White Riau Kratom Powder

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White Riau

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals White Vein Riau Kratom Powder has a special place in the world due to its limited supply. Since this kratom variety grows in a smaller area, it is not as easy to find.

We source our Riau kratom from the Riau Islands province. Like all the other varieties of mitragyna speciosa, White Riau Kratom also promises an unique experience for all users.

We pay extra money to ensure we receive official speciosa products. We love hearing stories and seeing pictures of the jungles and wild kratom trees! We work with a strain hunter that hunts down and finds the best natural wild mitragyna speciosa for us.

The name of White Riau Kratom comes from the region where farmers cultivate it, which is the Riau province of Indonesia. Other strains do not have leaves with a distinct appearance compared to its white-veined leaves.

White vein Kratom strains, such as White Riau, generally have associations with more stimulating and energizing effects. Users often report increased focus, alertness, and mood enhancement when using White Riau. Some individuals may also find it helpful for increasing productivity or combating fatigue.

As with any Kratom strain, it’s essential to approach White Riau Kratom responsibly. Start with a low dosage and gradually increase if needed, as individual tolerance and sensitivity to mitragyna speciosa can vary. It’s also important to be aware of potential risks and side effects associated with speciosa use. Mitragyna Speciosa can be habit-forming, and excessive or prolonged use may lead to dependence.

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White Riau kratom effects

White Riau is a strain of kratom that comes from the Riau region in Indonesia. White Riau affects people differently because of factors like body chemistry, tolerance, dosage, and quality.

However, here are some commonly reported effects associated with White Riau kratom:

  1. Energy: White Riau kratom is often sought after for its potential energizing effects. It may provide a boost of energy, increase alertness, and promote focus and mental clarity. Many users find White Riau kratom beneficial for increasing productivity and combatting fatigue.
  2. Mood Enhancement: White Riau kratom may have mood-enhancing properties. Users often report an improved sense of well-being, elevated mood, and increased motivation when using this strain.
  3. Cognitive Enhancement: White Riau kratom may enhance cognitive function. It may improve mental clarity, memory, and concentration, leading to improved productivity and performance in tasks requiring focus and mental acuity.
  4. Physical Endurance: Some users of White Riau kratom have reported an increase in physical endurance. It may provide a boost in stamina and reduce the perception of physical exertion.

Effects of White Riau differ for each person. Begin with a small amount and slowly raise it if necessary. Reputable sources recommend following the dosage guidelines or consulting with a healthcare professional.

Additionally, it’s crucial to source high-quality White Riau kratom from reputable vendors who follow good manufacturing practices. This ensures the purity, potency, and safety of the product.

  • A good Daytime phenotype as mentioned by consumers. White Vein is looked to for additional energy.


  • Indonesia


  • Light Greenish white

Batch Number

  • 15541

Expiration or Best By Date

  • 7/22

Alkaloid Percentages

  • Mitragynine=1.1 % 7-Hydroxymitragynine<=0.04% Speciogynine=0.1% Paynantheine=0.2%

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Testing Results

  • Kratom Testing Results Link.


  • 100% Mitragyna Speciosa

Chris’s Take

  • Great for morning or when energy is required. Great addition to my morning coffee.

GTIN Product Identification Numbers

2oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181956

4oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181949

9oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181932

16oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181925

WARNING: Before Using any Herbal Products, make sure that you have a full knowledge of the herb, It’s Workings and any adverse reactions it may cause! Caution: Consult your physician prior to using this product if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition. This product was produced without federal regulatory oversight for health, safety, or efficacy. This product complies with testing and labeling requirements for microbiology, heavy metals, and contaminants required by the KCPA (New Jersey Kratom Consumer Protection Act).

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1 review for White Riau Kratom Powder

  1. Douglas F.

    This has to be one of the best most well rounded white strains I have tried.Has a great mood lift and worked surprising well for some of my issues. It has been my go to strain for getting me up and motivated in the morning. If you are looking for high quality kratom from a vendor who truly cares about the plant and his costumers Christopher is the vendor for you.

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