Can I Buy Kratom On Amazon?

by | Jan 8, 2023 | Kratom Good Manufacturing Practices

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, has been making waves around the globe in a short time. It’s only been a few decades since we got to know this beneficial herbal plant – but thanks to its countless advantages, it has now become an important part of life for more than 16 million users in America.

Although it is widely available both in physical shops and online, its debatable legality status in some areas has led to some doubts regarding its availability in large online selling platforms like Wal-Mart. eBay, Amazon, etc. These online marketplaces and ecommerce platforms do not allow online sales of kratom, so buying kratom tea bags on Amazon may not be an option right now.

In this article, we will be deeply discussing whether you can buy Kratom on Amazon and find kratom for sale near me.

Can you buy Kratom on Amazon?

Can you buy Kratom tea bags on amazon? Can you buy Kratom powder on Amazon? Can you buy Kratom Extracts on Amazon? Can you buy Kratom Capsules on Amazon?

Well, to answer it, no.

Why Is Kratom NOT Available On Amazon?

Amazon is one giant online shopping portal that sells all kinds of stuff. You name a thing from clothing to household items, and it will surely be available on this platform.

Search kratom on Amazon and you will find other products. If you want quality kratom then search instead for Kratom for sale near me.

Although it offers a large variety of herbal and well-being products, Kratom is not one of them. You can not find Ketum or any product containing its alkaloids on the website.

Regardless, this has only sometimes been the case. It’s only been the last six years since you can’t find this botanical on Amazon. Before 2016, you would have been able to enjoy shopping at Ketum easily. However, with the sudden rise in this herb’s popularity invited FDA’s strict scrutiny wanting to ban it all over the US.

Not only that, but the DEA was also on board to put the herbal plant on the list of controlled substances, making it illegal. This prompted Amazon to stop allowing Korth to trade on their site as they tried to avoid controversial products.

Top Reasons For the Unavailability Of Kratom On Amazon

4 key reasons why you can’t find Kratom on Amazon:

1. Legal Controversy: The legality of Kratom varies around the world and within the United States itself. Some countries and states have outright banned it, while others have restrictions or regulations. This ambiguity makes it a risky product for large platforms like Amazon to host.

2. Policy Restrictions: Amazon has a list of prohibited items, and any products containing Kratom fall under this. The platform’s guidelines are built to protect users from potential legal issues and health risks.

3. Quality Control: It’s difficult for Amazon to regulate and verify the quality and safety of Kratom products. Selling such products could expose them to liability issues.

4. Health Risks: Although many people use Kratom for various reasons, it also has potential side effects and risks, especially if used improperly. Its sale is not approved by the FDA, and claims about its health benefits are therefore not evaluated by this authority.

For these reasons, if you’re looking to buy Kratom, it’s advised to do so from a reputable, specialized vendor that lab-tests their products for quality and safety. Always follow local laws and regulations related to the purchase and use of Kratom.

Kratom has been considered a risky and controversial product since the FDA labeled it as “a chemical of concern”. Although it is widely available online through many reputable vendors, Amazon has made it unavailable on their site as they like to avoid controversy.

Here are some more reasons that you can not find the herbal plant on their site:

Possible Legality Issues

Amazon prides itself as a global shipper, offering prompt shipping to many countries and all over the United States, including all 50 states. Regardless, Mitragyna is unfortunately banned in several countries like Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Finland, etc., and US states like Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Rhodes Islands —that has made it impossible for the users in these places to acquire the herb without facing any criminal charges.

If a person residing in these areas were to order Korth, this would have posed difficulty as it won’t be allowed to be delivered and also risk criminal charges for the buyer. In a way, it could jeopardize the company’s image from a larger perspective.

Difficulty In Payment Processing

Sadly, most of the payment processors supported by Amazon do not approve transactions related to Mitragyna. You won’t be able to buy this herbal product through most of the visa and mastercards in the US.

Amazon pay does not allow Kratom purchases and this would be another reason not to buy kratom on Amazon.

Moreover, although other online payment options like Paypal allows Ketum purchase, it is known to suspend several accounts in the past involved in this botanical trading.

This is another reason that has made it complicated to buy this all-natural herb from this website.

Shady Product Labeling

As Ketum is banned on the site, many sellers try to sell their products by labeling and posting pictures similar to the herb.

Moreover, if it is being sold on Amazon, it is usually labeled as something else, as you can’t get your product approved by showing that it contains any mitragyna content.

This is completely unsafe. Kratom Powder should only be bought from authentic vendors after thorough research on customer feedback.

Is It Advisable To Buy Kratom On Amazon?

Definitely no!

Just a brief search of Kratom on Amazon, you will find a list of products that might resemble the botanical or claim to have similar effects as Mitragyna. This is a marketing ploy by some shady sellers to push their products when the customer is looking for something else entirely.

There are alot more Mitragyna Species other than kratom. You can find the mitragyna plant list we are including and research for yourself. Be Careful you do not get fooled by similar speciosa types. Mitragyna Javanica and Mitragyna Hirsuta are just a couple of kratom species that looks similar, but this is not kratom.

There are better places to buy this amazing botanical than Amazon. The reason behind it is simple. Mitragyna is banned on this e-commerce site, so there are almost no chances you will find any genuine Kratom or any product that contains the authentic herb.

Where To Buy Kratom From Instead?

Although you can not buy Kratom on Amazon, the good news is that it is readily available online or in physical stores like smoke shops, kava bars, gas stations, and whatnot.

If you opt to buy it online, it is essential to avoid scams selling fake herbal products.

Here are some points to make sure that you end up buying from only an authentic Ketum vendor selling 100% authentic and natural botanical:

  • Make sure to look at the online reviews on the seller’s website and other online discussion portals like Reddit and Quora.
  • Ensure that they are a part of the American Kratom Association and GMP-approved.
  • Check for third-party lab testing to see if their products are free of heavy metals and pathogens.
  • Observe their website thoroughly to look for fake health claims, as the FDA strictly prohibits it.
  • It is essential to buy Ketum only from those vendors that ethically sourced their products from responsible natural growers and cultivators.
  • Lastly, remember to ask the right questions to judge their product quality and customer service better.



Online customers love huge e-commerce sites like Amazon that offer all kinds of products at prompt shipping. Though unfortunately, you can not buy Kratom on Amazon at this time.

However, there are several other online sellers such as Christopher’s Organic Botanicals that you can opt for that promise high-quality, authentic, and naturally sourced Mitragyna products at reasonable rates.

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  1. Jimjamesradar

    Christopher has the most and the most accurate information of ANY vendor. Along with the most comprehensive alkaloid testing I’ve ever seen ! The first one I ever saw test for alkaloids other than mitragynine and 7 ohm. Each alkaloid has different effects and synergy depending on the ratios of each. The more complete an alkaloid profile, the more complete our budding understanding of the synergistic effects will be. We need a blog about which profiles produce which effects. Anecdotal evidence can lead studies in different directions to investigate if the effects can be scientifically verified. And maybe one day Big Pharma will embrace kratom alkaloids and make safer yet more powerful medicines. Before Prescott Bush corrupted Big Pharma, 80% of our meds came from opium. He got them to buy his toxic Petro chemical waste and turn it into medicine like pentazocine (Talwin). Then convinced Big Pharma there was no money in making drugs from plants because they couldn’t patent them. God or Mother Earth put a plant here for every illness. But the ancient knowledge, our ancestors spent thousands of years learning, is be lost forever due to corporate greed and ignorance. Many sacrificed their lives learning which plants were poison, which plants were medicine, and which were both. “The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” Revelation 22:2

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