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Indonesia Flooding

I am happy to still be here talking about Kratom in NJ for the past 6 years. We started out on this endeavor to do our part to ensure that there were legitimate mitragyna speciosa vendors. We wanted to do our part and be one of small number of Vendors that evaluated and cared about the product that was being sold. We did the right thing in 2016 and we are still doing our part to ensure official kratom products are being sold.

Indonesia has had major flooding concerns the past few months. Flooding in Indonesia is a huge concern for Mitragyna Speciosa production.

Indonesia has rainy seasons and a dry season, so during the rainy seasons it must be managed more carefully. the dry season is April to October, while the wet season is November to March.

Flooding during the rainy season makes life more difficult for the farmers. Processing kratom becomes harder during the rainy seasons and area flooding can destroy entire crops and areas. Just imagine having to live in a river area with major flooding and

We are donating $500.00 towards the humanitarian efforts in Indonesia and will always make sure that we take care of those that take care of us! This is what we mean by doing things differently. We care about Kratom and care about people. Especially the people whose lives depend on farming.

We are not by any means a large company, but we know who we should support. In our emerging industry quality kratom is a huge concern. Whether it be kratom extracts, powder, capsules, or the compounds in kratom we want you to be able to talk to us and we will answer your questions with the upmost integrity and honesty.

Save Kratom

We put aside Monthly support for the American Kratom Association, the University of Florida and a few more organizations that are ensuring kratom is being studied for the right reasons.

We also donate to St. Judes Research Hospital since this is very personal to us.

These organizations are doing what is necessary for the future of Kratom and we strongly believe that we should be supporting these people who are doing their best to study it for the right reasons.

We will continue to be on the front lines of kratom science and make sure that everyone is up to date on what is going on with it and the science behind kratom. New laws are continuing to be passed to support legality. We must tell our stories and remind people that kratom is a great plant that has helped us.

Most people I bump into and talk to about kratom have no idea what kratom is to begin with. This a perfect time to tell your story and explain how kratom has helped you. Just like all the comments listed on the World Health organization’s website.

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization will not require a Critical Review of Kratom! The American Kratom Associations Website will have the most up to date information on it and the American Kratom Association will be able to answer questions that we cannot by law answer. Kratom Science is still emerging, but preliminary results are showing what a lot of use knew all along.

A significant percentage comments on the World Health Organizations website stated that kratom has helped them and kratom saved them in many ways. A plant that is bad could not help people, right? Well, that is the conundrum now.

Please remember that when you shop with us you are supporting future of mitragyna speciosa research!

We were notified that the KSP Approves Research Collaboration to Develop Kratom with the United States Association: Becoming an Export Commodity Beneficial for Health. This is huge and will be the first steps towards the future of mitragyna speciosa in Indonesia.

VOI and other news outlests are reporting similar news. We will keep you posted!

Jakarta News

JAKARTA – The Indonesian government through the Office of the Presidential Staff (KSP) highly appreciates the offer of cooperation to develop kratom as an export commodity herbal plant that is beneficial for health. This cooperation offer was initiated by the American-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, the American Kratom Association (AKA) members of the united states of america and the Anugerah Bumi Hijau Producers Cooperative (KOPRABUH).

Kratom itself is a tropical plant that is commonly found in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. This herbal plant also grows a lot in Kalimantan, especially in the West Kalimantan region.

It was reported to in Jakarta that the people of West Kalimantan began cultivating plants capable of growing in this swamp area since 2010. Currently, the area of ​​land in West Kalimantan is 11,384 hectares with spread over 23 sub-districts and 282 villages. As many as 200,000 families in West Kalimantan Province are very dependent on the kratom industry.

Indonesia itself still does not have regulations on the trade and governance. Even so, it is one of the export commodities that is quite large and has the potential to bring economic benefits to the country. It is recorded that until July 2021, the number of exports to the United States alone has reached 400 tons.

“Both parties agree that it can lift the economic growth of both countries. Therefore, we agreed to make kratom an export commodity. It is very possible to do this because in Permendag No. 18 of 2021, kratom does not include goods that are prohibited from exporting,” said the Presidential Chief of Staff, Dr. Moeldoko in a meeting with representatives from the United States, at the Bina Graha Building, Jakarta, Monday 8 August.

Even so, Moeldoko does not deny that there are still differences of opinion about kratom mainly because the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) still categorizes it as an addictive substance.

“There needs to be joint research between US and Indonesian educational institutions. The reason is the US, especially Johns Hopkins University, has been doing research on mitragyna speciosa for a long time. While Indonesia has the goods. We hope that this research collaboration will be useful for the world,” added Moeldoko.

Meanwhile, also attending the meeting was Senator Curt Bramble from the state of Utah. He stated that Kratom has become an important commodity in the United States as one of the drugs that can reduce pain and reduce anxiety disorders, a highly addictive substitute for opium.

“Kratom is a safe natural product, but the challenge is that kratom is often contaminated with E. Coli bacteria, Salmonella and heavy metals. So I hope from this meeting, we will get the same understanding about it. Furthermore, I hope there will be regulations to ensure the safety of kratom that will be exported to the United States,” said Curt Bramble. (Calvin G. Eben-Haezer)


This excerpt was taken from Bergelora Indonesia!

We will continue to look at the current legislative landscape and make sure to keep everyone in the loop.

God Bless and Be Safe!


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