Passed Our 4th Audit and Attended the AKA Summit in Dallas Texas Recently

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We are proud to announce that we have successfully passed our 4th AKA GMP Audit. We take kratom seriously and will always do our best for you! We are also producing Green Maeng Da and White Maeng da this week after a few delays. These should be ready in a couple weeks. We make sure that the kratom is up to our standards before we add it to our website for purchase. Tea bags are on the way and crushed leaf kratom has been added already. 

We will be making sure that our product line stays up with the fast-evolving industry. We have new products on the horizon including Full Spectrum Tinctures. We don’t want to bring anything to our Product line that may cause issues for anyone. We are working on a few new formulas right now. We will keep you posted as we know more and have a final product. We at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals want to ensure that all our customers enjoy quality products. We use these products for our own family and want you to feel like family too!

Christopher McCurdy’s talk about kratom was wonderful once again!

We learned that Kratom trees being grown at the University of Florida have 3 different chemotypes. 

Watch the video here 

A Very low Mitragynine producing Variety, A medium Mitragynine variety and a high Mitragynine variety. These trees were randomly chosen, and it seems that these 3 chemotypes are what is available in the wild too. Much more research to be done. I love the science behind kratom and what makes it work. Check out the University of Florida’s Website about Kratom to learn about the Research that has been done so far.

We want to thank everyone for being here with us and celebrating this wonderful plant together. Kratom has made such a huge difference in my life, and I am proud to be here doing what I love every day! We will always bring Quality Kratom Products to You and make sure that what you receive is what you expect. A quality product that has been tested and is 100% Pure Kratom!

God Bless You and Have a Great Spring!



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