Christopher’s Organic Botanical is taking the experience of Kratom to another level. For a limited time, receive a discount on multiple bulk strains. They have introduced their Kratom Flash Sale, giving everyone access to high-quality, bulk Kratom strains at a discounted price!

This flash sale offers discounts on strains like:


  • White Maneg Da
  • Green Riau
  • Red Agatha
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • White Riau
  • White Vietnam
  • Yellow Maeng Da, and more!

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is an American Kratom Association-approved vendor offering extremely high-quality fairtrade Kratom products. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these Flash Sale strains.

More About Kratom

Kratom, which is known scientifically as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tropical tree that’s part of the Rubiaceae family. It has a long history of being used as herbal medicine for both its Energetic & Relaxing  properties. It is typically ingested by chewing on the leaves but can also be made into powder, tincture, tea, or bar form.

Types of kratom can be found in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), and Malaysia. Buy high quality lab tested kratom from Southeast Asia at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.

The leaves are sold either whole or crushed into powder form. Christopher’s kratom brand sells high quality kratom powder, tea bags, and kratom extract for experienced kratom users. The use of this product dates back centuries for its traditional medicinal purposes and nutritional value.

Christopher’s Organic Botanical -Flash Sale

Christopher’s Organic Botanical is currently offering this unique Kratom Flash Sale, encouraging everyone to take advantage of this unique opportunity to save big on their favorite strains. Here are some strains available during this flash sale:


  • Green Riau – Green Riau is a novel variety of Kratom. Green Riau is a balanced Kratom variety from Riau, Indonesia. It is free of any alkaloids, like other Indonesian strains.
  • Red Agatha – Red Agatha is a fine strain that is effective as both a stimulant and sedative. It has been reported that some find it to be an average strain, while others claim they have gotten relaxed effects from this Kratom variety.
  • Red Bali – This strain is from Bali, an Indonesian island. It has similar effects to those of opiates and is primarily used to produce a euphoric state.
  • Red Riau – Red Riau Kratom is a red-veined strain of Kratom from Indonesia that helps with relaxation and stimulation of the brain.

Kratom Colors Explained

The colors and effects of kratom strains are decided by the age of the plant. The color or strain of kratom leaves might be altered by how they are dried and/or processed, but the major difference is in the ages of the leaves when harvested.

White vein kratom is a young plant, green vein kratom is maturing, and red vein kratom is fully mature. As a kratom plant grows older, various levels of alkaloids accumulate within its leaves. The various alkaloids decide what impact the drug will have as well as supply distinctive properties to the strains.

In general, the assorted color strains promote distant feelings and experiences.


  • White Strains– Focus and energy
  • Green Strains– Joy and happiness
  • Red Strains– Relaxation
  • Yellow Veins – Sit in the middle of White Veins and Green Veins’ effects


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is offering a flash sale on multiple bulk strains of Kratom. Discounts are available now for red, green, and white veins. Buy kratom online from Christopher’s Organic Botanicals who is an American Kratom Association-approved vendor.



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