Mom, John Fogerty and Jeff Van Drew

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Kratom Advocacy

John Fogerty Concert

I wanted to share some details of a much anticipated and exciting day that I had this past week. My mother was born in 1937 and is 85 years old. She has never been to a concert! She loves CCR or Creedence Clearwater Revival and has wanted to see them for years.

We finally purchased tickets for John Fogerty and went this past Friday to Atlantic City. We are lucky to have a few local venues to see concerts and other events in our area. The prices for tickets are reasonable for some older musicians.

A wonderful and affordable date night with Holly and fun times with mom! We all watch money carefully and we are frugal in our family. That is what I get from having parents that were raised during the great depression.

I still cannot believe when my mother tells me a movie used to be a nickel. It is all relative to the times and inflation, but a nickel for a movie? WOW!

We are about 30 minutes from Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from Hard Rock Atlantic City. My mother had the time of her life, and she is still talking about all the fun that she had last Friday!

Kratom Sue

My mother’s name is susan and she uses Kratom and CBD oil. As she has got older she has had some issues and has had great results with both plants.

These are the moments in our lives where time seems to stand still, and we can enjoy the special little moments with the people who we love. Life gets in the way of enjoying these things sometimes!

Jeff Van Drew BBQ

Before the concert we had the opportunity to go to a Family BBQ with Jeff Van Drew our local second district U.S. Representative for New Jersey. We listened to music from the band, ate hot dogs, hamburgers and enjoyed some friendly conversation before the concert.

Jeff is running for U.S.Congress in November 2022, so he has my vote. This man has done a lot for South Jersey and our area in general. He deserves it!

I genuinely enjoy talking about kratom with elected officials. I gave a copy of the Utah kratom consumer protection act to Jeff years ago. Our company is a part of the local and state chamber of commerce.

I first met Jeff at a chamber of commerce event years ago and have stayed connected. Jeff said that any natural plant that is helping people should not be banned! He will make sure that kratom will not be banned in New Jersey if we ever got to that point. Thank God we are now looking at the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in New Jersey in 2023!

We are excited to see what 2023 is going to bring. We have kratom consumer protection acts introduced in a few states this year. We should see more acceptance of kratom and kratom products over the next few years. Kratom Science is emerging and from what we are seeing the science shows kratom is not harmful and is helping many Americans and others worldwide.

The American Kratom Association is once again requesting a meeting with the FDA Commissioner and wants Americans to get the truth; not the same bureaucratic policy and misinformation that has helped fuel the overdose crisis in America.

We need FDA Commissioner Dr. Califf to know how the career staff at the FDA are thumbing their noses at the laws that require them to tell the truth about public health policy, and we need him to know that the FDA policy on kratom is WRONG!

Protect Kratom

Please protect kratom!

The American Kratom Association was created to protect consumers and to ensure that official kratom products are being sold nationwide and that kratom vendors were adhering to consumer law. FDA regulations and consumer protection laws were put in place to protect consumers from unscrupulous business practices.

The federal food drug and cosmetic act was enacted to keep Americans safe from adulterated food and drugs. Check out the federal government websites for more information. We believe that kratom and other herbal remedies are here on this earth for us to utilize.

These herbs and plants were put on this earth for a reason. We are the ones who need to figure out what these herbs and plants are used for in our daily lives.

Herbal plants have been used for thousands of years before there was ever a Big Pharma. The period between 1918 and 1939 was marked by two breakthroughs that presaged the arrival of the pharma industry as we know it today.

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the two most talked about alkaloids in kratom, but kratom tea from southeast Asia contains over forty alkaloids that have many uses. In the United States kratom consumers number in the millions.

We have the voices that need to be heard. We need to tell our story and stand up for kratom. Today is September 13th, 2022. 6 Years ago, today I was standing in Washington D.C. with a sign that states Keep Kratom Legal. We stood beside hundreds if not thousands of kratom consumers that day. We were all there for the same reasons. Keep Kratom Legal.

We need that strong voice and comradery again now in 2022 into 2023. Our stories need to be told and we need to let others know how much kratom has helped us and made our lives better. We are the ones that know kratom is not bad. Kratom is our tool that made our lives better. Please stand up for kratom and tell your story.


I have told thousands of people My Kratom Story. A story about how a tree from Indonesia has changed my life!

I love kratom and I love the kratom community. We Are Kratom and we are still the kratom warriors from 2016!

God Bless You and Enjoy the cooler fall weather!



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