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John Fogerty Concert

I wanted to share some details of a much anticipated and exciting day that I had this past week. My mother was born in 1937 and is 85 years old. She has never been to a concert! She loves CCR or Creedence Clearwater Revival and has wanted to see them for years.

Last week, after much anticipation, we finally managed to purchase tickets for the highly anticipated John Fogerty concert. The event took place this past Friday in the vibrant city of Atlantic City. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have a handful of local venues in our area that regularly host concerts and other exciting events. These venues not only provide us with a diverse range of entertainment options but also offer reasonable ticket prices, particularly for performances by seasoned musicians like John Fogerty.

Attending the concert was an experience we had been eagerly looking forward to. The atmosphere in Atlantic City was electric, with music enthusiasts from all walks of life converging to witness the legendary John Fogerty perform live. The city’s vibrant energy and the anticipation of the upcoming show added an extra layer of excitement to our evening.

Having local venues that cater to a variety of musical tastes is truly a blessing. It allows us to enjoy live performances without having to travel long distances or incur exorbitant expenses. These venues often showcase renowned artists from different eras, making it possible for us to witness the magic of musicians who have left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Moreover, the affordability of tickets for concerts featuring older musicians is a significant advantage. It enables fans, both young and old, to relish the opportunity of seeing their favorite artists perform live, even if they may have missed the chance during the peak of their careers. The reasonable prices make it accessible for a wider audience to attend these concerts, fostering a sense of inclusivity and ensuring that the music of these iconic artists continues to be celebrated and appreciated.

In conclusion, our recent experience of purchasing tickets for the John Fogerty concert and attending it in Atlantic City was nothing short of remarkable. The presence of local venues that offer a diverse range of entertainment options, coupled with reasonable ticket prices for performances by older musicians, has truly enriched our lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to witness the magic of live music in our own backyard and eagerly look forward to future concerts and events in our area.

A wonderful and affordable date night with Holly and fun times with mom! We all watch money carefully and we are frugal in our family. That is what I get from having parents that were raised during the great depression.

It’s still hard for me to grasp when my mom says that a movie once cost a nickel. It’s all a matter of perspective and inflation, but a movie for a nickel? Incredible!

We are about 30 minutes from Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from Hard Rock Atlantic City. My mother had the time of her life, and she is still talking about all the fun that she had last Friday!

Kratom Sue

My mother, Susan, has been utilizing the benefits of both kratom and CBD oil as she has aged and encountered various concerns. Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, has been a valuable addition to her wellness routine. Its leaves contain alkaloids that interact and promote relaxation. Susan has found that kratom helps her to engage in daily activities with greater ease and comfort.

In addition to kratom, Susan has also incorporated CBD oil into her health regimen. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, making it a safe and legal option for medicinal use. CBD oil has gained popularity for its potential therapeutic properties and improving sleep quality.

As Susan has navigated the challenges that come with aging, she has experienced remarkable results from both kratom and CBD oil.

Moreover, Susan appreciates the fact that both Red Bali kratom and CBD oil offer natural alternatives. She has noticed a significant improvement in her overall well-being without experiencing any adverse reactions.

Furthermore, Susan has taken the time to educate herself about the proper dosage and usage guidelines for both kratom and CBD oil. She understands the importance of responsible consumption and ensures that she follows recommended guidelines to maximize the benefits and minimize any potential risks.

In conclusion, Susan’s experience with kratom and CBD oil has been overwhelmingly positive. These natural remedies have provided her with effective relief from various issues, allowing her to maintain a high quality of life as she ages. By incorporating these plants into her wellness routine, she has found a holistic approach to managing her health concerns, promoting physical and mental well-being.

These are the moments in our lives where time seems to stand still, and we can enjoy the special little moments with the people who we love. Life gets in the way of enjoying these things sometimes! Let’s remember what is truly important! FAMILY!

Jeff Van Drew BBQ

Before the concert we had the opportunity to go to a Family BBQ with Jeff Van Drew our local second district U.S. Representative for New Jersey. We listened to music from the band, ate hot dogs, hamburgers and enjoyed some friendly conversation before the concert.

Jeff is running for U.S.Congress in November 2022, so he has my vote. This man has done a lot for South Jersey and our area in general. He deserves it! I genuinely enjoy talking about it with elected officials. I gave a copy of the Utah kratom consumer protection act to Jeff years ago. Our company is a part of the local and state chamber of commerce.

I first met Jeff at a chamber of commerce event years ago and have stayed connected. Jeff said that any natural plant that is helping people should not be banned! He will make sure that kratom will not be banned in New Jersey if we ever got to that point. Thank God we are now looking at the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in New Jersey in 2023!

Key Features of Jeff Van Drew’s BBQ Events:

  1. Community Engagement: These BBQ events are designed to foster a sense of community, allowing residents to interact directly with Congressman Van Drew and his team.
  2. Open Discussion: Constituents have the chance to voice their concerns, ask questions, and discuss policies with the congressman in an informal setting.
  3. Networking: Such events often attract local leaders, business owners, and community members, providing a platform for networking and building connections.
  4. Family-Friendly Environment: These gatherings are typically family-friendly, with activities and entertainment for all ages, making them a perfect outing for families.
  5. Local Support: The events highlight local businesses and services, sometimes featuring local vendors, musicians, and food providers.

Recent Event Highlights

During a recent summer BBQ in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, Congressman Van Drew was joined by notable figures including Christopher Deaney and his family. These events are not only about political discourse but also about enjoying a good time with the community. The BBQ in Sea Isle City was a vibrant event filled with music, food, and conversations, reflecting the strong community spirit.


I have told thousands of people My Kratom Story. A story about how a tree from Indonesia has changed my life! I love kratom and I love the kratom community. We Are Kratom and we are still the kratom warriors from 2016!

We are excited to see what 2023 is going to bring. We have kratom consumer protection acts introduced in a few states this year. We should see more acceptance of kratom products over the next few years. Kratom Science is emerging and from what we are seeing the science shows kratom is not harmful and is helping many Americans and others worldwide.

We will have more answers about kratom as we move forward with more scientific studies.


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