What Is Fairtrade Kratom and Why Does it Matter?

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What Is Fairtrade Kratom and Why Does it Matter?

When a product is fairtrade certified implies, the product was created with social, environmental, and economic considerations in mind. Fairtrade and organic products are increasingly available for consumers who want to buy products that are better for the planet. And now, Kratom is attempting the ranks of fair-trade and organic product certification.

Fairtrade Kratom is a product of the utmost purity, where workers used to create it are paid well and treated ethically. In addition, using fair trade practices can ensure that wild Kratom trees are being preserved instead of being cut down for production.

Fair Trade Kratom is part of a movement towards sustainable agriculture in developing countries, where farmers receive fair compensation for their work and better conditions to continue living in their community long-term. In this article, Kratom vendor and experts on the subject, Christopher’s Organic Botanicals, will go a bit more into depth about the fair trade practices of Kratom production.

How Is Fair Trade Kratom Sourced?

To get fairtrade certified products, a company must allow a third-party organization to monitor their practices and guarantee certain criteria are met. There are several different certification programs available for many types of products, including everything from coffee beans to pharmaceuticals.

We do not have certified organic or certified fair trade kratom at this time, but a fair trade movement is upon us.

 Fairtrade Kratom is sourced from independent farmers and cooperatives which promote:


  • Environmental conservation
  • Social responsibility, and
  • Economic stability for all parties involved.


For kratom specifically, the plants are harvested from certified organic plants that grow without the use of harmful chemicals. The traditional method of growing Kratom is called “slash and burn.” Farmers cut down large swaths of rainforest, burn the wood to make room for Kratom trees, grow them for several years, then move on once the soil is depleted. The farmers repeat this process, as necessary.

This method contributes to widespread deforestation in Southeast Asia. In addition, farmers often use copious amounts of fertilizers and pesticides, which have long-term negative effects on soil fertility and contaminate water supplies.

Fairtrade practices include:


  • Fair pay for workers
  • Safe working conditions
  • Considerations for the environment are considered throughout production or harvest processes.
  • Foreign traders must follow local or national laws.

Why Do Fair Trade Products Matter?

Fair Trade products, especially those imported, like Kratom, are important to the consumer because when you purchase fair trade products, you are directly supporting a sustainable income for the people who manufacture these items.

Whether or not you prefer kratom in powder form, kratom extracts, or kratom tea bags sustainable kratom is what we must achieve. Buy kratom online from kratom brands or online kratom vendors that use 3rd party lab testing.

Fairtrade products matter for everyone involved, including:


  • Workers
  • The environment
  • Consumers, and Fairtrade Kratom is essential to the consumer because it ensures greater transparency and accountability regarding what is happening throughout the supply chain.


If farmers are no longer guaranteed fair compensation or if their practices damage local ecosystems through deforestation or pesticide use, then consumers may not be getting what they pay for, and the supply may not last for long because of the destruction of precious land and ecosystems.


Kratom leaves, a product imported from Southeast Asia that has been used for hundreds of years in traditional medicines, is now being sold to Western countries around the world for its benefits. Kratom is an all-natural botanical that has many properties beneficial to the mind and body. However, with increased demand comes an increased need for proper regulation and requirements for sustainability and fair trade Kratom production.



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