Kratom Shopping Tips: Which Kratom Brands I Should Avoid?

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Have you had any experience with bad Kratom vendors? Since this botanical is not available at most local stores and pharmacies, many poor Kratom vendors have tried their luck in selling poor-quality herbs to users.

We have put together an exhaustive list of what kratom brands to stay away from so you don’t get caught with bad kratom.

We have seen exponential growth in the number of users in the past years. Due to this surge in demand, many unethical vendors entered the market and sold subpar Kratom products to gain profits. Here are a few shopping tips to avoid the wrong Kratom vendor and identify the best quality of this botanical.

7 Signs of Poor Kratom Vendors/Kratom Vendors To Avoid

When you consider buying Kratom, you should know a few things about it. For example, it is crucial information that the FDA does not regulate Kratom, due to which it is available through online shops or local smoke shops and weed shops. This disapproval means that the FDA does not check the quality of Kratom products. Here are a few ways to recognize poor Kratom vendors who do not sell fresh, potent, impactful products.

1. No Satisfaction Guarantee

When a bad Kratom vendor sells this herb, there will be no satisfaction guarantee because these sellers do not have any faith in their offerings. These sellers purchase old and expired goods at lower prices and sell them as new to earn big profits. These vendors do not prioritize consumer well-being. Therefore, the quality of the product is poor, and the packaging is also below the standards.

2. Adulterated Products

Since the subpar Kratom items are not vacuum-sealed and packed efficiently, they can be contaminated. Moreover, if Kratom is not available in opaque jars or bags, the light from the sun can lead to chemical reactions that reduce the potency of the alkaloids. Users who buy adulterated products may not feel good after consuming mouldy, dusty or old Kratom.

Adulteration is a common problem in products that need to be sealed properly. All of the top Kratom manufacturers use lock caps or vacuum-sealing to ensure that the contents of the package remain safe from contamination and do not lose their efficacy.

3. No Returns/Refund Policy

Poor Kratom vendors do not guarantee returns or exchanges because they know their product is below the standard. Any good vendor will oblige its customers and ensure a return if you buy the wrong product. This behaviour shows their confidence in their products, which is only possible when they know the quality.

4. Lack of Transparency & Third-Party Lab Results

A few rotten apples in the industry cause every vendor to come under criticism by the authorities. The American Kratom Association has become the authority that checks and ensures that every Kratom vendor sells pure, organic and fresh botanicals.

The guidelines of the AKA stress the need for every manufacturing step to be transparent. If there is a lack of transparency and the vendor needs to share how each product is made, it means something is wrong. Similarly, if the manufacturer does not share the third-party lab results or guarantee that all products are lab-tested, there are many red flags, and you must refrain from buying from them.

5. Poor Customer Reviews/Feedback

You may have seen several websites for Kratom that do not show any bad experiences or negative user reviews. These websites are pretty shady because it is natural for any quality shop to have a few negative reviews. If there is an online shop with all positive reviews and strong recommendations, it is time to review your choice! Any good shop will leave all reviews unfiltered so that all new consumers can decide whether they want to buy or not.

6. Lacking Range of Products

We have seen numerous shops that sell only Kratom powder, extracts, or any other single product. These shops are a big No because lacking products means no growth. You wouldn’t want to buy from a shop that has not expanded its products for its customers. Additionally, a lack of products shows that the shop does not have any sound source in Southeast Asia that provides regular stock.

7. No Contact Information

Online shops may be virtual places for you to shop Kratom, but there are always customer care phone numbers, email addresses and query forms available on the website. If a consumer wants to visit these shops, they can find addresses to go and see how Kratom products are made. Ethical manufacturers welcome consumers to see how each item is prepared at their unit. However, if you do not see any contact information on the website, the shop is unreliable.

How To Make Safe & Informed Kratom Choices?

You can ensure safety and make an informed Kratom choice if you know how to identify the best Kratom vendor. With Kratom’s increasing popularity, there is an increase in bad Kratom vendors, but some reliable brands have also entered the market. You can stay safe and select the best Kratom choices if you know where to look for them.

As mentioned earlier, the FDA does not regulate Kratom products, and that is why you can mostly buy this substance from online shops or smoke shops. If you want authentic and robust products, buy from the shops that the AKA verifies.

What Happens When You Choose a Bad Kratom Vendor?

If you choose a poor Kratom vendor, the results can be unpleasant, as expired and old Kratom products can cause some side effects such as headaches, nausea and sluggishness. Moreover, the impact of these products will be negligible. You will not feel any energy boost or stimulation. The bitter taste will hold you back and may make you feel a slight headache.


If you are shopping for Kratom for the first time, you must know how to identify a quality online shop or local vendor. There are numerous factors to consider when you want to recognize a quality shop or locate a bad Kratom vendor. Make sure that you follow these guidelines to buy Kratom from a reliable and authentic vendor.


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