USPS Delays

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Blog, Good Manufacturing Practices

USPS Delays

I wanted to discuss the issues with shipping delays since covid-19 started and why this is still happening. We thought that most of the delays were going to be a thing of the past, but even into 2022 we are still seeing many USPS delays.

In the Philadelphia USPS Hub, there have been complaints of missing packages and even blatant mail theft. Some of our Christopher’s Organic Botanicals packages go through the Philadelphia hub and have gone missing in the past.

Hopefully, the recent media attention will stop most of the ongoing issues, but we are keeping our eyes on any missing packages.

Rest assured that any purchase that you make with Christopher’s Organic Botanicals will make it to your door! We stand behind our products and guarantee delivery.

If a package goes missing, We will be by your side to ensure that the package you paid for gets delivered. You are never on your own at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.

The way tracking numbers update can sometimes be difficult to understand. At times, the tracking numbers do not even update until after then package is delivered.

We see a specific package that may say delivered in the tracking. Then we see packages get delivered later in the day, or the next day. USPS has been bogged down due to the ongoing covid-19 situation. Online ordering over the past 2 years seems to have overloaded most delivery services.

Labor shortages and supply chain disruptions cause delays and higher shipping cost for all shipping companies. USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS have all seen their fair share of problems. The entire global shipping industry has seen delays and huge cost increases.

We have seen the same issues with other carriers, so this is not just an USPS issue. PLEASE order kratom ahead of time and give yourself extra time due to shipping delays. We have seen packages that normally take 3 or 4 days taking 1 week for some reason.

We ship packages the same day that you order up until 2pm guaranteed! Our Packages are picked up between 2-3pm daily. if we have time at the end of the day, We also take any remaining packages to the local post office personally.

Our certified package managers will ensure proper package handling and package drop off to the closest USPS office!

We want to make sure everyone gets their kratom package on time and as fast as possible. Kratom is the one of the best tools in my herbal toolbox and I know what it is like not to have the tools that you need!

Stay tuned for more kratom news and information. We have plenty of new products coming soon and we are excited to see where kratom is headed next year.

God Bless and Be Safe!


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