New Lower Everyday Kratom Pricing

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Blog, Kratom Food, Pricing Changes

New Lower Everyday Kratom Pricing

We are happy to have lowered pricing even further to make everything even more affordable in 2022!

Points are still awarded at a rate of 10% back towards future purchases and as Always Free Shipping on ALL Purchases is still available.

A Split Phenotype Bulk Kratom which is 4 -9 oz packages is now $125.00. 13 points added so now that brings the price down to $112.00 the next time that you buy with us.

Single Phenotype Bulk Kratom pricing which is 2 -16 oz and 1 -4 oz (Keeps it a bit fresher) 120.00 per kilo. 12 points added so now that brings the kilo cost to $108.00 the next time that you buy with us.

  • 16 oz is now $70.00. 7 points added so next time a 16 oz will cost you $63.00.
  • 9 oz are now $40.00 so with points added your next purchase of a 9 oz would cost you $36.00
  • 4 oz is now $24.00 so with points added it would cost $22.00 the next time that you buy with us.
  • 2 oz is now $17.00 so with points added it would cost $15.00 the next time that you buy with us.

If that wasn’t great enough, we now have a Flash Sale Category where prices are even lower!
This category is for overstock products. We use a co packer and end up with varied sizes at the end of the batch that need to get sold to make room for the next batch.

We hope that these changes will allow our customers and future customers to be able to afford a quality product. We care about Kratom and the future of Kratom. We will always do our part to ensure Kratom is here for the long haul. 2022 will in my opinion be the year that truly launches Kratom into the mainstream. We are seeing advertising for the first time in mainstream media outlets and people are seeing the power of plants!

Please make sure that you are on our website when shopping with us! We have seen many backlinks that are geared to steal traffic and information. Please make sure that you go to and watch out when googling our company that you don’t end up on another website!

We as a community need to stick together and not allow anything to tear us apart. The only way we won in 2016 was unity! Bottom line we had unity. We need to get that unity again so we can defeat anything that comes our way that jeopardizes kratom, or the future of kratom. Too many politics getting in the way of our community. We at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals are not a corporate company. We are an LLC at Best. We are a small family run business that cares about kratom. We are not here to dominate the industry but want the industry to come together to be the strong front we need against the powers that be. We are a family. A family that realizes that a Plant has made our lives better. A family that comes together at hearings or marches on Washington DC. We love this plant, and we talk about it with everyone.

We want others to know about it and how it has helped us. Let’s Never Forget how kratom has changed our lives. Talk to people about how kratom has changed your life and be the grassroots advocate that gets it done!

God Bless You and let’s make 2022 the best year yet!

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals


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