Where can I buy Kratom?

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Christopher's Organic Kratom News

Where can I Buy Kratom

Many People ask why can’t I just buy kratom at Wal-Mart, GNC, or Amazon? The reasons are many, but we may get to the point where speciosa is available at many “regular” stores and vitamin shoppes.

One reason is that large corporations hear the negative publicity about speciosa and do not want any part of it. Google kratom and first page may scare you. Disinformation about it is rampant and we must counteract this misinformation with science about kratom.

Once kratom science becomes available mainstream and more people learn about it we will see kratom in more nutrition stores nationwide.

We would think after years of positive information about mitragyna speciosa being reported we would see more people get behind it and realize that this plant is making a dramatic difference in people’s lives.

These corporations do not want anything to hurt their bottom line or cause an issue with stockholders. Speciosa has been demonized over the years and better public relations campaigns are coming to the community.

Amazon would be the best corporation to allow mitragyna speciosa sales and I hope that we see kratom powders and kratom capsules available on Amazon one day.

eBay allowed sales for a few years, but in 2016 eBay banned sales of kratom. Now you search kratom on eBay or Amazon and you will find drug tests, books, and t-shirts.

We started selling on eBay and a few other marketplaces before we had a website. The sales fees were high and gotten higher in recent years. Website Maintenance is not much cheaper, but at least we are doing it ourselves now.

Buy kratom near me

I would love to see it for sale at our local grocery stores. Kratom is coffee’s cousin and should be treated in a similar fashion. Kratom and Kava bars are becoming mainstream in places like Florida.

I have seen many new bars opening and becoming the new replacement for traditional bars. The atmosphere is different and there are not the usual problems we see in a traditional bar that serves alcohol.

Kratom and Kava do not cause the same issues as alcohol. Honestly, Kratom and Kava do not attract the same type of people. I would love for people who patronize local bars to give kratom and kava a chance.

CBD oil is a great alternative but takes some time to build up and work effectively.

Over the past 5 years I have seen it advertised in more areas than ever before. People are talking about it and how kratom has had influence in their lives.

The conversations are so important. People watch each other and notice when things change. That may be a good or bad change, but people notice. My point is if you have it in your life now and you are doing better people will notice.

Let these people know why you have changed and what tool has given you the ability to do what you are doing now. When we talk about kratom we open doors to allow a conversation to happen that may have influence in someone’s life.

Kratom Samples

We laugh at how many samples we have given out over the years. Not samples to customers (Which is A LOT), but samples to people who have never tried it yet.

We honestly get calls a year later by some people and the story is usually the same. This stuff really works. I would love to say that I am shocked, but after 7 years of use I know it works. There are so many herbs on this planet that we have not even discovered yet.

Imagine how many more traditional medicinal herbs are out there that can provide us with relief! It is our job to find these herbs and learn what their traditional uses were years ago.

My own mother who is 85 years old and deals with usual 85-year-old issues has found kratom to be a Godsend. She is in good health and still lives on her own. Lives on Her own meaning .1 miles down the road and wears a life alert.

She wants her independence and I understand, but a room is ready when the time comes. My own mother did not try it until this year when her issues were just getting too much. She always said I will try kratom when the time comes.

Kratom is personal to me and my family. Whether you are looking for red vein, white vein, green vein, or yellow vein kratom you will not be disappointed. Purchase lab tested kratom products from Christopher’s Organic Botanicals today!


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Thank You for reading and God Bless You!




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