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Kratom suppliers

We have been discussing mitragyna speciosa for a long time at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals, but we have never discussed our suppliers. There have been many changes in Indonesian government and changes with kratom trade practices that are creating economic stability for the future of kratom in Indonesia.

Our supplier in Indonesia Trinusa Herbalindo has been working with kratom for many years and has built long standing relationships. They have unique relationships with farmers in Jong Kong and in the West Kalimantan rainforest.

We had a meeting this past weekend in New York City and discussed the current and future landscape of kratom. I was impressed by the modern facilities and techniques used to process high quality kratom. Obviously, they were investing a lot of money into these facilities in Indonesia and want our beloved tree to be here for future generations.

The kratom products supply chain in Southeast Asia is rapidly changing and the direction we are headed is amazing. Kratom vendors should purchase fair trade products as an investment in Indonesia. There are not official fair-trade labels yet, but we are working on a solution.

New machines, testing facilities, and all modern equipment for kratom processing. Now I know that they were not using old coffee grinders from the Vietnam War like some processors use, but this new equipment was what you would see in the United States at a GMP facility.

Seeing that money is being spent to do everything even better was the icing on the cake. I know it is hard to harvest kratom and make sure everything is done right when you are in a jungle.

We are a small family business and making sure we spend money correctly is very important.

Indonesia rainy season

Rainy seasons must be a challenge to dry kratom properly. Our Farmers must be paid right and shown that we care about them. Without the kratom farmers we would not have kratom. No Farmers No Food!

Indonesia has many islands and is truly a vast area of rainforests and jungles. Google Earth is a fantastic way to see Indonesia if you cannot fly out! I had the opportunity to be in Indonesia as we speak, but we had meetings here with our suppliers and my heart is not the best for 20-hour flights yet.

GMP Indonesia

Over the past two years we have seen more changes with in Indonesia than we have seen in previous years. Kratom farmers are getting organized and demanding higher wages for their kratom leaves. Higher prices are great since this will enable the farmers to get more modern equipment to process leaves.

We have made sure that we are sending our money to groups that are sustaining kratom and not just spending money frivolously. There are a few big groups in Indonesia that are making sure kratom is being managed and processed properly.

Modern equipment and proper sanitary environments are now becoming more the normal in Indonesia as kratom is getting more popular, but there are still plenty of speciosa sellers in Indonesia that sell out of their backyard.

The Kratom industry in Indonesia is still just getting started and it will take many years for proper regulations to be in place. The meetings last week are a good start for future regulations and kratom being evaluated before it leaves the country.

These regulations are good for consumers since it should ensure quality control for exporters of kratom. You will be able to purchase kratom in north America in a few years knowing that a regulatory environment has been set up for protection.

I am not sure what the regulations will be once a system is created, but I am sure it will require proper paperwork, testing, and many other protocols. An official Indonesian kratom company must have these requirements in place and be certified.

Once I know more about how everything will transpire, I will let you know, but for now this is just speculation considering the way the United States and Indonesia work.

Indonesia’s Governor Sutarmidji wants it to be regulated to ensure quality kratom out of Indonesia. Too many shipments have been rejected becuase of low quality and it not being pure leaves.

KCPA New Jersey

We wanted to have everything in place for the upcoming Kratom Consumer Protection Act in New Jersey and have all our ducks in a row! We have been in business since 2016 and have used the same Indonesian group.

We had our Standard Operating Procedures professionally re written in 2018 by a company that assists pharmaceutical operations and large food manufacturers. The first 2 years I wrote all my own S.O.P.’s but needed some help in the ever-changing environment.

We have done our best from the beginning. Whether that meant spending more for our bulk kratom or making sure that our farmers were being paid fairly. We made sure that we did the right things. I cannot compete with $60.00 Kilos when I pay more than half that for my raw bulk ingredients.

Do not think for one moment that all kratom is the same. I have always known that, but after this weekend visit with our suppliers I know that to be a fact. Especially low priced kratom! Bitter the better for the most part!

We want to see the industry flourish in Indonesia and here in the United States, but we want to see the Kratom Industry work together for the common good of the plant. We may be “Hippie Minded” in our thoughts, but we believe that fair trade kratom is attainable and we can make sure everyone including the speciosa tree is sustained.


Over the next year there will be some exciting changes coming to Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. We did add a flash sale section for some of our older batches.

We want to be the most transparent kratom company that you can find, and we stand by all our products 100%. We have been in the business since 2016 and know the proper people to get us old tree quality kratom!

We should have Chewable kratom tablets in the next week or two and we are working on our own proprietary tincture that should be ready in September.

We were thinking of adding aromatherapy products next year since we have seen the positive implications it can have for some issues. Let us know what you think about us adding aromatherapy products?

Please let us know!

Thank You for reading and remember that exciting things are happening now and over the next few months with kratom.


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