Chocolate and Kratom

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Kratom Recipes

Kratom is an incredible herb that offers a diverse influence. You can experience a highly potent and sharp touch when taking this botanical alone. On the other hand, mixing Kratom with other items, like honey, cookies, energy drinks, and other stuff, adds more value to its taste.

Chocolate and Kratom is another combo that is on the rise these days. Though many users have tried this specific combination, many are still unaware of how it feels to consume Kratom and chocolate. Let’s get deeper into this discussion.

Do Kratom and Chocolate Make a Delectable Combo?

According to many users, Speciosa and chocolate combine to form a great combination that produces a slightly sweet touch. In contrast, the same combo has never been appreciated by many other Mitragyna consumers. So, the answer to the query of whether the Kratom-chocolate combo masks the bitterness of Speciosa is vague.

If one of your friends or colleagues claims he gets exactly what he looks for with a chocolate-Kratom combination. It doesn’t mean you should start ingesting this combo to get the same outcomes. It all varies depending on personal interests and choices. These parameters differ from one person to another.

Is It a Safe Way to Benefit from Your Kratom Dose?

Most long term Kratom users consider this a safe combo because there is not even a single medical evidence to claim that mixing chocolate and Kratom is not secure. Many users claim that this combination even enhances the therapeutic properties of the chocolate. The ingredients in cocoa, like caffeine and others, proved to be a great match for Speciosa. This is why thousands of people worldwide prefer taking this combination.

Don’t Get Confused with a Strain “Chocolate Kratom”

Chocolate Kratom” is a separate strain of Mitragyna. It has nothing to do with the combination of Speciosa and chocolate. Due to the reddish-brown appearance, sellers and users often call red-veined Mitragyna a “chocolate Kratom”. At the same time, combining Kratom and chocolate means combining both substances and preparing a consistent mixture.

Let’s look at how you can prepare this combo efficiently. Don’t be fooled!

Efficient Ways to Prepare a Chocolate and Kratom Mixture

Before you start preparing the mixture, it is important to select the right strain. Many strains are readily accessible from the market, but not all perform the best for every user.

If you want a highly potent touch, you can try different variants of red-veined Speciosa. White and green-veined Kratom strains come with less potency compared to red veins. Let’s explore different ways to prepare a Kratom and chocolate combination.

Chocolate, Banana, and Kratom Milkshake/Smoothie

Adding banana and chocolate plays a significant role in masking the bitterness of Speciosa. The ingredients you need to make this delectable combination are listed below.

  • Kratom powder (the amount of your choice)
  • Chocolate (dark melted)
  • Whole milk (1 cup)
  • Banana (one diced)

Mix the above-listed ingredients well as soon as you gather them to prepare a fine blend. Make sure the blender’s speed is between low and medium scale. This blend is known for masking the sharpness of Speciosa and providing you with a fruity sensation.

Kratom Chocolate Milk

Do you know Mitragyna prepares a great mixture of drinks, like fresh juices, coffee, or tea? Apart from that, this herb also dissolves well, even in plain water. This is something that many people are already aware of.

But what if we say that speciosa intensifies its properties and influence when combined with cold chocolate milk? Will you believe it? Well, hundreds of Speciosa consumers are just in love with this blend.

You can prepare Kratom chocolate milk using various techniques. The easiest way is to start with pre-made chocolate milk.

Measure the desired amount of Mitragyna powder, put in chocolate, and mix them well. The sweet notes in the chocolate play a crucial role in reducing the sharp effects of Kratom. The best thing about making Speciosa chocolate milk is that it requires the minimum energy to get ready because it is similar to mixing Speciosa and water.

One more way to make Kratom chocolate milk is to purchase chocolate powder, syrup, and whole milk separately. Avoid buying low-fat milk at any cost because it comes with the tendency to give the bitter flavor of Kratom a boost. Whole milk is the best option because it removes the sharpness of Speciosa you don’t want exposed to. Try this method if you can’t buy pre-prepared chocolate milk.

Another thing you must keep in mind when preparing Kratom chocolate milk is to purchase chocolate milk products containing the lowest sugar contents. This is because you may need more than sugary food items to feel the real influence of Speciosa. This is why most users prefer dark chocolate with low sugar content.

Kratom Chocolate Candies

Don’t you get attracted to Kratom chocolate drinks? No worries! Try preparing candies to get the most out of your Speciosa intake. Below is a list of the equipment and ingredients you need to make this yummy recipe.

Collected all the ingredients listed above? Great! It is time to prepare Kratom chocolate candies.

Step 1: Start melting the coconut oil on medium-low heat.

Step 2: Now, put honey, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder in the melted coconut oil and mix them well.

Step 3: Introduce Kratom powder to the above mixture and stir for approximately one minute. Avoiding cooking Mitragyna powder to protect its properties.

Step 4: Now, take the candy tray, pour the final mixture into it, and put it into the refrigerator for an hour or until you feel it is thoroughly chilled.

Final Words

The chocolate-Kratom combo compliments the flavor of both substances, especially when masking it’s bitterness. This is what thousands of users claim and experience. Different ways to prepare this combination are part of the above discussion.


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