How to make Kratom Smoothies at Home

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Kratom Smoothie

Smoothies are a delicious and nutritious beverage option that can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. They are a popular choice for those looking to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet, as they provide a convenient and tasty way to consume these essential nutrients.

One way to take your smoothie experience to the next level is by adding kratom. Kratom is a natural herb that comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, native to Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries for its potential benefits.

By incorporating kratom into your smoothie, you can enjoy the benefits of this herb while also enjoying a refreshing and flavorful beverage. Kratom contains alkaloids, such as mitragynine, which interact with the body’s receptors to produce various effects. These alkaloids are believed to provide a boost of energy and focus.

In addition to its energizing effects, kratom may also help promote a sense of well-being and relaxation. Many users report feeling a heightened sense of mood after consuming kratom. This can be particularly beneficial for those dealing with daily stressors or looking to enhance their overall well-being.

Furthermore, When added to a smoothie, kratom can enhance the overall taste and flavor profile of the beverage. It blends well with various fruits, vegetables, and other smoothie ingredients, allowing you to create a customized and enjoyable drink that suits your preferences.

It is important to note that kratom should be consumed responsibly and in moderation. As with any herbal supplement, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating kratom into your daily routine, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

In conclusion, adding kratom to your smoothie can be a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of this natural herb while also indulging in a refreshing and revitalizing beverage. Kratom-infused smoothies offer a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate this herb into your daily routine.

The best thing about smoothies is that you get a whole meal, guilt-free and full of natural goodness. Here are some great choices if you want to learn how to make a kratom smoothie at home.

Making your own versions of popular favorites can be a fun and creative way to enjoy your favorite drinks. An example is Homemade Kratom Boba tea, where you can choose the flavors and ingredients you like.

Kratom Boba Tea

To make Homemade Kratom Boba tea, you will need a few key ingredients. To start, get kratom powder from the leaves of the kratom tree, known for its health benefits. You can choose the strain and dosage that suits you best, ensuring a personalized experience.

To make the tea, you’ll need boba pearls, which are small, chewy tapioca balls that give the tea a special texture. You can find them in Asian grocery stores or online. You’ll also need tea bags or loose-leaf tea, like black or green tea, to add flavor to the drink.

To prepare the Homemade Kratom Boba tea, start by cooking the boba pearls according to the instructions on the packaging. Once cooked, drain and rinse them with cold water to prevent sticking. Set them aside.

Next, brew your tea using either tea bags or loose-leaf tea. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the appropriate steeping time and water temperature. Once brewed, allow the tea to cool completely.

Once the tea has cooled, you can add your desired amount of kratom powder. Start with a small amount and gradually increase it to find the right dosage for you. Stir the kratom powder into the tea until it is well combined.

To assemble the Homemade Kratom Boba tea, take a glass and add a generous amount of boba pearls to the bottom. Pour the kratom-infused tea over the pearls, leaving some space at the top for additional ingredients if desired. You can also add sweeteners like honey or sugar syrup to enhance the flavor.

Finally, you can customize your Homemade Kratom Boba tea by adding other ingredients such as milk or fruit flavors. You can make your drink creamy by adding milk or give it a fruity taste by blending in strawberries or mangoes.

After adding all the ingredients, stir the Homemade Kratom Boba tea well to mix everything together. You can serve it with a wide straw to enjoy the boba pearls while sipping on the flavorful tea.

You can make your own Kratom Boba tea at home. This allows you to try different flavors and ingredients. It also helps you create a drink that matches your taste.

Basic Process of Kratom Smoothies (4 steps)

In some kratom items, you get to observe a change in taste. For example, when you make kratom tea, the taste of every strain changes slightly. However, the taste will remain the same when you select any strain for smoothies. Choose any strain, but use the correct amount to avoid overdosing.

Consumers should be aware that certain strains are meant for mornings and others for nights. Use the appropriate strain for the right time to fully enjoy the calmness in the morning.

Choose Your Base

The base of the smoothie is the main ingredient that contributes to the consistency of the drink. You can use any of the following according to your taste and preference:

  • Yogurt,
  • Nut butter,
  • Avocado,
  • Fruit juice.

Each of these bases have specific benefits, and they decide what the consistency of the drink will be. Yogurt has many benefits because it has probiotics, which are suitable for your gut. Avocado has good fats, and the consistency of your drink can be thick. You get good fiber, vitamins, and a rich taste.

Similarly, fruit juice gives you a boost of energy and vitamins. The refreshing juice can be an excellent addition to your daily kratom smoothie. Nut butter can also make you a good, thick, rich smoothie with many health benefits and a zero-carb feed.


The selection of ingredients is every consumer’s personal choice; however, you must choose one that suits the base. Some popular smoothie ingredients include:

  • Green vegetables,
  • Chocolate or cocoa,
  • Citrus fruits,
  • Bananas,
  • Pineapples or berries,
  • Peanut butter.

If you use yogurt, adding berries or pineapple can enhance the taste and go well with the other ingredients. Peanut butter goes well with nut butter, avocado, and even yogurt.

Similarly, chocolate and bananas go well with all the bases, except fruit juice for chocolate. However, have you ever tried a strawberry juice and chocolate smoothie? It is amazing.

Do You Want To Get An Extra Kick?

You can turn to some additional ingredients if you want more healthy goodness in your smoothie. These can be seeds or even oils or liquid tinctures. Some of the most common superfoods and seeds that people like to add to their kratom smoothies include:

  • Chia Seeds
  • Honey
  • Matcha Powder

Matcha is a superfood that people enjoy adding to their drinks like tea, coffee, milkshakes, and smoothies. You will love the taste if you can make up the right combination.

Mixing The Smoothie

Some kratom users might wonder if they can mix the kratom powder with water. Yes, we all know that it is hard for kratom powder to mix in water. However, when you blend the smoothie at high speed in a blender, the powder mixes quite well.

You can make this drink for yourself and your friends if you have a good bullet blender or jug. To make it, blend the liquid and solid ingredients together.

Kratom Smoothies Recipes

There are many kratom smoothie recipes that you can try at home without difficulty.

Here, we are putting up a few suggestions to make you a smoothie master.

Avocado and Mango Smoothie

Before further ado, here are the ingredients:

  • Yogurt, quarter cup.
  • Mango juice, quarter cup.
  • Mango chunks,
  • Ripe avocado, quarter fruit.
  • Kratom powder.


Mix all the ingredients and blend for a minute. Add ice and mango chunks and enjoy the simple smoothie with a refreshing kratom kick.

Fruit and Spinach Smoothie

The ingredients for this smoothie are:

  • Fruit juice, half cup,
  • Banana, one.
  • Spinach, one bunch.
  • Honey or sweetener.
  • Kratom powder.


Blend all the ingredients in a blender, and then add ice to it. Feel refreshed and clean with this fruity and green smoothie.

Peanut Butter and Jam Smoothie

Ingredients for this smoothie:

  • Peanut Butter, quarter cup.
  • Strawberry chunks, quarter cup.
  • Strawberry juice, quarter cup.
  • Kratom powder.


You only have to blend all the ingredients and enjoy the sweet kick of the peanut butter and jelly flavor you have enjoyed all your life.

Cucumber and Pineapple Smoothie


  • One cucumber.
  • Pineapple juice.
  • Pineapple chunks.
  • Kratom powder


As with all other simple recipes, blend all the ingredients, and add pineapple chunks. Enjoy the drink with ice.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie


  • Chocolate chips, quarter cup.
  • One banana.
  • Yogurt, quarter cup.
  • Kratom powder.


You can blend all the ingredients and enjoy the thick creamy smoothie with ice.


Anyone can make kratom smoothies at home in simple ways. To create a delicious beverage, understand various bases and how they mix with ingredients.

This combination results in a fruity, refreshing, and thick flavor. This flavor will keep you energized throughout the day. Try the recipes we shared above to revolutionize how you consume this substance.


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