Passed Our AKA GMP Audit

by | May 6, 2022 | American Kratom Association


Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is proud to announce that we have successfully passed our 4th American Kratom Association GMP Audit.

We take Mitragyna Speciosa seriously and will always do our best for you! We make sure that the kratom is up to our standards before we add it to our website for purchase.

Quality Control, customer service and pure products should be the goal of all vendors. Providing lab tested kratom capsules, Kratom extracts, and crushed leaf kratom should be the online businesses main objective.

We promise to always do our best for you, and we will not cut corners just to make money. We want top quality products and not the cheapest that you can find.

Kratom Industry

The industry is changing and some farmers and groups in Indonesia have GMP processes in place which require a higher cost for raw materials.

Cheap bulk kratom will not be coming out of Indonesia in a few years, which should make the entire marketplace much better. Paying a higher wage for kratom that has been handled properly and where farmers are paid correctly should not be an issue for anyone.

We are not talking huge price increases, but tariffs, taxes and higher production costs will add some cost to the end product. We should see pricing level out over the next few years and quality products will be more of a normal thing again.

Kratom Gold Standard

If we have a standard of what comes out of Indonesia or Thailand then we have a better product at the end of the day. We get what we pay for!

Do we want good clean quality kratom, or do we want junk that may or may not be 100% pure?

Let’s pay a few bucks more for kratom that is sustainable and clean shall we?

We use Mitragyna Speciosa daily and want to make sure that we have the best available products for our customers and ourselves. Kratom tea bags are on the way and crushed leaf has been added already.

We will make sure that our product line stays up with the fast-evolving industry. We have new products on the horizon including Full Spectrum Tinctures and chewable kratom tablets. We do not want to bring anything to our Product line that may or will cause issues for anyone.

GMP Kratom Extracts

I have tested all these extracts and tinctures myself. I wanted to see if using these extracts would cause any tolerance issues for myself personally.

I stopped using Mitragyna speciosa powder four times a day for about 3 weeks. I used the powder in the morning and at night only. During the day I used the extracts to see if these was a noticeable difference with tolerance.

The kratom extracts and the kratom tinctures were more of a powder enhancer and when used by itself and seemed to give the same effects as the powder without having to ingest too much powder.

My focus is on the go options that do not mess with tolerance. When utilized as an occasional option for a few times a week or even once a day I think that these new options will be a wonderful addition to our lineup.

Proprietary Formulations

We are working on a few new proprietary formulations right now. We will keep you posted as we get closer to a final product.

These are water soluble kratom capsules and products. These can also be used as a  kratom pet capsule.

Best GMP Kratom

We at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals want to ensure that all our customers enjoy quality kratom products. We use these products for our own family and want you to feel like family too!

We promise to do our best for the Kratom industry, community and we will always do our best for you! We have been part of the community since 2015.

We have seen a lot and have been through the fire. We are here for the long haul and we are not a fly by night vendor.

I remember getting our start on the I Love Kratom Forum in 2016 and still proud of our roots!

We have done our part to ensure legality and have supported those who support plant medicine. Please support companies and groups that have Mitragyna Speciosa’ s best interest in mind. We still have a long way to go and we will be here until we win!

American Kratom Association Summit

We were excited to meet in Dallas Texas for the American Kratom Association Summit.

We always enjoy listening and being involved with legislative issues and ensuring that the truth is being told.

The American Kratom Association has done an enourmous amount of work to get us where we are today. I cannot imagine Countless hours flying in and out of and waiting in airports for the next fight!

Just remember that the AKA is not a vendor organization.

The AKA is a consumer group and will turn in a kratom vendor into the FDA in a heartbeat if they are not doing the right thing.

God Bless the American Kratom Association!

University of Florida Kratom Research

Christopher McCurdy’s talk about Mitragyna Speciosa was wonderful once again! I can listen to Him talk for hours about kratom science. Christopher McCurdy’s Ted talks in 2015 were one of the first videos I watched on YouTube.

The University of Florida is growing kratom trees and studying the alkaloids to have a better understanding of this plant that we love. It is great to see kratom science being discussed instead of being thrown under the rug.

We learned that Mitragyna Speciosa trees from Southeast Asia are being grown at the University of Florida have three different chemotypes. Christopher McCurdy is doing amazing research at the University of Florida, and I am proud to support this research with monthly contributions.

An Incredibly low Mitragynine producing chemotype, A medium Mitragynine producing chemotype and a high Mitragynine producing chemotype. These trees were randomly chosen, and it seems that these three chemotypes are what is available in the wild too.

Much more research to be done. I love the science behind Mitragyna Speciosa and what makes it work. Check out the University of Florida’s Website about Kratom to learn about the Research that has been done so far.

Kratom Ban

The American Kratom Association is working hard to overturn bans in Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island and more. Social Media in the United States may be one of our best tools to tell our story.


We want to thank everyone for being here with us and celebrating this wonderful plant together. Mitragyna speciosa has made such a huge difference in my life, and I am proud to be here doing what I love every day!

We will always bring Quality pure Kratom Products to You and make sure that what you receive is what you expect. A quality product that has been tested and is 100% Pure Mitragyna Speciosa!

You can rest assured that we will be here for you, and We will bring any news to you right away from the American Kratom Association and other groups doing their part to keep kratom legal!

God Bless You and Have a Great Spring!


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