Is Kratom Water Soluble?

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Kratom Science

Water soluble kratom

Majority of plant derived medicinal molecules are water insoluble. It has a purpose to defend life. Where this plant derived medicinal molecules are beneficial to life, it can be dangerous when consumed in excess.

Majority of these plant-based herbs are NOT water soluble and hence not absorbed easily into the blood stream. water and oil do not mix!

CBD Kratom

In order for a certain compound to be effective, it must be able to be absorbed by the body. Bioavailability, the body’s ability to absorb a supplement, is essential to producing results that can be confirmed.

Cbd and Kratom both have properties that can be manufactured into water soluble formulations. Cbd and Kratom both have been popular in recent years.

Bioavailability is a measure of how much a substance can access the circulation and reach its target area. It is determined by absorption and secretion. Absorption is how much we get in, while secretion is how much we get out.

Kratom bioavailability?

Nutrition experts are cognizant of the significance of how well substances can be taken up and utilized by the body. For instance, when consuming food, it is processed by the digestive system and the beneficial nutrients are taken up into the bloodstream, where they can be stored or used by the cells.

Although carbohydrates and fats are easily absorbed by the body, it can sometimes be difficult for it to process the beneficial micronutrients that are usually taken in supplement form – such as vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and carotenoids.

Nutritionists understand bioavailability’s value. Food ingested is digested, with beneficial nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream, either saved or utilized by cells. Unfortunately, due to inefficiency, not all nutrient molecules are absorbed; some destroyed in the stomach/intestines, excreted, or not taken in.

When consuming food, useful nutrients are taken into the body, some stored and some used. Inefficiency means not all nutrients are absorbed, some destroyed, some excreted, some not entering cells. Carbs and fats are highly bioavailable, yet micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) can be harder for the body to absorb.

The science behind how these plants work in our bodies is the key to understanding how we can properly utilized these plants in our lives.

The human body is 60% water (60% in Men and 55% in Women), and as you know, mixing oil and water does not work well.


In order for a substance to be effective, it must be able to be absorbed by the body, making bioavailability the most important factor in creating an impactful supplement.

This measure assesses how much of the substance is able to reach the desired destination and is based on how much is absorbed and how much is secreted.

Nutritional scientists understand the significance of bioavailability, as it is the process through which food is taken into the digestive system and useful nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream for either storage or use by the cells.

The effectiveness of a supplement depends on its bioavailability. Bioavailability is how well a substance can be taken into the body. Therefore, it is essential to ensure a high bioavailability for a supplement to be useful.

That means you may only absorb about 10% of an oil-based product.(Kratom derived medicinal molecules). In other words, you may not enjoy the potency you expect.

Not only that if you use excess, but it may also settle in healthy cells as foreign material.

Read More about water soluble molecules and the importance of bioavailability.

Water-soluble Kratom is simply more compatible with the makeup of the human body. In pharmacological terms, water-soluble Kratom is more effective because it promotes greater bioavailability.

Water soluble Vitamins have been studied for awhile now, and the research is promising.

Lab tested Kratom powder is reduced from 1000 grams to 100 grams of a water-soluble powder. This powder is then utilized in kratom formulations. This may be looked at as a kratom extract, which it technically is, but more of a purified water soluble kratom.

The colors of kratom do not really come into play since those characteristics have been removed. Green Vein, Red Vein and White Vein do not matter.

Purified kratom

Purified water soluble kratom will work traditionally more like a red vein kratom strain. These products have more of a relaxing effect and do not have the energy of traditional kratom. Relief is achieved without the added side effects.

The mechanism that defines bioavailability centers on how our bodies absorb the substances we ingest. In this case, bioavailability focuses on how much of a substance enters the circulatory system.

When you ingest products, the amount of Kratom that enters your bloodstream depends on how well it is absorbed. While water is readily absorbed, fats and oils must first be broken down by bile and then metabolized by the liver.

This means oils take longer to digest and only a small fraction of the Kratom ever reaches your bloodstream. With oil you must take a much higher serving to enjoy the same outcome as water-soluble Kratom products.

Water soluble Kratom product reaches in circulation much faster and cleared from body much faster after doing its job.

In other words, “water soluble kratom is more effective” Stay tuned for more information about purified water soluble kratom products.


We will be introducing these products in 2023 and we are excited to work with a team that is on the forefront of science! Buy kratom online from Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. Mitragyna speciosa kratom leaves are our speciality!


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