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NJ 101.5 Kratom News

Some people want to criminalize kratom and consumers, but kratom legality in New Jersey is coming. Only Kratom Brands with the highest quality speciosa products will be available for purchase in the Garden State. Purchase speciosa from companies with great customer service and real customer reviews.

Well, it has been an interesting week in New Jersey regarding kratom news. The first post from April 24, 2023, that I read about it was concerning. The first article had the headline: A new push in NJ to regulate an herb that can make you flip out. This piece was written by David Matthau.

Now, Someone who has used kratom powder since 2015 knows that this is far from the truth. It is not close to an LSD trip.

I understand if people are skeptical when searching for mitragyna speciosa, since it’s not well-known. Google it and you will see some scary stuff. People want to be safe and do not want things around that cause issues. As a society we want to be and feel safe.

Is Kratom Safe?

Do ALL manufacturers test all products for safety and refrain from adding substances that induce intoxication? NO, but pure plain leaf kratom does not cause a high at all. Probably the reason so many companies had added substances to get a person high in the past. If kratom got people high, then why add something else?

Angela Conover, the director of opioid response and prevention with the Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey, said buying it is risky cause you don’t really know what you’re getting.

This makes the perfect case for the KCPA or Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Regulations are to ensure buyers that the speciosa product they are purchasing is real and not mixed with other substances.

The second article by Dennis Malloy on April 26, 2023 was about NJ’s attempt to regulate something beneficial for many people.

Now this article was a bit less dramatic about the effects of it, but nonetheless did have some questionable content. Now regulation is not a dreadful thing when it helps protect consumers. Regulation is not a ban, but a way to ensure that a product is safe.

Adulterated Kratom

Someone thought they might be mixing up Kratom with Krypton, a drug from 2011 that caused a lot of issues.

This listener stated the following:

This article cannot be further from the truth about kratom. It has given me a better quality of life.

I have been using it since 2015. My doctors prescribed me opiates from 8 years old until my late 20s. I am 48 now. I would love to have a meaningful discussion with you about pure Mitragyna Speciosa.

Plain Leaf Tea is a great tool to help many people.

Mitragyna Speciosa got a bad name in Sweden from the brand Krypton in 2011. The name Krypton was confused with the herb Kratom. Krypton was adulterated and had O-Desmethyltramadol which caused the overdoses.

Another Listener stated the following:

I am a 69-year-old great-grandmother who has been responsibly consuming pure kratom powder for 7 years. I take very little each day and have never had any adverse effects from it.

We only buy from vendors who test their products for impurities, so we know what we’re getting in our community. Sensible regulation is the most humane step to take.

Pass a law to protect consumers of Kratom. This will allow people like me to continue relying on it for a better quality of life.

We are making some headway with the second article, but there is a 3rd article to come.

The 3rd article Dated April 27, 2023 was written by David Matthau and stated that NJ trying to regulate this drug — which avid users say is better than coffee.

The truth about kratom

Now we are getting somewhere. This third article seems to get it right! The people of New Jersey should have access to a product that is not adulterated or synthesized, properly labeled with how many servings you should take in a day.”

According to Mac Haddow, a senior policy fellow at the American Kratom Association, even though natural mitragyna Speciosa does not give a user a euphoric high, it should be regulated to protect users. He said regulating it will also ensure “that it’s going to be labeled properly, that it’s not going to have synthesized alkaloids, which is one way to boost the effects of kratom, that it’s going to have an age limitation on it.”

Most people have never heard of it, including reporters. I always talk to anyone I encounter about it. People google kratom and see all the negative reports and stories. These negative reports are truly hurting people who are looking for a better quality of life.

I hope we can come to a point where we talk about it the correct way. One day people will see how miraculous this plant is to humans. I want to connect with the people in charge, journalists, and others in New Jersey. I want to talk about kratom and how it has affected me.

Too many people hear negative things about it and just want to do the right thing. I understand and I would never give anything to my own mother I thought would be harmful. My 86-Year-old mother takes it as needed for mobility.

Kratom in New Jersey is going to be regulated at some point. At Christopher’s Organic Botanicals we have taken the necessary steps to follow the new upcoming state laws. We want you to feel confident when you buy kratom and know that you are receiving the best money can buy. We promise to always do our best for you!

More Kratom News

We did have a 4th article written and this does explain why kratom should be regulated in New Jersey An article titled Union County, NJ senator explains why kratom should be regulated. This article was dated May 2,2023 and was written by Steve Trevelise.

This article stated that Up until last week, I had never heard of it, which is an herb grown in Southeast Asia. The different strains of which, depending on what you listen to, can be anything from a replacement for your morning coffee to something comparable to an LSD trip.

We have discussed that it is nowhere close to lsd or any other type of Schedule 1 narcotic. Sen. Jon Bramnick, a Republican from Union, is supporting a bill that aims to regulate kratom in New Jersey.

Sen. Jon Bramnick, a Republican from Union, is a strong advocate for the regulation of kratom, a controversial herbal supplement. Kratom, derived from the leaves of a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, has gained popularity in recent years for its alleged medicinal properties and recreational use. However, concerns have been raised about its potential health risks and addictive nature.

In an effort to address these concerns, Sen. Bramnick has thrown his support behind a bill that aims to control the sale and distribution of kratom. One of the key provisions of the bill is the proposal to raise the legal age for purchasing kratom to 21. This measure is intended to prevent young individuals from accessing the substance, as it is believed that their developing brains may be more susceptible to its potential adverse effects.

Furthermore, the bill seeks to establish a registration system for kratom sellers. This means that anyone involved in the sale of kratom would be required to register with the appropriate authorities and adhere to certain regulations. Failure to comply with these requirements would result in penalties for the sellers, which could include fines or even legal consequences.

Sen. Bramnick’s support for this bill demonstrates his commitment to public health and safety. By advocating for the regulation of kratom, he aims to strike a balance between allowing individuals to access the substance for legitimate purposes, such as pain management, while also mitigating the potential risks associated with its use. This approach aligns with the broader efforts to regulate substances that have the potential for abuse and addiction, ensuring that they are used responsibly and under appropriate supervision.

Overall, Sen. Bramnick’s endorsement of this bill reflects his dedication to addressing the concerns surrounding kratom and protecting the well-being of his constituents. By proposing measures such as raising the legal age for purchase and implementing a registration system, he aims to create a safer environment for the sale and consumption of kratom, while also discouraging its misuse among vulnerable populations.

The New Jersey Kratom Consumer Protection act will prevent the sale of fake and adulterated kratom products. Most kratom vendors want regulations to protect consumers, although there will always be a few who prefer to do things incorrectly.

I have used Mitragyna Speciosa responsibly since 2015 and I have never had anything other than a better quality of life! Please investigate kratom and read up about it in our kratom blog.


I grew up on the Jersey Shore and listened to New Jersey 101.5 my entire life. I would wait by the radio for school closings on snowy days. I’m not a professional writer, but a local small business owner.

I listened to New Jersey Chime Time. I made mix tapes from the music on 101.5. I am now showing my age.

I just want to tell the truth about kratom. My life is better, and I have a quality of life that makes getting out of bed each day rewarding.

We are a small family run business that has found the benefits of kratom years ago. We care about kratom, and we care about you! We are Kratom!

Please Reach Out with any questions or for more information about kratom. Call or Text! (609) 202-6880 Or (856) 581-1265. or email @

South Jersey Speciosa is available at Christophers Organic Botanicals. Please look at the science about kratom.


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