2021 so far

by | Feb 18, 2021 | American Kratom Association, Blog

I hope everyone has been handling this past year the best that you can. 2021 has started and hopefully We can get back to some kind of normalcy in our lives. We started 2021 with a new Points & Rewards system that gives you 10% back towards your next purchase. Please make sure that you create an account and use the same email each time. This way the Points will all add up in the same account. It is possible to check-out as a guest and not create an account.

Please make sure that you create an account when checking out or points cannot be saved. To create your account or recover the password for an existing account visit the Accounts page here.


COB My Account Page

We see that this may cause an error message stating that you forgot your password. This message is coming up because the order was created as a guest and an account was never actually created. Please reach out with any questions about creating an account to:(609) 202-6880 or customerservice@christophersorganicbotanicals.com 

Since Launching our new website this past November we finally have Credit Card Processing and other convenient ways to pay. We are still working on little things with the website and you will see some changes from time to time as we make adjustments and updates.

All of our records from the old site are being kept offline. Only new information is being stored on the new website. Besides the Points & Rewards Program we lowered prices across the board. We were able to make some financial cuts in areas that were unnecessary and pass the savings unto you. We are all struggling right now and the last thing we want is for people not to be able to afford what they need.  Visit the My Account Page here and then click on Points to see how many points you’ve built up. Then when you place an order you’ll see the option to use your Points towards your new purchase.


Use COB Points

We work with Fair Trade Kratom and our Indonesian Friends and Harvesters are Paid a Very Fair Wage. This being the case, We are able to negotiate a larger shipment at a discounted rate. Then lower our prices while still paying the harvesters and brokers correctly. I am sure one day there will be a Tariff on Kratom imports like everything else. When that time comes we will see where we are at with pricing. I don’t see that being for some time down the road. I also don’t see a Tariff being that much more per load.

We never know when it comes to regulations, but we will do our best to keep prices about where they are at now. Kratom Shouldn’t be at such a high price that it is unattainable for people who need it. That being said, Proper storage, Testing, Cgmp Procedures and Training cost money. If we want an industry that has longevity then we have to pull together and make sure that kratom is being sold properly. We all know the FDA is just waiting to hear some negative remarks about kratom or kratom being sold tainted. Kratom saved me and made my life better. I want people to know about kratom and I want kratom to be around for my great grandkids if they need it one day.

God Bless, Be Safe, And let 2021 be the best yet.

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  1. Stacey Aldridge

    I was an opioid addict abuser for over 20 years. In that time I lost an over 20 year marriage to the father of my 8 children. I have at times become homeless sure to my addiction NEVER did I think something could come along and save me. Kratom have me back to my children but more importantly back to myself. Christopher kratom helped me to live again . May Jesus bless you for saving lives!!

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