Keep Up the Great Fight to Keep Kratom Legal!

by | Jul 27, 2021 | American Kratom Association, Blog


I am writing because we need your help to save kratom from an international ban. 

I have been a part of the kratom community since 2015. I started my company in 2016. When I first found out about kratom I was amazed to say the least. There is a plant that works better than what I was taking for years? Why haven’t I heard of it? Where was it hiding? Indonesia, I guess, and I started researching everything I could about Kratom.

I contacted people in Indonesia, and we talked about Kratom. I found people that sold junk kratom that just wanted money and others that really cared about kratom and weren’t in it just for the money. Granted everyone in Indonesia wants a better quality of life and Kratom gives them that quality of life they deserve. We found a great team and they are now Komphar. These people care about the longevity and future of Kratom. They also make sure the harvesters are getting paid a fair wage. These are important facts for the future of Kratom.

I am hoping that we get there and the W.H.O. Doesn’t stop all this progress. We are a team, and we are the Kratom Community. I know that we all have our differences and why we use Kratom. We are a family, and We must come together for this plant that we love. We can all go back to whatever we we’re doing after the W.H.O. back off and sees our comments. People must know how important this plant really is to all od us. We must speak now and get the message out. We are the ones with the power to change the world if we only use our voices.

Granted some things are set in stone before they happen and we don’t have a voice, but this is different. Kratom really helps people, and the majority will rule! People everywhere will see that there is a plant that helps. I share my story with everyone that I meet in Life. Not to sell it either, but just to share this wonderful plant.

I give away a lot of product and recently donated over 100 kilos to an outreach that goes in Camden NJ and helps the homeless and addicts. My point is that I care about this plant. I care about people. In 2016 I was scared to death. I went to D.C. in 2016 and went through all the torment waiting for the decision. When I heard the DEA backed off I was shocked. I really thought that this plant that I finally found after 40 years is going to be banned. I do not want that happening and I know that you don’t either.

I don’t have all the answers, but I promise to always be honest and up front about my passion for kratom. I know that We all love Kratom! Some people may be scared to talk, or tell their story, but when I just relax and talk about kratom it comes naturally. This plant changes lives and We need to come together as a community and win this again!

God Bless You and Be Safe!



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