Red Agatha

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Agatha is a group of Indonesian farmers that have bound together to distinguish their kratom from others. Red Agatha is said to compare to a strong Red Phenotype such as Red Maeng Da. A good late day, or early evening red. Reds are claimed to be more for nighttime, or late in the day in general


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Agatha is a group of Indonesian farmers that have bound together to distinguish their kratom from others. Red Agatha is said to compare to a strong Red Phenotype such as Red Maeng Da. A good late day, or early evening red. Reds are claimed to be more for nighttime, or late in the day in general. Batch # 150409 Mitra.=0.7% 7-Hydroxy.=0.04% Specio.=0.1% Payna.=0.2%

Ingredients: 100% Mitragyna Speciosa

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1 kg, 2 oz, 4 oz, 9 oz, 16 oz

19 reviews for Red Agatha

  1. jeffgoman

    This is a really pleasant, warming, comforting variety that works well for me. I have to say I LOVE THIS SELLER. A galaxy of stars instead of five.

  2. bugaboo49

    Probably my favorite strain. Quality in general here is always top notch. I’ve used quite a few other vendors but COB surpasses the others in potency and customer service. This strain wipes pain away and leaves my upbeat and relaxed without being overly sleepy. Love it at any time of the day or night.

  3. ctg1166

    Hands down one of the best red strains I have ever tried! COB has the highest quality kratom out there.

  4. timturner154

    Serving Size: 3 grams +-

    Onset: 7
    Relief: 9
    Well Being: 8
    Energy: 1
    Relaxation: 9.5
    Longevity: 10

    If you are looking for relief with Relaxation this is the “strain” for you..

    The longevity is crazy on this, I could feel it working for 7+ hours. This will likely become a staple for me.

    This was my first time ordering from C.O.B and was looking forward to receiving a sample with my order, unfortunately I did not receive anything additional. Perhaps C.O.B doesn’t do this any longer?

    Thanks for the service you provide Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.

  5. Anjeleyz182

    Great for relaxation of the mind and body.

  6. iloveequus.cristiani

    This red is perfect for energy. Really nice Red! I am so glad I found Christophers Botanicals. Hands down the best kratom and only store to buy from. The product is super fresh, don’t bother with smoke shops..the kratom is stale! My purchases come beautifully packaged. Fast shipping! Once you use Christophers Botanicals you won’t want to buy anywhere else. This site has changed my life…Thank you Christopher for what you do! Your hard work is very much appreciated.

  7. jgibs64

    Awesome relief. Also really helps like COB’s other reds do. You can’t really go wrong with any of them, they are all fantastic and top notch quality.

  8. Lasayleshopping

    After the stink from the DEA’s seizures, doing their best to blitz the media with reports, but keeping reason quiet – they were hard at work, This was my second purchase, and it’s amazing! Thank you to everyone who objected to being “protected” from a less dangerous alternative to poison! So far, this strain is my second favorite. Really helps. It’s great for bad night.

  9. timturner154

    I received a 1-ounce package with my order to try and this is the best, and I mean, the very best red strain that I’ve ever tried. It has very long legs, and it helps so much. Will be ordering this as a staple strain every time!! Thank you, Chris!!

  10. siennagsd

    This strain provides great relief, on my reorder list.
    Kratom Butterfly

  11. Jessefreud

    I was refered to Chris by a customer that goes to him. I live in Oklahoma and get my orders with in a few days I’ve tried several strains all work great for pain so far this one is my favorite

  12. johnnygoodrich1964

    Ok, this one took me buy surprise , its a very effective blend, great for alot of things, made me chill and was so totally relaxed, i had to lay down for a bit and just listen to music and relax for like almost an hour,been lasting like a champion, this is the one for relief and being just totally in a zen moment, look no further, this ones it! Big 10 i cant say how good it is…..Wow! yeah!

  13. Clevelandlakergirl

    This strain is great for relief. I suffer & this strain has helped me a lot. If you have not tried it you need to give it a try. I LOVE it & I love chris & his wonderful customer service & fast shipping.

  14. Colton457

    This red has it all, it is definitely one of my new favorite reds. For me it was euphoric, mood boosting and a great . Its also kind of a rare strain, can’t really find it anywhere else. I also want to say that Christophers Organic Botanicals has the best customer service. Real people, quick with deliveries, and if you have any problems there right on it. Seriously an amazing company, thanks so much Chris!

  15. mikerusso1980

    Amazing quality! Excellent…..was in excellent mood from it as well…..highly recommend! Chris is an amazing person, great customer service and fast shipping.

  16. doctorhowdies

    This strain has everything you would expect from a red, in a well balanced and strong package. A real utility strain. For me it’s for winding down and relaxing the old back, it gives a great nights rest. And of course I don’t have to say how great Chris’ customer service is, he really cares about the community. Peace, JC

  17. cbogan1

    This strain has been a life saver for me lately. I have been struggling and this has knocked it out. I am making another order now.

  18. Tboud46

    I love this red it’s my favorite red. I take a gram at a time to keep me functioning- I suffer with chronic Body Discomfort from my neck to my feet. I also mix it with a green for added energy. I don’t take close to bedtime because I fight my sleep unless I take it hours before bedtime then I can sleep. Thank you COB!!!!

  19. randall.loftis (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Kratom since 2018 when I returned to the USA (I live in Asia) and could not get my transdermal patch – doctors acted like I was a junkie despite having a letter of record from the head of the pain clinic in the #9 top-rated hospital world-wide. So, I turned to ‘red’ strains for relief. Though I’m back home in Asia and can get my patch no problem, I still use COB’s red strains to alternate
    between doses to keep dependence low. This Red Agatha is THE BEST kratom powder bar none (I’ve tried a dozen AKA vendors and none come close to COB’s quality and service). Don’t let the small alkaloid numbers fool you (I used to buy only strains with 1% or higher). However this co-op is growing and drying their leaves, they are doing it better than ANY Indonesian farms I’ve used. This Red relaxes me from a constant level 7, 24/7, down to a tolerable 3-4. I take it before bed and it lasts all night long (9pm to 6am) so saying it has “long legs” is an understatement. I recommend Red Agatha to any sufferer who needs long-lasting, strong relief. Not to mention COB is a Christian company, honest and trustworthy and doing God’s work to help those like me who suffer (I have inoperable TMJ joint bone deterioration with no synovial fluid in my mandible joints which is excruciating and causes muscle swelling). Thank you COB for your amazing, quality products and very reasonable prices. I no longer shop anywhere else! 10/10.

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