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Indonesian Kratom

We had an exciting visit from Trinusa Herbalindo, Borneo World Kratom BWK.ID this past week. Eddo, Indah and Bayu were here all the way from Indonesia (southeast Asia) for a couple of weeks.

Eddo, Indah, and Bayu attended the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas. They then journeyed by car from Las Vegas to Texas before taking a flight to New York City. Salem County is roughly a 2-hour distance from NYC. We hired a vehicle from Avis and enjoyed a delightful day.

I can just picture how worn out everyone must have felt. Traveling from the other side of the world will definitely impact the body.

Our friends from Indonesia are now acquainted with Wawa. If you live along the east coast, Wawa is similar to Sheets or 7-11, but much bigger. It’s a comprehensive destination for coffee, sandwiches, ATM facilities, and gasoline!

Kratom from Indonesia

Our friend Dochi had to stay behind in Indonesia, but we are hoping to see him at some point soon. We chatted on video, and I am grateful for his friendship.

Dochi started with kratom crumbs and moved onto aqua herbs botanicals. Now we are one regime!

We talked about the future of mitragyna speciosa and how we can make the industry sustainable. Fair Trade is very important and our group is working towards fair trade mitragyna speciosa for everyone.

Indonesian Kratom Supplier

American Vendors and Indonesian farmers need the tools necessary to ensure the kratom trade flourishes. We watched videos of farming communities constructing giant indoor drying facilities.

These indoor drying facilities allow the Indonesian farmers to have better tools for the production of kratom products. We talk about our group and always speak praises. We are proud to see the wonderful accomplishments in Indonesia.

We are proud to witness our money funding and completing great projects in many regions of Indonesia. Kratom can be a profitable business, but not at the expense of poor people.

We are positively impacting individuals’ lives through our support for equitable commerce. It’s a mutually beneficial scenario!

There are many factors in play and money should not be the only focus. We need to remember that we are directly helping farmers in Indonesia live a better life.

Indonesia Flood

Indonesia had severe flooding that caused issues for 8 months. Lack of food and water. Just basic survival trying to eat and make ends meet. During that time, we proudly donated to the villages impacted by the flooding.

We take for granted that we turn on a switch and light is there immediately 24 hours a day. Some villages and regions in Indonesia where kratom is harvested only receive electricity at night.

Picture having power only during the night and solely relying on the natural light provided by the day. A day filled with clouds would pose challenges in accomplishing tasks as opposed to a day bathed in bright sunshine.

Kratom mitragyna speciosa is an important commodity for provinces of Indonesia. In the United States we are still learning about kratom and understanding how this magical plant works.

The American Kratom Association is working hard to explain the science behind mitragyna speciosa and how it works. Many people talk about Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, but there exist numerous other alkaloids besides those two. The colors and drying methods of veins can cause variations in kratom alkaloids between batches, trees, and leaves.

I am happy and proud to be a part of these amazing developments in the world of kratom. In the last 8 years, I’ve met many incredible people in Indonesia. They work hard and desire a better life for their families. I know that every day I go to work I am directly supporting the betterment of people’s lives in Indonesia.

I want our Indonesian friends to know that we care about them and care about making their lives better. When everyone works together for the greater good we will have an industry that makes a huge difference across the globe.

Mitragyna Speciosa can not only help people, but the industry as a whole can make a huge difference in the world. Once, kratom from Indonesia was not well-known. It seems like some people still don’t know what kratom is.

Kratom Farm

In 2016, when I initially encountered Dochi, my knowledge about kratom was quite limited. I had conversations with various brokers in Indonesia and directly with the farmers. I heard about issues from farmers who wanted to sell the kratom leaves they grew.

Now, there are opportunities to gain experience about proper harvesting and proper drying techniques. Our group is teaching farmers how to produce clean GMP kratom and how to make the kratom industry in Indonesia sustainable.

How can we not support these advancements? We are working towards a better industry worldwide.

Buying kratom capsules or white vein kratom from Christopher’s Organic Botanicals supports distant Indonesian farmers.

Farmers of Kapaus Hulu kratom rely on Mitragyna Speciosa as a source of income to support their families.

We spend our money properly and help those who cannot help themselves. Kratom is a plant associated with affection, not animosity.

We have extended family in Indonesia and we love what everyone has done since 2016. Thank you, Indonesia and farmers, for your daily efforts in providing kratom to those who appreciate it!

Purpose and goals of BWK, Our mission:

  1. Regulate the kratom trading system and legally legalize it in Indonesia.
  2. Provide input to the government. Good trade governance is with a factory accreditation scheme that has passed verification and can export.
  3. With its accreditation, it encourages any kratom business actors to make improvements in processing facilities and good quality control.
  4. We aim to improve overall quality and stability by accrediting factories. This benefits the Indonesian government, exporters, and growers through fair trade and good quality control, while keeping prices stable.
  5. Keeping the kratom market dominant in Indonesia, and beneficial for Indonesia.
  6. The accreditation system is very fair for all parties. The Indonesian side and the American side.
  7. The Indonesian side will regulate regulations and legally legalize the kratom trading system.

APPURI movement

In partnership with the commerce ministry, health ministry, and chief cabinet secretary of Indonesia, Mr. Pramono Anung.

Fully supported by the West Kalimantan government, Mr. Sutarmidji and the ranks of the West Kalimantan provincial ministries.

APPURI: Indonesian farmers’ association, ASSOSIASI PETANI PURIK INDONESIA, follows correct procedures and makes significant progress in producing Mitragyna Speciosa.

We have a growing membership because this is a new association and we are currently doing data collection.

We collaborate with all exporters who have factories to obtain accreditation. And the exporter is building a factory to follow the regulations that the government will implement.

Borneo World Kratom (BWK) has a connection to the Borneo region in Indonesia. People recognize Borneo for its extensive farms, and they highly esteem the leaves gathered from this area for their superior quality.

Indonesia is one of the main exporters of kratom, and Borneo is a significant Mitragyna Speciosa-producing region within the country. Strains from Borneo have a reputation for their diverse effects and potency. Different strains of Borneo kratom, including red, green, and white vein varieties, offer varying levels of energy and mood enhancement.

Borneo World Kratom is not a brand or strain, but a gmp facility in Indonesia promoting proper regulations. However, no regulatory body regulates the kratom market. Therefore, the quality of products can differ.

Kratom Agent Company also ensures adherence to proper regulations at every step of the process.

You should purchase kratom from reliable sellers who are doing the right things! These sellers should provide clear information about the origin, cultivation process, and laboratory testing of the product.

As with any product, it’s crucial to exercise caution and do thorough research before consuming Kratom or any other strain. Understanding the potential risks, proper dosage guidelines, and consulting with a healthcare professional can help ensure safe and responsible use.


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals supports these steps to ensure high-quality mitragyna speciosa products. We also aim to involve all kratom farmers in the processing and financial stability of the market.

Kratom is more than just a source of economic security or a method to support our families. It’s an extraordinary plant with the potential to change lives and improve the general life quality for numerous people throughout the United States, Indonesia, and globally.

Kratom comes from Southeast Asia, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. Indigenous people have used it for a long time because of its different qualities. The kratom tree leaves contain alkaloids that interact with the body’s receptors. These interactions result in various effects, which depend on the amount and type of kratom used.

Beyond its medicinal applications, kratom has also become a source of livelihood for many farmers and communities in Southeast Asia. Growing and selling mitragyna speciosa has created jobs and helped people provide for their families and have a better life. In poor areas, kratom is a valuable crop that helps the economy and supports sustainable development by creating jobs.

However, it is important to note that the use of kratom is not without controversy. Regulatory bodies and health authorities have expressed concerns about its potential for abuse and addiction, as well as the lack of standardized regulations and quality control in the industry. As a result, there have been ongoing debates and discussions surrounding the legality and regulation of kratom in various countries. Nonetheless, the undeniable impact of Mitragyna Specioson the lives of many individuals cannot be overlooked.

We pledge to always uphold the integrity of kratom. Mitragyna Speciosa enhances the quality of life for individuals in the United States and Indonesia. It is our duty to guarantee appropriate regulations and correct management of kratom products.

Always act correctly and positivity will return to you! May the Almighty shower blessings on Indonesia and the United States!

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