We had an exciting visit from Trinusa Herbalindo, Borneo World Kratom and BWK.ID this past week. Eddo, Indah and Bayu were here all the way from Indonesia (southeast Asia) for a couple of weeks. Eddo, Indah, and Bayu attended the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Then they drove from Las Vegas to Texas and then flew to New York City. We are located a little over 2 hours from NYC, so we rented a car from Avis and had an exciting day.

I can only imagine how exhausted everyone must have been. Traveling from halfway across the globe has to take a toll on the body.

Our friends from Indonesia now know about Wawa. If you live along the east coast Wawa is like Sheets, or like 7-11, but bigger. Coffee, sandwiches, atm, and gas all in one place!

Our friend Dochi had to stay behind in Indonesia, but we are hoping to see him at some point soon. We chatted on video, and I am grateful for his friendship. We talked about the future of kratom and how we can make the kratom industry sustainable. Fair Trade is very important and our group is working towards fair trade for everyone.

American Vendors and Indonesian farmers need the tools necessary to ensure the kratom trade flourishes. We saw videos of Kratom farming communities where giant indoor drying facilities were currently being built.

These indoor drying facilities allow the Indonesian farmers to have better tools for the production of kratom products. We talk about our group and always speak praises. We are proud to see the wonderful accomplishments in Indonesia.

We are proud to see that our money is going back into great projects being completed in many regions of Indonesia. Kratom can be a profitable business, but not at the expense of poor people.

We are making a difference in people’s lives with kratom itself and by supporting fair trade. Win Win Situation!

There are many factors in play and money should not be the only focus. We need to remember that we are directly helping kratom farmers in Indonesia live a better life.

We take for granted that we turn on a switch and light is there immediately 24 hours a day. Some villages and regions in Indonesia where kratom is harvested only receive electricity at night.

Imagine only having electricity at night and just working with the daylight God Provided that day. A cloudy day would make it difficult to get things done compared to a bright sunny day. Kratom mitragyna speciosa is an important commodity for provinces of Indonesia. In the united States we are still learning about kratom.

The American Kratom Association is working hard to explain the science behind mitragyna speciosa and how it works. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are talked about a lot, but there are numerous other alkaloids besides those two. The vein colors and drying methods can make kratom alkaloids vary from batch to batch and even tree to tree.

I am happy and proud to be a part of these amazing developments in the world of kratom. Over the past 8 years I have met so many amazing people in Indonesia who work hard and just want a better quality of life for their families. I know that every day I go to work I am directly supporting the betterment of people’s lives in Indonesia.

I want our Indonesian friends to know that we care about them and care about making their lives better. When everyone works together for the greater good of kratom we will have an industry that makes a huge difference across the globe.

Kratom can not only help people, but the industry as a whole can make a huge difference. We remember a time when kratom from Indonesia was not really known too well.

Back in 2016 when I first met Dochi I did not know a lot about kratom. I talked to numerous different brokers in Indonesia and farmers directly. I heard some of the issues firsthand where some farmers just wanted the opportunity to sell the kratom leaves they harvested.

Now, there are opportunities to gain experience about proper harvesting and proper drying techniques. Our group is teaching farmers how to produce clean kratom and how to make the kratom industry in Indonesia sustainable.

How can we not support these advancements? We are working towards a better kratom industry worldwide.

Every time that you purchase kratom capsules, white vein kratom, or any kratom product from Christopher’s Organic Botanicals you are supporting the lives of Indonesian farmers halfway across the world.

We have extended family in Indonesia and we love what everyone has done since 2016. We thank Indonesia and all of the Kratom farmers for doing what you do each and every day for people who love kratom!


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