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by | Jul 5, 2022 | Kratom Good Manufacturing Practices

Why Shop at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals?

We have gone through a lot of changes the past few years and the best one was becoming GMP Qualified by the American Kratom Association.

The GMP Standards program was created to ensure that products were properly manufactured.

We have successfully passed 5 Audits since 2019 and have yearly audits with an independent auditor. There are many online vendor’s whose prices vary ALL over the place.

There has been a variable price for kratom since 2019. Kratom prices should reflect the quality of the product.

Cheap kratom is usually just poor quality, or a product that has not gone through extensive testing.

Online kratom vendors should have an official website, customer support, and provide customer service to customers who have questions such as what kratom is best. Our Kratom comes directly from Southeast Asia and is third party lab certified.

Why Small Batch Kratom?

Small batch ensures that quality control is in place. If I receive 30 tons how do I actually know the quality of those tons?

We test 3 times per 250 kgs and know what we are consuming. We do not take chances with our products.

Customer satisfaction from our customer support team allows us to assist customers on the benefits of kratom.

In the United States our customers success with kratom is based on our extensive Knowledge base of Mitragyna Speciosa.

At Christopher’s Organic Botanicals We import small batches of kratom and do not purchase giant containers like some companies. We hand pick which strains we want before packaging. Sometimes it takes longer for packaging and production when we find a batch that does not meet our standards. I use it Daily, so I am always checking quality and effects.

We try to keep our prices mid-range and accessible for everyone. We have employees to pay, Insurance, payroll taxes, testing, building lease and all the other necessities to run a proper business. Overhead is included in our purchase price. Buying kratom online should be easy. Finding kratom powdered or capsules should not be a nightmare.

That does not mean we are the cheapest out there. I know…. MONEY is Always an Issue for everyone, but most legitimate vendors cost a bit more since the build out is included in the price.

Why Buy Small Batch GMP Certified Kratom?

Let me tell you why you should spend a bit more and invest in kratom from one of the small batches GMP kratom vendors.

  • Legality

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is coming to twenty-one more states in 2023. It’s been passed in 8 states now and at least 2/3 of those 21 are expected to pass this session and the rest by next session (each state has different legislative session lengths and times) When the KCPA passes, it will become ILLEGAL to purchase and sell kratom in those states.

In a way, it may be a terrible thing for people’s price points but hear me out here. When you buy a cheap kilo like that, you are essentially (in every case I have ever heard of) getting a kilo that was either packaged in Indonesia and just repacked or forwarded to you in its original package by these vendors.

You have NO IDEA what may be in that package, nor do they! To rigorously evaluate a batch of kratom, one needs to first mix every gram of the same strains together to create a consistent product. Then, the tests which cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars per strain must be performed by certified and accredited labs who cannot be bought off to provide false results.

  • GMP Kratom

Kratom needs to be packaged in a clean facility where the chance of contamination (unintentional adulteration) is impossible to occur. And this does NOT include people’s homes and garages.

A clean room must be separate from living spaces. This is a basic GMP requirement. The risks you take by consuming an untested product is profound. Do not forget that Salmonella, e coli, heavy metals, and much more has been found in Kratom (and many other natural products).

Quality Kratom Products start with quality control and proper manufacturing processes. Product quality is related to the type of leaves harvested.

Red vein Kratom is a strain that most people start off with in the beginning since it is known to have a lower Mitragynine Content.

They are required to keep meticulous records. Any complaints are filed and monitored so that should there ever be a pattern emerging, we can go back and look at that exact batch… open a bag of product saved from our product retains of that batch, and retest if needed. That always insures accountability and proper handling of the product. Our reputation is at stake here!

  • Support the future of kratom

You support the future of Kratom legality in this country! If we want it to remain legal for our lives, the only path forward is through regulation.

The FDA has already made the point that they don’t like it. We MUST stand strong together and speak with a loud voice as we did in 2016 that we will not put our money into cheap product that could be dirty or unsafe and is considered “adulterated” because it is not assessed or produced in a safe clean room.

We must work together to show “The Powers That Be” that our industry is different than many industries that came before us.

Get to know us and know that we do things differently. We are not your average kratom vendor.

We will do what’s right by helping to promote the good faith that is generating in Kratom and not allow the potential for more news stories about people being hurt by kratom (that is in fact just adulterated or contaminated Products.)

You may think to yourself “well of course he’s going to promote this because he makes money doing it.” Well and yes, of course we make money when we sell kratom.

I started COB not to make a bunch of money… I started it because it changed my life and I wanted to make it safe, affordable, and help others change their lives. seems to agree that Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is A Small Company Doing Mighty Things

We have continually had one of the strongest loyalty followings of any vendor and our consistency is remarkable! We will always support the legality of Kratom and do everything in our power to keep it legal into the near future.


So, our 9oz bag of kratom powder is $34.00 and our mixed kilos are $115.00, but you get a bag with a label that tells you a batch code that you can use to review the actual kratom lab results for your purchase on our website.

So, while we are not at cheap as the bulk kratom vendors, you can be assured that you will know exactly what you are consuming! Mitragynine %, 7-hydroxymitragynine %, heavy metals, mold, yeast, coliforms, bacterial tests, everything.

We will continue to work towards the goal of Keeping Kratom Available to everyone. We donate Monthly to the American Kratom Association to help the fight to protect kratom.

God Bless you and thank you for the continued support.

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