The past few years have taken a toll on everyone. We have had to deal with the covid-19 virus and now we are dealing with skyrocketing prices everywhere we look.

I went food shopping with my mother who is eighty-five and she is just beyond floored by the price increases.

Fuel prices, food costs and shipping costs have all gone up over the past few months and it does not seem to be getting any better.

My mother is on a fixed income like a lot of people and has not seen a huge increase in her check to cover all the cost increases. Many people depend on help from their family, but some are not as lucky and struggle.

The amount of food she buys each week is now costing her double if not more! She has been retired for 20 years and lives on a fixed income like most seniors and people with disabilities.

The same shopping list that would have been $150.00 a few years ago is now over $300.00. I hope that this does not get much worse and we all can rebound a bit, but the news is leaning towards some tough times ahead.

I thought that gas prices were getting better (they are a little) but filling up the old diesel work truck is just ridiculous. We have a 36-gallon tank, so it does get about 550 miles per fill up, but still cost $160.00 to fill from a quarter tank!

Besides the obvious day to day increase in expenses we have had insurance rates go up this year.

Our business is no exception! We have been hit with increased expenses over the past 2 years. We have been working hard to get our prices to a stable point where we can offer kratom for sale that is pure, clean, and most importantly affordable.

Mitragyna speciosa prices are changing in Indonesia too! Kratom Farmers are requesting higher wages and production is getting better in many areas.

Our suppliers in Indonesia have been working hard to ensure great kratom products. Our friends are dealing with many of the same economic issues we face. Shipping pricing is killing everyone!

Our costs for product testing, shipping rates, production, and costs in many more areas have gone up. Sales have decreased over the past 2 years due to many factors. We are doing our best as a small manufacturer to keep costs low.

We cannot compete pricewise with cheap bulk kratom. We do not buy commercial kratom products in large containers. We process our batches at 250 kg per batch and purchase under 5,000 kilos at a time.

We spent a lot of money to have back up batches produced so we would not run out of stock, but sales decreased drastically over the past 2 years and that is the reason for our kratom flash sale section.

Sometimes we have left over from a previous batch and must make room for the new batch, so you save money!

I want to make sure that everyone can afford what they need when shopping with us. Life is hard right now for everyone.

Kratom powder pricing has been lowered on ALL kratom powders through the end of the year!

Finding kratom near me has never been easier.

Smaller batches ensure more consistency! Since we do not sell 1,000 kilos a day, or have our products in many vape shops, so we focus on small batch products.

We have some of our products in local stores and we are focused on the regional area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for the moment.

We decided to carry a few other branded products that we thought were good on the go options for our customers. These products have been on the market for years now and have shown to be effective.

We are working on our own proprietary tinctures and blends over the next few months, and we will have plenty of on-the-go solutions.

We started with our sixty-five series kratom tinctures, and we will bring our 45% tincture soon. Forty-five percent is close to a full spectrum kratom product. We will be working on a 45% and an 80% tincture that will complement the kratom extract tablets that we currently sell online.

Besides being great for on the go, kratom tinctures and chewable kratom tablets are a booster for plain kratom powder to make it work better and longer. At least this is what I have noticed personally.

High concentrated kratom extract products should be used sparingly to reduce any tolerance issues. Kratom extracts should be used no more than once a day, or on bad days only.

Good kratom powder should take care of most issues on regular days. Remember to blend your kratom for a unique experience. Take a red vein and white vein or green vein and red vein and blend them equally.

This is what makes most kratom blends work great and why kratom blends are some of the bestselling kratom products on the market.

I am just one person among the millions that use kratom, so the way something works for me may not be the way it works for the next person.

We want to offer a coupon code for anyone who needs it during these tough times. Use code recession for 10% off all orders through the end of the year!

I do say for those who need it since we do have customers that donate their points to other customers that need it! Seriously, We have always had a family feel to our business and we love seeing people help each other.

We are much more than just another kratom company! Get to know us better and we will make sure that you are always taken care of properly.

We do not have an official points donation program, but if anyone is ever going through a rough time please reach out! We do need to take care of each other now more than ever!

I want the kratom industry to be known for taking care of our communities. We need the love for the kratom tree to flow into our local communities.

We promise to always stay focused on customer service, quality products, and to make sure that you can find the best lab tested kratom leaves in the United States at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals.

Our world is different now than it was a few years ago. Take care of each other and we will be able to make it through together!

Life is too short for all the nonsense, and we need to appreciate what we have in front of us each day!

Please support us and buy kratom online at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals! If you’re looking for kratom capsules, kratom tea bags, crushed leaf kratom, liquid kratom, or any strain of kratom powder we have you covered.

I promise to always do my best for the kratom industry and the kratom community. I AM KRATOM!

God Bless You and Be Safe!


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