2021 American Kratom Association Audit

by | May 28, 2021 | American Kratom Association, Blog

We are proud to have passed our A.K.A. 3rd Party Audit for the 3rd year straight. When we first started the company, we wanted things to be done differently. 

2021 AKA Audit Results

There were only a few vendors properly packaging, testing, and labeling kratom in 2016. Most purchases were made by way of eBay or other means. A Ziplock bag was normal, and the type was usually written in magic marker. The Industry was not what it is today back in 2016. We wanted to help make a change towards improved production measures and the longevity of the Kratom Industry as a whole. Kratom is very personal to me. 

American Kratom Association Qualified Vendor

My wife and I were in Washington DC in 2016. We saw the many Kratom supporters standing up and voicing their opinion. Kratom is what has helped ALL of us and what unites us. We are not just vendors, but loyal Kratom Supporters. We have seen the Kratom Industry transform in the past 5 years to where it is today. 

Keep Kratom Legal DC Rally

Testing, Quality and Price all plays a Part now more than ever. We will continue with our yearly audits and post audit results to improve transparency. We had our own S.O.P.’s written but knew that we needed some revisions. Our Standard Operating Procedures were created and re- written professionally in 2019. With the help of a company that assisted many large food processors with their S.O.P.’s. we were able to be where we are today. https://aps-online.net. We thank you for choosing our company and look forward to being here for you in the years to come!


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