings over 200 years old.

Rural, honest, and hardworking is what Salem County New Jersey is all about. Salem County is usually calm, which people prefer.

Fort Mott State Park

Fort Mott State Park is located in Pennsville, New Jersey. It was part of a coastal defense system designed for the Delaware River in the late 1800s. The fortifications seen today at Fort Mott were erected in 1896 in anticipation of the Spanish-American War.

The park, which covers around 124 acres, offers visitors a variety of experiences. It features historical structures such as gun batteries and a switchboard room, as well as a museum that provides insights into the fort’s history. Visitors can take a self-guided walking tour of the old military encampment and enjoy panoramic views of the Delaware River.

Additionally, Fort Mott State Park provides facilities for picnicking and boasts several trails for hiking. From the park, visitors can also take a seasonal ferry to Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island.

It’s a great spot for history enthusiasts, families, and nature lovers, providing a blend of historical intrigue and outdoor recreation.

Remember, always check the park’s official resources for current information on hours, activities, and any potential closures or restrictions.

Jc penney near me

The old wild west buildings, which hold a significant historical value, continue to stand tall, serving as a testament to the bygone era. These structures, with their weathered facades and rustic charm, evoke a sense of nostalgia and transport visitors back in time. While the ravages of time have taken their toll on these buildings, efforts are being made to restore and preserve them for future generations.

One such building undergoing restoration is the old J.C. Penney building located in Salem County, New Jersey. This iconic structure, once a bustling hub of commerce and a symbol of progress, is now being meticulously renovated to its former glory. The restoration process involves a careful balance between preserving the building’s original architectural elements and incorporating modern techniques to ensure its structural integrity.

The restoration of the J.C. Penney building is not an isolated endeavor. Numerous other buildings in the area are also undergoing similar restoration projects, forming a collective effort to revive the spirit of the old wild west. These restoration initiatives aim to breathe new life into these historic structures, transforming them into vibrant cultural landmarks that celebrate the rich heritage of the region.

The restoration process involves a multitude of tasks, ranging from repairing damaged foundations and roofs to refurbishing intricate woodwork and ornate facades. Skilled craftsmen and preservation experts work tirelessly to source authentic materials and employ traditional techniques, ensuring that the restored buildings retain their original character and charm.

Beyond their historical significance, these restored wild west buildings hold immense potential for economic revitalization. Once fully restored, they can serve as tourist attractions, drawing visitors from far and wide to experience the allure of the old west. This influx of tourism can stimulate local businesses, create job opportunities, and contribute to the overall growth of the community.

In conclusion, the old wild west buildings, including the J.C. Penney building in Salem County, New Jersey, stand as enduring symbols of a bygone era. Through ongoing restoration efforts, these structures are being lovingly brought back to life, preserving their historical value and cultural heritage.

The restoration projects aim to restore the beauty of old buildings. They also have the potential to boost the economy. Additionally, they can make people value the history of the wild west more.

I adore observing the ancient structures. I can merely envision the scenario a century ago. Picture an era where there were no automobiles, just horse-drawn wagons.

Neighborhood Watch

Our region is akin to residing in a time 40 years ago, and the inhabitants adore it! Some refer to our part of Salem County, New Jersey as the Bible belt of the northeast.

In a 1-mile radius from my house, there exist 7 churches of 7 distinct sects. Folks in this area value traditional lifestyle and prefer to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

The concept of neighborhood watch acquires a completely new interpretation. Individuals will recognize if you’re not a resident of the locality. They will inquire if they can offer you any help or if there’s any way they can be of service to you.

I recall trimming the grass in my yard when I initially relocated here about 9 years ago. The neighborhood police passed by and greeted me. They paused and inquired about how my day was progressing. That was a delightful experience and it gave me the impression that our local law enforcement genuinely cares for the community.

Visit Salem County NJ for a comforting and caring atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.


I was raised a mere 20 minutes away from Staten Island, in the northern part of New Jersey. The opportunity to enjoy a more laid-back commute and residential setting has improved the quality of life for both me and my family. The era of enduring hours-long traffic jams is now behind us.

That still does not mean the occasional flooded road, downed tree, or lost cow will not cause some delays! It Happens!

Thank You for reading and thank you for supporting our family business!


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