New Batches of Kratom Coming Soon

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Blog, Kratom Phenotypes, Kratom Testing

New Batches of Kratom Coming Soon

We are currently producing Green Indo and Red Maeng Da. These two batches should be ready by the week of September 26th. We have limited 2 oz and 4 oz packages of Red Maeng Da listed in the kratom flash sale section at a reduced price. We move these over to the kratom flash sale section to make room for the next batch. 2 oz Packages of Green Indo is in the kratom flash sale section along with other overstock varieties of kratom. Prices are reduced a few dollars for most packages of kratom.

Kratom Powder Bowl

The test results for ALL kratom batches are listed on our kratom testing results page and also within the product description. We are producing back-ups for our popular Kratom products, so we eliminate some of the “Out of Stock” Issues. We thank you again for supporting our Family Business. By supporting us you are supporting the fight for Kratom. God Bless You and let Fall 2022 be the best yet! We have some new products coming soon. We will have kratom tinctures and kratom extract tablets. These are great on the go kratom products. We added Kratomade a few months ago and last week we added another 5 flavors of kratomade for a total of 9 flavors to choose from on our kratom extracts page. We look forward to serving you and making your kratom experience great!


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