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Kratom Quality has diminished over the past few years due to numerous factors.

Kratom efficacy has decreased despite long break from kratom

One factor seems to be over harvesting of Kratom Trees. Another factor would be immature Kratom. Old tree kratom must be given time to grow and produce quality leaves. Sustainable farming practices will ensure that old growth kratom will be a workable solution for Kratom in the future. This is just another reason we need to make sure that the farmers are being paid properly for Kratom. We need to ensure that the lives of the Indonesian people that supply us with this wonderful plant will be improved! The Kratom Industry can help in the area. We can make this a sustainable industry! We can make the lives of Indonesian people better!


There are Kratom trees being cut down for their leaves only. This Practice is going to destroy the old tree kratom forests. We are committed to sustainable practices and ensuring that old tree kratom is available for years to come. Not to say that 1 year old kratom doesn’t work, but it is not comparable to old tree kratom. The bitter the better! I remember a story from about 4 years ago where our friends in Indonesia were traveling 12 hours to discuss harvesting of certain old growth trees. Exciting to see that there are discussions about proper harvesting in certain areas of Indonesia. These are Scouts that find the best kratom to harvest from the correct areas, which takes time. There are certain areas of Indonesia along the river that Kratom is not harvested. These trees cannot be harvested because of contaminants. Let’s just say that it is not a good idea to harvest kratom from an area downstream from bathing and sewage areas. Flooding makes this worse. Indonesian people bathe in the rivers which is part of the life in Indonesia.


This is why it very important to know where your kratom is coming from and how it is processed.

We’ve done extensive testing these past few years to see how long kratom’s quality withstands the test of time while packaged. We assess 2 times for Alkaloids alone. Kratom Alkaloids do vary a bit within the same batch. This is a natural product and not something formulated in a lab. We post all the test results on our website. https://christophersorganicbotanicals.com/kratom-testing-results/

Sometimes there can be multiple percentages posted on our website and some different on the packages from the same exact batch. We want everyone to understand the variabilities and how kratom works with everyone. We are very transparent about testing and want everyone to learn with us.

We have seen no diminished quality in kratom packaged for up to 2 years. We evaluated 7 batches and multiple strains/colors to see if any degradation or changes of the alkaloids would occur. We did not see much change at all. If kratom is opened and the powder exposed to air, then the kratom should be used within a few months for maximum potency. I have had kratom in my own cabinet at home for over 3 years opened. I try it from time to time to see if I notice a difference. Honestly, I don’t notice much of a change. As we know the alkaloids only tell part of the story. The way your body reacts to the alkaloids are something different. Everyone reacts differently to kratom. That is why I can never really tell someone what would work best for them. It is up to the individual body chemistry.


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