10 Tasty Kratom Drink Recipes Worth Trying

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Kratom is a natural energizer, and it is no surprise that everyone wants to use it for a more focused and fruitful daily routine. There are many different types of Kratom drinks available in the markets, and you can enjoy them to uplift your moods. However, if you like to create your Kratom dose at home, the options for making Kratom drinks are endless! Here are ten tasty Kratom drink recipes worth trying.

Kratom Drink Recipes


1. Kratom with Orange Juice

Kratom and orange juice complement each other as both can be good wake-up drinks. This kratom drink does not require a lot of time, as you will only need to add the tangy orange juice to a glass and top it up with your daily dose of Kratom powder. Mix the powder in juice and enjoy. Orange acts as a potentiator, which means that it couples up with Kratom to enhance the energizing and motivating properties of the botanical.

2. Mango Tropical Shake

Mangoes are a sweet treat for summer and can be pretty refreshing when consumed in exciting ways. Mango shakes are a favourite among people, and if you want to make this drink more energizing and stimulating, you can add Kratom powder to it.

Making a milkshake requires adding mango pulp to milk in a blender. However, for your Kratom mango shake, you will be adding the daily Kratom dose to the shake as well. Since Kratom tastes bitter, you can use honey or sugar to sweeten the mango shake. Adding some kiwi and coconut will make the tropical shake more interesting.

3. Kratom Cold Coffee

Coffee is Americans’ most widely-used morning drink. We all wake up to a pot of our favorite brew, but have you thought of adding Kratom to coffee? That is like a double dose of freshness, energy and motivation. Since coffee and Kratom belong to the same plant family, the effect of each is similar.

You can add Kratom powder, Kratom extract drops, or tincture to your daily cup of coffee and enjoy the boost of stimulation. For cold coffee, you will need some milk, ice cream, instant coffee and your daily dose of Kratom powder or tincture. Add all the ingredients to the blender and whip up a great refreshing drink that will energize you instantly.

4. Kratom Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a soothing and relaxing drink at night. This tea can regulate sleep and ensure you feel alert and energized the next day.

If you add any relaxing Kratom strain to your chamomile tea every night, you will be amplifying the relaxation to enjoy sound sleep. When your sleep cycle is good, the next day becomes more energized and productive. The process of making Kratom chamomile tea is easy.

You can boil water in a kettle and add chamomile tea leaves and Kratom according to your daily dosage. You can use powder or liquid form of this botanical in any beverage. However, ensure that you only use the amount of Mitragyna you should have according to your optimum dosage limits.

Keep the leaves in the tea, and after some time, strain the tea into your cup and enjoy. You can add honey to it for a sweet aftertaste.

5. Kratom Protein Shake

Many people consume protein shakes before heading to the gym every morning. Now, you can ensure a better workout routine with a mix of Kratom in your shake to offer some mental and physical fuel. Mix protein powder, water, milk and Kratom powder in a blender and let the goodness of every ingredient incorporate well. Add some ice to a glass and enjoy your shake.

The flavor of the protein powder can subdue or suppress the bitter taste of Kratom so that you will enjoy the shake without any bitter aftertaste. Some of the best Kratom strains for your protein shake can be Green Maeng Da, Green Bali, Green Indo and Green Thai Kratom.

6. Kratom Tea

This drink will remain classic for all users. Whether you are looking for a morning fix to get more energy or a nightcap to relax and enjoy sound sleep, a soothing cup of warm and comforting tea is an excellent addition to your routine. The preparation does not take too long as you can use Kratom powder or crushed Kratom leaves to make this tea.

Boil some water in a kettle and add your daily dose of Kratom to it. Let the tea steep for some time, then strain it in a cup. If you add potentiators like honey, turmeric or cinnamon, the stimulation from these natural substances can add to your cup of tea.

If you want a morning tea for energy, use one of the stimulating strains like Green Maeng Da or Green Bali. However, if you wish to have a soothing cup of tea before bed, use a red vein strain like Red Indo or Red Bali to relax your nerves after a long day.

7. Kratom and Lemonade

Need we say more? This drink is a mix of lemonade and Kratom. If you feel that Kratom powder makes the drink husky, or you do not like to strain the beverage before having it, you can use Kratom extract liquids or tinctures.

8. Kratom and Grapefruit

Grapefruit provides an excellent start to the day as it invigorates the senses with a tangy, citrus flavor and is suitable for health. You can add Kratom drops to grapefruit juice or sprinkle it on half-cut grapefruit to enjoy a stimulating breakfast of fruit and botanical. Please be advised that certain medication do interact with grapefruit, so please contact your healthcare provider for more information about grapefruit and how other herbal interactions may occur with medications.

9. Kratom Mojito

Well, this mojito is non-alcoholic, so don’t worry about starting the day with alcohol! Kratom mojito is a mix of Kratom tincture, lemon, lime, and fresh mint from your home garden. The drink can wake the senses and offer a refreshing effect for many hours.

10. Kratom Banana Smoothie

All fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people believe a smoothie is a complete meal. How about adding some Kratom energy to it?

You can create a banana smoothie with some fresh yogurt, banana, honey and some desiccated coconut. Add your daily Kratom dose to this smoothie to make it even more impactful. The process of making this smoothie remains the same, except that you add Kratom powder or tincture to the blender.


Kratom is a natural substance that offers a wide range of effects for regular users. If you want to enjoy this botanical interestingly, try any recipes shared here for Kratom drinks that have become popular due to their outstanding and delicious taste.


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