Where Do We Source Kratom?

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Kratom news from Indonesia

Where does kratom come from?

Our Customers have asked us what regions in Indonesia do you source and harvest your kratom leaves. We’ve focused on regional kratom for 7 years and still work with the same certified person in Indonesia since 2017.

We have always been transparent about our process. Currently, we need to discuss even more about the origin of our speciosa and the process involved.

We are extremely excited to see the wonderful developments coming out of Indonesia. I have included photos of our Kratom QR code system and testing results from our initial testing of the new shipment.

Alkaloids vary from batch to batch, so there will be some variables with the individual batches of kratom. Our initial alkaloid testing is promising and we look forward to introducing these nano powders.

When we initially launched the business, I drove a few Indonesian individuals crazy with my numerous inquiries. I was curious about what made the business robust or fragile. Why was some speciosa extremely bitter and some slightly milder? Over the years, I have maintained regular contact with our suppliers and acquaintances.

Pure Leaf Kratom

We share pictures and stories and learn from each other. When I had my Standard Operating Procedures professionally written in 2019, I shared some sections with our friends in Indonesia. These sections helped them understand what we were doing and how proper cGMP Processes should be carried out.

Performance testing for our products was significant. Testing involves evaluating heavy metal and bacteria. We also want to know if we are purchasing pure products and if these kratom powders contain quality alkaloids.

I wanted testing results and proper information before I purchased any bulk kratom products. We had to verify our supplier and ensure we were receiving pure kratom.

We only want the best kratom money can buy! Not the Cheapest Kratom we can get!

Our customers and family use these kratom products, so I couldn’t take any chances. Kratom testing labs were few and far between in 2016, but we found a few places that would test for cleanliness.

I did not know much about Kratom alkaloids testing or knew of a facility that was doing that type of testing in 2016. Our main concern was clean kratom. The Drying processes and how the leaves were handled.

I wanted to only have the best quality products to sell online. I had no idea how much work running an ecommerce store and having customer service truly was. Online shopping was steadily increasing, and we wanted to share the benefits with everyone.

I had to learn the differences between Bali and Borneo . There is not a difference. The difference between Red vein Strains and green vein .

Why was there a yellow vein kratom? Yellow is a blend and not a color of kratom. Were there any side effects?

Foreign Supplier Verification

We had to verify our supplier and ensure that the products and other types of products we were receiving were pure products. I spent thousands of dollars in testing with 3rd party labs to find the best products on the market until we settled with our current supplier.

We went through many farmers and brokers trying to find excellent quality that was clean. Our current supplier was a scout that went in search for the best quality kratom he could find. He worked for another large firm before starting his own company in 2018. Now he has joined together with another company to create a modern warehouse and laboratory in Indonesia.

This process is costly, but in the end we have a consistent wonderful product. Supplier verification is necessary to avoid headaches down the line. Bait and switch does happen in any industry. We pay a premium price for premium kratom.

Trending products to sell?

Mitragyna Speciosa was new to me in 2015 and I just knew that kratom was an herb with enormous potential for helping people. I purchased my first bag of kratom on eBay in 2015. Received it in a Ziplock bag with magic marker stating the type of kratom. Ebay allowed kratom sales in 2015, but in 2016 kratom was banned by ebay.

I bought a few different types on Ebay and some tasted like just leaves without any bitterness at all. I knew in the beginning that kratom was a bitter herb. I was told by a few different people that some vendors were selling other types of mitragyna species.

Ziplock bag kratom was the way it was sold during 2015. There were only a few vendors selling kratom in the smoke shops in official packaging with any type of label. I just wanted to buy safe kratom, so that began the journey into kratom.

Jong Kong Kratom

We love the Jong Kong region for kratom. People who remember us from 2016 when we first started know that we sold Jong Kong Kratom. I have some of it from 2017 still in my personal collection and I can tell you that it is still very strong.

The Jong Kong region and areas around the Kapuas river is where some of our mitragyna speciosa is coming from currently. We want to offer 100% pure speciosa that never has any added fillers. We will continue to be transparent with our processes and be here to serve you!

The Kapuas HuluRiauMahakam and the Bunut area specifically is where we source our speciosa from in Indonesia. We are getting to the point where we can show you the exact location of the region it is harvested.

There are still Indigenous communities fighting for thier land rights in Indonesia. Made up of mostly farmers. Now, after a forty-year campaign to obtain their land rights, the Indonesian government was giving the Dayak Iban community of Sungai Utik legal recognition and ownership of over 10,000 hectares of land, including 7,500 hectares of rainforest.

We believe that it will play a vital role in the lives of all Indonesian Farmers and communities. I wanted to add Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia Local Time for you to see the difference in our time zones.

Best Kratom Souce

We listed the Regions and Coordinates for easy reference. These are the regions from our most recent shipment. Our test results have come back, and we are excited to offer a better grind and smoother powder. These newer types of nano grind powders have less of a gritty texture and a smoother finish.

Our new reds are fermented kratom and are prepared for a more relaxing experience. To prevent bacteria growth, all kratom powders from Indonesia are sterilized before being exported.

You can see by the attached testing results that all of our powders have been sterilized and are clean kratom. We love seeing the breezy trees growing in the jungle.

Our new powder is a nano type grind that is not as gritty as some of our previous powders. As I mentioned, technology is improving and money is being used correctly to ensure clean manufacturing.

Our Newest Greens are from Teluk Aur. 0.8436° N, 100.5184° E

Our Newest Whites are from Pengelang. 0.7528341,112.3964027

Our Newest Reds are from Piasak. 0.6885° N, 112.2265° E

In house lab testing

Our friends in Indonesia have also built a laboratory for in house testing. This gives the ability to compare testing results between 3rd party labs and products before they leave Indonesia. This gives security to the buyer and allows transparency within the group.

This means that outsourcing testing labs to find out how good the kratom is before we buy it is no longer necessary. This will create a consistent testing result. This will also save time and money for our Indonesian friends.

Capsules and powders must be handled and stored properly. Proper holding and proper manufacturing are key to a great final product.

We will continue to update everyone about our processes as Our Indonesian Kratom Farmers and Businesses makes changes for the betterment of kratom. We are excited to see the rapid developments in Indonesia concerning production.

We are proud to work with the same group of people since 2016. Our group has ensured that kratom is sustainable and farmers are treated properly. I am proud of this group, and I am happy to be a part of something much bigger than myself!

We are proud that our facility in Indonesia is doing everything by the book! Customer reviews over the years have shown us that we work with the best team in Indonesia! I can only imagine the conditions that these farmers and production workers must endure during the hottest days of the year.

Indonesian Kratom

The climate in Indonesia is quite warm! I recall introducing our friends to snow for the first time, and they couldn’t fathom driving or simply being outdoors in such chilly conditions. We reside in New Jersey, so our weather isn’t as harsh as in some parts of the United States, but in Indonesia, the temperatures rarely drop below 60, which is their coldest.

Indonesia’s weather is hot and humid and they type of weather that kratom truly enjoys. Indonesian citizens have known the tree for centuries. We need to help and sustain kratom the way that nature intended.

I am always just blown away by the way that kratom is harvested and handled properly in the middle of the jungle. I am proud to support Indonesian Kratom.


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