Can pets benefit from kratom and cbd?

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Pet Blogging

CBD oil for pets

A question that I have heard often is can pets take kratom or CBD oil. Both CBD oil and kratom have been used for animals for a while now.

CBD Kratom is a great combination that I have seen personally work wonders for my cool pets.

Hemp Flower is equally effective, but better for home cannabis tincture recipes. These recipes can be used for pets. I use the Magical Butter Machine for all of my recipies. Citric acid helps break down kratom alkaloids.

Cbd oil for dogs

We used to sell our own brand of CBD Oil, but the CBD market got out of hand. We also sold a brand of high dose CBD Oil called Zadaka. Great brand and great people.

We also sold Blue Star CBD Brand for a bit. Blue star hemp has great herbal resources.

Although there has not been numerous kratom or CBD studies with animals yet, we will start to see more anecdotical reports about how these plants have made peoples pets lives better. You can check our Purina for more information about your dog.

Hopefully, we will see more kratom studies with animals in general since our pets suffer from many of the same issues as their human owners.

Red kratom powders seem to work the best for My pets and I have not tried many other colors of kratom. Green vein kratom may be used in the future.

Kratom for dogs

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is currently recruiting dogs with osteoarthritis (OA), for a clinical trial using kratom for the management of chronic pain.

I did not choose any other form of kratom except Red Maeng Da. Another type of kratom that is like to Red Maeng Da is Yellow Vietnam and seems to have a similar effect.

There are many strains of kratom to choose from that create a broad spectrum of effects. White vein kratom would be more energetic than a red vein kratom variety.

CBD and Kratom do not have FDA approval, but at least it looks like the drug enforcement administration has backed off for now.

THC and CBD work wonders in combination with each other and help balance the “high Feeling” from cannabis. If too much thc is consumed taking cbd will help balance the effects and alleviate the heady effects.

A reddit user post from 3 years ago states that kratom saved my dogs life. Our dog Eli benefits from kratom and Cannabis. Eli was born with bad knees and has had this chronic issue for years.

How much kratom should I give my dog?

For Eli the amount of kratom is as follows:

Eli is seventy-five pounds, almost 11 years old and uses 30 mgs of CBD oil as needed a few times a week. Kratom is used sparingly for bad days. Eli will take one or two 420 mg red kratom capsules.

Eli also benefits from high concentrated liquid tincture which is made from kratom extract. I will measure out 1ml of our tincture with a dropper and give it to him after dinner.

1ml of our tincture is about 10 mgs of Mitragynine. The tincture gives him a bit of energy for about an hour and then he relaxes on his dog couch.

Dog ate kratom capsule

The other option is 1 kratom capsule in his food, which goes together nice. The capsule is a good way to measure the kratom powder and easy to administer.

I just love seeing him able to run around and not be miserable. It gets to the point where Eli is just whimpering because he is so uncomfortable. This usually happens on rainy days, but wintertime can be the worst with the cold temperatures.

I have many similarities with our dog now, but I am forty-seven and he is seventy-seven. Either way we have our plants.

I give him kratom or CBD oil after he has eaten a meal since kratom can sometimes make his appetite a bit less. Yes, the CBD oil enhances his appetite, so it balances out.

We also have three rabbits at home that are litter trained and live in the house. I would have never believed that rabbits could be potty trained.

Rabbits are wonderful pets and take a lot of time to train, but they are well worth it.

How long do rabbits live?

Rabbits can live until 10 years old or longer, so definitely not a hamster and requires a long-term commitment.

Our rabbits are ages 5, 4 and 3 and are in mostly good health. Our oldest rabbit Alice has back and hip issues and has a tough time cleaning herself. We give her a bath once a week to help.

Alice was prescribed Gabapentin and Meloxicam for pain and back issues. She cannot bend over if she does not have her medication. The vet says that it is most likely genetics.

Can rabbits use kratom or CBD Oil?

Alice eats kratom leaves instead of taking her meds from time to time to take a break. She does the same if not better when she eats a leaf. I guess this means for rabbits kratom is food.

The medicine can sometimes make her have loose stools, which just makes her problem worse. As we know kratom can help bind you up a bit and the same theory seems to happen with our rabbit.

Some rabbits can be a bit aggressive and can bite. Cbd and Kratom can relax animals and make them much calmer and make them less aggressive.

We also collaborated with the vet to get a proper dosage for CBD oil for the older rabbit. CBD is typically dosed by weight, and the standard dosage is 0.25mg per pound of body weight.

It is best to start with a low amount of CBD oil, and then gradually increase the dosage if no improvements are seen within a week.

I had better success adding a few drops of CBD oil to the bunny’s hay and/or treats compared to just adding to the pellets.

How can plants and animals benefit from each other?

Alice and our other animals have access to the same plants that we use. We found out after much personal research that Our rabbits and dogs both benefit from Kratom and Cannabis.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to have these plants on hand to help my pets. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I love animals. Anmials eat plants and the plants give animals nutrients and energy, so animals live life from plants.


Please remember that this product is not intended to treat or cure any disease. Herbal remedies have been used for many years, but there can be interactions between herbs and medications.

Please research ALL herbs and plants before you utilize them in your life or your pet’s life.


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