Kratom Times are Changing in 2022

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Christopher's Organic Botanicals

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals has been working on a few new products that should be ready by spring of 2023. We are in the Research & Development phase of creating a full spectrum water soluble Kratom tincture made from the highest quality kratom.

We added new herbal products and searching for the best herbs we can find. Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries and has been studied for just as long. It takes time to find the right herbs and plants that work for your own body’s chemistry.

Don’t give up and get frustrated. Keep looking for what works best for you personally. Herbs are here for a reason, and it is up to us to research the uses.

Superior kratom extracts start with high quality kratom. Online kratom vendors have many strains of kratom and kratom products available. What makes ours better? First off customer support. We focus on our customer service, quality, and price. We want to make sure that you are buying kratom that you can afford. We do not want people to go broke trying to improve their lives.

The American Kratom Association along with our wonderful group of kratom advocates helped prevent kratom from becoming a controlled substance in 2016. The DEA would have Banned Kratom on September 30, 2016.

We cannot control what happens in the world, but we can control how we respond. Remember that You have the power. We have gone though many changes at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals over the past 2 years.

My wife Holly is now employed with us full time and manages the shop. After many conversations about what is the best for us and the company, we decided to take the plunge. Life has a funny way of letting you know what is best!

The entire kratom landscape has changed in the past 2 years too. We are starting to see more conversations about fair trade kratom and making sure we do our part to ensure kratom is here to stay. We cannot have the kratom farmers paid low wages. We need these kratom farmers to sustain kratom. These farmers should be treated like family and NOT be taken advantage of by fellow brokers, or anyone else.

Kratom leaves, Kratom powder, Mitragyna speciosa, or whatever name you call it, Kratom is a God sent plant and kratom need to be treated with respect. Kratom Farmers need to be treated with respect.

This was our goal from the very beginning to have quality tested Kratom that is produced ethically. I have talked about costs associated with production/Testing processes and the costs are high. We want people to know that we do send out free kratom samples with larger orders and samples meaning a 2 oz or 4 oz.

Orders under $20.00 will have a fee of $4.00 added for shipping. We have had free shipping on all orders since the beginning, but with added costs associated and USPS raising rates 4 times in the past few years we had to adjust free shipping on all orders.

For the moment we are charging shipping on any orders under $20.00 and that includes the total cost. Coupons and discounts will NOT be affected and points are always awarded at 10% back on every purchase.

Christopher's Organic Botanicals

We do use a Co-Packer and do have times where certain items will be on the Flash sale list to make room for new batches. We may give some of those flash sale items out as samples when we have overstock. We deeply appreciate you and thank you for supporting our small family business.

We also Donate Monthly to the American Kratom Association, Which is 10% of our revenue. We believe that any person or (Vendor) with an interest in Kratom should be donating (if they can afford it) to support the future legality of Kratom.

I am a Christian and we are a Christian company. I do not go to church regularly, but I went to Christian school since third grade and church My whole life. I still fellowship and discuss God and the Bible, but on a different level now. I tithe my 10% to support Kratom Legality. I believe that saving kratom is God’s Work.

I could say that I am more of a spirtual person than a church going individual.

We have endured many extra expenses since covid-19! We are continuing to use extra protection and Disinfecting all surfaces and touchpoints. We use an Office/Warehouse Environment with only three people and three rooms, so social distancing has been easy.

We are a small company that only has three employees, but we make sure that we work together and get what needs to be done each day. We are hoping and Praying that we get big enough to take on a few more employees and can support the local community more each day.

Salem County New Jersey is small, and everyone knows one another to a certain degree. Salem County reminds me of somewhere 40 years in the past! I love it.

Thank You for reading and Reach out anytime for any reason!

(609) 202-6880

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