Kratom Rally Washington DC 2016 Save Kratom

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Kratom Rally Washington DC 2016 Save Kratom!

September 13, 2016 is a day that I will never forget! It was an extremely hot day for September I remember and the amount of mitragyna speciosa supporters I saw reminded me that I am not alone in this fight. I remember the unity and the focus on kratom that day. Everyone had the same goal in mind that day. Keep kratom Legal!

I live about 2 hours from Washington DC and at least the drive was not that bad. Sitting in traffic in Washington DC is another story. If you have visited Washington DC, you know about the traffic.

We parked in a parking garage and walked a bit to get where we needed to be. I eventually started seeing supporters with picket signs and knew I was in the right place.

I was very excited to see the multitudes of mitragyna speciosa supporters with picket signs handing out cups of mitragyna speciosa. We even had a tin man on scene to help us out. If you were there you know who I am talking about.

We had a person dressed as the tin man sitting in a chair and handing out cups of kratom. I think it was his first time trying kratom too. I just loved being there around like-minded individuals that are making a difference.

I still have my sign from September 13, 2016 and I have it displayed proudly on the wall of my office. That sign reminds me daily what I am truly doing each day. I am here to tell the truth about kratom and tell my story.

We had speakers such as Susan Ash, Dave Derian and Drew Turner. Ryan from the Botanical Education Alliance speaking too. There were many people who just wanted their story heard. Everyone wanted people to know that kratom had made their lives better.

We all know that kratom is not some horrible drug that is killing people. Mitragyna speciosa is a tea that taste bitter and makes lives better. We just wanted the rest of the country to know that this was not a bad thing.

When I hear of people lives’ being destroyed by kratom I know right away that there is something else going on. Mitragyna speciosa tea from kratom powder does not cause severe issues and I am not sure what people are taking that is causing them such issues?

I have been using mitragyna speciosa since 2015 and I know that plain leaf kratom gives me a better quality of life and not the opposite. Kratom does not cause issues for me, but helps me deal with the issues I have and live a better quality of life.

Most people already know that mitragyna speciosa has made a profound difference in my life and has made my quality of life much better.

I have told people I would love to just focus on advocacy at some point, but we will see how the journey goes. Whether or not I am a vendor I still get to talk to people about mitragyna speciosa and tell my story.

We had Kratom vendors and kratom consumers alike hand in hand fighting to allow this plant to remain legal. We had people walking through Washington DC asking us about mitragyna speciosa and why mitragyna speciosa was going to be banned.

I was able to tell my story and talk to people about kratom and how mitragyna speciosa had made my life better. My wife had not used mitragyna speciosa at that point yet, so she was still learning about it and how it was helping me in many areas of my life.

Mitragyna speciosa advocates came together, and we had one message. Keep Kratom Legal. Stop Government overreach. Guess what, We did it! Together we stopped government overreach and stopped kratom from being banned.

I was there as a mitragyna speciosa consumer that day and I only wanted to support the community. I was still new as a vendor in 2016 and many of the Big guys that came before me were there in support.

I looked up to these people considering I saw that the drive behind this rally was only to save kratom. Nobody was trying to push an agenda or sell mitragyna speciosa. People just wanted others to know that this plant is making an enormous difference in their lives.

I remember meeting Dave Derian, Paul Kemp, Susan Ash and Ryan from the Botanical Education Alliance for the first time. I was honored to meet the people who have truly poured their heart out for the kratom community and have done so much to keep kratom legal.

The original kratom community from 2016 is still fighting for the greater good of kratom, but we all must admit that things have changed. I am not sure what changed, but we really need to stick together for the greater good of the plant!

I really don’t see the enthusiasm or the drive from the kratom community that I saw in 2016. I am not sure if some of those people stopped using mitragyna speciosa, if the community itself just ran out of energy, or if covid somehow caused people to focus on other things?

I really felt the mitragyna speciosa communities’ energy and the way that everyone worked together. I miss those days and am upset that there has been such a disconnect from the community.

Hopefully, all of this is temporary, and we understand that the fight is far from over! We have much more to do, and we really need the unity and energy we had in 2016!

I am just one kratom vendor in a sea of kratom vendors that is trying to do the right thing. Kratom made a huge difference in my life and I just want to tell as many people about mitragyna speciosa before my time is up on this earth.

We are primarily kratom advocates! We have poured most of our profits back into our business and into advocacy efforts to save kratom. We do not want to see mitragyna speciosa being banned, or have people think that some of the synthetic products being sold are real kratom products.

Mitragyna speciosa gets a bad name from people selling kratom products that are not 100% kratom. Our life is mitragyna speciosa and we will always do what we can to support mitragyna speciosa being available to everyone who needs it.


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