2021 AKA GMP Audit

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Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is proud to have passed Our American Kratom Association GMP program 3rd Party Audit for the 3rd year straight. When we first started the company, we wanted things to be done differently.

Kratom Mitragyna speciosa Korth has been used in southeast Asia for thousands of years and we want to preserve this plants heritage. Mitragyna Speciosa products in the United States have evolved over the past decade for better and for worse.

Kratom in general has had issues of being over harvested and leaves coming from young trees do not have the same concentration of kratom alkaloids as old tree leaves.

The food and drug administration has stated that there have been numerous overdose deaths from Mitragyna speciosa, but case reports have proven that to be false. Kratom leaves are related to coffee beans and the effects of are like some good espresso!

2021 AKA Audit Results

Kratom 2016

There were only a few vendors properly packaging, testing, and labeling mitragyna speciosa in 2016. Most purchases were made by way of eBay, Craigslist or other means of local internet classifieds. Some people say it was the wild west of kratom during that period, but in many ways it still is the wild west since we still do not have clear cut regulation surrounding kratom. CBD oil is going through similar regulatory issues and eventually we will see a category for both Kratom and CBD in my opinion.

A Ziploc bag was the normal packaging we saw at this time. The name was usually written in magic marker on the bag. The Industry was not what it is today back in 2016.

Most kratom was being sold out of peoples houses and was usually a side hustle to make extra money, or to basically get your kratom for free. Not that getting your kratom for free or making extra money is a bad thing, but We wanted to help make a change towards improved production measures, cleanliness, safety and the longevity of the Industry as a whole. Mitragyna speciosa is very personal to me and I did not want to see it get banned or get taken off the market.

AKA GMP Qualified Logo

Kratom Advocacy Washington DC

My wife Holly and I were in Washington DC on September 13, 2016. I remember that being an exceptionally hot day for September. We saw the hundreds of supporters standing up and voicing their opinion.

I still consider September 13, 2016 as kratom day! The day that all supporters came together for the common goal of expressing how much kratom made a difference in our lives.

We never started this company to take over the industry or shake up anything. We wanted to provide a good product that was priced according to the steps involved to properly handle, test and package the products. We are not trying to be rich. Being rich is not our goal, but our goal is to preserve kratom for future generations.

I remember meeting with Kelly Dunn from Urban Ice Organics back in 2018. He basically wanted to make sure that I was in the kratom industry for the right reasons and doing things the correct way.

Kelly was one of the few people that reached out to make sure I knew what I was doing and wanted to ensure that we had all of the tools to become GMP.

Mitragyna speciosa is what has helped ALL of us and what unites us. We are a community that really needs to stand up together now more than ever. Whether you support one kratom organization or another it should not matter. We have to work together and not allow politics to get in the way!

We are a team and need to work as a team. Let the politics be put aside and please let us all work together for the betterment of this plant that we love. We are not just vendors, but loyal Kratom Supporters. We have seen the Industry transform in the past 5 years to where it is today.

Keep Kratom Legal DC Rally

Kratom Audits

Kratom Testing, Quality and Price all plays a Part now more than ever. We will continue with our yearly audits and post audit results to improve transparency. We had our own Standard Operating Procedures written ourselves, but We knew that we needed some revisions and professional guidance. Our Standard Operating Procedures were created and re-written professionally in 2019 with the help of APS.

APS is a company that assisted many large food processors with their Standard Operating Procedures. We were able to be where we are today because of the dedication of APS and Charles Paul.

We are still a small family run kratom company that deals with small batch kratom. We do not deal with giant containers of kratom, but smaller packages that are hand selected. We thank you for choosing our company and look forward to being here for you in the years to come!

Christophers-Organic-Botanicals is proud to be a part of NJMEP.

Leave us a review and make us smile!

Remember that when you purchase cheap kratom you will usually loose. Loose your money and you could loose your health too.

Please Buy tested kratom and support companies that are doing the right thing!

Believe me when I tell you that alot of kratom being sold today is contaminated and/or half kratom.

You will see when the truth comes out!

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You Get Nothing You Loose Good Day Sir


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