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A Leaf Of Faith Kratom Documentary

A Leaf of Faith” is a thought-provoking and informative kratom documentary directed by the talented filmmaker Chris Bell and produced by Maitie productions David Baca Jr., The movie guides audiences through an enthralling exploration of the intriguing universe of kratom, a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. Bell explores mitragyna speciosa through research and talks with experts, covering its history, cultural significance, and potential benefits.

This kratom documentary was first released on Netflix in 2018, but can now be found on multiple channels, including Youtube and TV Guide also has some of the listings for a leaf of faith.

The kratom documentary begins by explaining Mitragyna Speciosa, its origins, and how people traditionally use it in countries like Thailand and Malaysia. For centuries, native societies have used mitragyna speciosa for its therapeutic benefits and as a natural energizer.

Mitragyna Speciosa is known for its stimulating effects, which can help increase focus, motivation, and productivity. Many people use kratom as a natural alternative to caffeine or other stimulants, as it provides a gentle energy boost without the jitters or crashes often associated with synthetic stimulants. Additionally, kratom has been used as a mood enhancer, helping to promote feelings of well-being and relaxation.

In the movie, Chris Bell learns more about kratom’s science, studying its chemicals and powerful compounds that cause its effects. He speaks with respected scientists and researchers. They have dedicated their careers to studying kratom. They provide important insights into its potential medical benefits.

One of the most compelling aspects of “A Leaf of Faith” is its exploration of the controversial legal status of kratom. Chris Bell investigates the ongoing debate surrounding kratom’s classification as a controlled substance in certain countries, including the United States.

He communicates with politicians, police, and speciosa supporters to provide a balanced perspective on the complex legal issues surrounding this plant. He engages in conversations with politicians to understand their viewpoints on mitragyna speciosa. He also interacts with police officers to gain insights into their stance on the legal status of kratom.

Furthermore, he converses with supporters of Mitragyna Speciosa to gather their opinions and experiences regarding the plant’s legal matters. Through these interactions, he aims to present a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the intricate legal landscape surrounding kratom.

Discussing the Possible Benefits of Kratom

The kratom documentary shows how people have benefited from using kratom, improving their lives and finding relief. They all share their stories and say that kratom could help them instead of other treatments.

Throughout the film, Bell maintains a neutral stance, allowing viewers to form their own opinions about kratom. He has different opinions. Some people think it can be a natural cure. Others worry about its safety and potential for misuse.

In conclusion, “A Leaf of Faith” is a captivating and enlightening documentary that provides a comprehensive exploration of mitragyna speciosa. The film explores the tropical tree and its benefits through research, interviews, and personal stories, providing a detailed understanding. This documentary on kratom will have a lasting impact and promote more discussion. It doesn’t matter if you already know about it or are new to the topic.

Here’s an overview of A Leaf of Faith kratom documentary:

Purpose and Premise: The documentary aims to shed light on the potential benefits and controversies surrounding kratom. Chris Bell, with a history of opioid addiction, looks into mitragyna speciosa as a substitute for prescription painkillers and opiates.

Key Points Addressed:

  1. Opioid Crisis: The film begins by highlighting the ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States, detailing the addictive nature of prescription painkillers and the devastating consequences for individuals and communities.
  2. Introduction to Kratom: The documentary presents kratom as a potential solution for many suffering from chronic pain and opioid addiction. It showcases personal anecdotes from individuals who claim that kratom has changed or even saved their lives.
  3. Scientific Perspective: The film consults with various experts, scientists, and researchers to understand kratom’s effects, benefits, and potential risks. The differing viewpoints provide a balanced perspective.
  4. Regulation and Legality: “A Leaf of Faith” delves into the legal battles and debates surrounding kratom. It explores the reasons behind the push to regulate or ban the substance in various jurisdictions.
  5. Personal Exploration: Chris Bell personally tries kratom during the documentary, offering his own insights and experiences with the substance.

Conclusion: The documentary shows kratom in a positive light but also talks about possible problems or worries. The main message is to promote more research and open-mindedness towards natural alternatives such as mitragyna speciosa. This is important because of the harmful effects caused by the opioid crisis.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell is a renowned filmmaker and advocate for natural remedies. He is best known for his documentary “A Leaf of Faith,” which explores the benefits and potential dangers of kratom, a plant native to Southeast Asia.

The documentary explores the history and importance of kratom. It shows how mitragyna speciosa has been used as a natural remedy in Thailand and Malaysia. He also examines the controversy surrounding it, as it has faced legal scrutiny and misinformation due to its similarities to opioids.

Chris Bell’s personal journey with kratom is a central focus of the film. He shares his own struggles with chronic pain and addiction, and how he discovered kratom as a potential solution. Bell wants to show how kratom could be helpful instead of medicine, based on what he’s seen and heard.

“A Leaf of Faith” also addresses the concerns and criticisms surrounding mitragyna speciosa. Bell agrees that more research and rules are necessary to use it safely and responsibly. He emphasizes the importance of education and informed decision-making when it comes to natural remedies like kratom.

“A Leaf of Faith” explores kratom, giving a fair look at its advantages and dangers, helping viewers grasp its potential. Bell’s documentary serves as a platform for discussion and encourages further research into natural remedies for pain management and addiction.

Kelly Dunn

Kelly Dunn is a filmmaker and seller of kratom, a tree from Southeast Asia that He explores in his documentaries. The film explores the various uses and potential benefits of kratom, as well as the controversies surrounding its legality and safety.

The documentary follows Kelly Dunn, business owner and kratom advocate. Dunn interviews experts, scientists, and users of kratom to gain a comprehensive understanding of its potential as a natural remedy.

In the movie, Dunn looks at the importance of kratom in Southeast Asia. It has been used there for a long time as both medicine and for fun. He also examines the scientific research conducted on kratom, which suggests that it may have potential.

However, the documentary also addresses the controversies surrounding kratom. Some critics argue that it can be addictive and have adverse side effects, while others believe that it should be regulated or banned due to its potential for abuse. Dunn interviews both proponents and opponents of kratom to present a balanced perspective on the issue.

The documentary looks at kratom’s medical and legal sides, and shares stories of people who have found it helpful. Dunn interviews people who have found relief through the use of speciosa, highlighting its potential as an alternative.

Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan’s Kratom Experience is well documented and was a disussion of one of his podcasts.

Joe Rogan, the host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, has frequently invited Chris Bell as a guest on his show. They have discussed various topics such as kratom and the “A Leaf of Faith” film.

They discussed the possibility of using kratom as an alternative to opioids. They also addressed the challenges surrounding its legality. Additionally, they delved into the broader concerns related to drug use and addiction.

Rogan’s podcast platform has given a significant boost to the visibility of the documentary and the conversation around kratom. It’s also worth noting that Joe Rogan is known for promoting open dialogue and exploration of alternative and often controversial subjects, which aligns with the theme of the documentary.

If you’re looking for specific details of their conversation, it would be best to find the relevant episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” where Chris Bell was a guest.

Susan Ash

Here’s a brief overview of Susan Ash and her connection to kratom:

Susan Ash is the founder and former director of the American Kratom Association (AKA), a nonprofit organization established to safeguard the rights of consumers in the U.S. AKA aims to ensure consumers have legal access to the natural herb and emphasizes its potential benefits while also pushing for responsible regulation and use.

Susan’s advocacy for kratom is rooted in her personal experience. She has publicly shared her story about how mitragyna speciosa helped her manage symptoms related to Lyme disease after other treatments didn’t provide relief.

Under Ash’s leadership, AKA played a significant role in challenging attempts by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to classify kratom’s active ingredients as Schedule I substances, which would make the plant illegal on a federal level. Through education, lobbying, and grassroots campaigns, AKA and other kratom supporters presented their case, emphasizing the need for more research and balanced regulation.

After some years leading the AKA, Susan Ash stepped down from her role. However, she continues to be a notable figure in the kratom community due to her advocacy efforts and the foundation she set with AKA.


Claiming that “A Leaf of Faith” is the best kratom documentary ever is subjective, but there are several reasons why many viewers and critics appreciate it:

  1. Balanced Perspective: The documentary does not solely praise mitragyna speciosa; it presents both the potential benefits and the criticisms surrounding the plant, giving viewers a comprehensive overview.
  2. Personal Connection: Chris Bell’s personal and family struggles with opioid addiction make the film more relatable and genuine. His journey adds a human element, making the narrative compelling.
  3. Expert Insights: “A Leaf of Faith” features interviews with scientists, health professionals, kratom vendors, and everyday users. This diversity of perspectives provides a well-rounded understanding of the topic.
  4. Addressing the Opioid Crisis: The documentary directly confronts the opioid epidemic in the U.S., contextualizing the rise in kratom’s popularity and its potential as an alternative solution.
  5. High Production Value: As a professionally produced film, “A Leaf of Faith” boasts high-quality cinematography, editing, and sound, enhancing the viewing experience.
  6. Educational: For many viewers, the documentary was their introduction to kratom. It serves as an educational tool, shedding light on a subject that many might not be familiar with.
  7. Promotion of Research: The documentary highlights the need for more scientific research on mitragyna speciosa to understand its benefits and risks better, promoting an evidence-based approach to the plant.
  8. Engaging Narration: Chris Bell’s storytelling style is engaging, making complex topics more accessible to a general audience.

To fully understand a topic, it is important to be critical and gather information from different sources.

“A Leaf of Faith” teaches viewers about mitragyna speciosa. This substance was not well-known in the West when the film was released. It poses questions about the place of natural alternatives in modern medicine and the complexities of regulation.

It is important to seek advice and information from healthcare professionals, especially regarding substances like mitragyna speciosa. These substances can have varying effects and risks. While documentaries like “A Leaf of Faith” can provide some assistance, it is crucial to rely on professional guidance.

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