Where Does Our Money Go?

We strongly believe in the phrase it takes a village! We try to always put our money to good use and never overspend on anything. We are a frugal family and I was raised by frugal parents. My parents grew up in the city of Newark New Jersey towards the end of the Great Depression.

My parents were both born in 1937, so I have older parents than most my age. I was born in 1975, so having older parents has a lot of benefits. I was raised to open doors for women and pull out a chair too. In was taught to always spend money that you have and never borrow against what you do not have in the bank. Most people don’t know that I started my first small business when I was 6 years old. My first sole proprietorship small business owner type of business was crafts!

My father was a real estate agent until I was 10, so I had some education available early. I had many small business ideas over the years, but I wasn’t sure about the type of business structure or products or services I wanted to provide. I made wreaths and candy canes from beads, lace, and pipe cleaners. I used to stand in front of a local store in 1981 and sell these right before Christmas each year. I was so happy to still have some of these I made 40 years ago. I have some family members that still put them on the Christmas tree each year.

Kratom Products from Southeast Asia must have been what I was working towards all of these years. The effects of kratom have been amazing and I am happy to still be here doing what I love since 2016! Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the alkaloids from kratom mitragyna speciosa.

Owning a small business means that there are times that I have to borrow money I don’t have at the moment, but I make sure that I never borrow more than I can pay back. A successful business should be supporting those less fortunate who deserve it. My point is Christopher’s Organic Botanicals genuinely cares about people and our communities. I promise to always do my best to help those in need. We care about kratom and we care about you.

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