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by | Dec 8, 2021 | Blog, Indonesia, Kratom Testing

I am happy to still be here talking Kratom for the past 5 years. We started out on this endeavor to do our part to ensure that there were legitimate vendors for Kratom. Vendors that tested and cared about the product that was being sold. We did that and we are still doing our part to ensure Kratom has a great longevity and is here to stay.

We have seen some inferior quality Kratom coming out of Indonesia recently and every bit should be tested right now. Indonesia has major flooding concerns the past few months.


This flooding leads to sanitation concerns and making it difficult right now to process Kratom efficiently.

We are donating $500.00 towards the humanitarian efforts in Indonesia and will always make sure that we take care of those that take care of us!

This is what we mean by doing things differently. We care about Kratom and care about people. Especially the people whose lives depend on kratom farming.

We are not by any means a large company, but we know who we should support.

We put aside Monthly support for the AKA, the University of Florida and a few more.
These organizations are doing what is necessary for the future of Kratom.

We will continue to be on the front lines of this battle and make sure that everyone knows the outcome and we move forward.

The W.H.O. will not require a Critical Review of Kratom! www.americankratom.org will have the most up to date information on Kratom and the American Kratom Association will be able to answer questions that we cannot by law answer.

The Kratom industry has changed! There are a lot of nasty tactics companies are using against one another. Companies and so called “Black Hat Tactics” they are using are going to destroy the industry.

You know the ones who write reviews about other companies directing you to go to their website!
Pretty Sad and unethical for our emerging industry. Not everyone is in this industry because of their love for Kratom! They are here ONLY for the money.

Please remember that when you shop with us you are supporting future kratom research!
Please be careful and vigilant this Holiday and Christmas season!


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