Red Vietnam Kratom Powder

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Red Vietnam

Our farmers work hard to produce Red Vein Vietnam because it has a special alkaloid profilePeople know Red Vietnam for its balanced effects, as it sits right in the middle between energy and relaxation.

Kratom trees in Malaysia and Vietnam are different from those in Indonesia due to their soil and climate. We will have mitragyna speciosa from Vietnam and other regions by next year 2024! Our Red Vietnam comes from Vietnamese trees planted near the Indonesian border many years ago, thriving in the wild.

The leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree produce Red Vietnam Kratom powder, which is a specific strain of Kratom. The term “Vietnam” denotes the country of origin for this strain, specifically Vietnam.

Red Vietnam Kratom has red-veined leaves that give it a unique appearance compared to other Kratom strains. Red vein strains generally provide more relaxing effects. Users often report a sense of calmness and relaxation when using Red Vietnam. It may also provide a gentle mood boost and help promote a restful sleep.

Individual experiences with Red Vietnam Kratom can differ due to factors like dosage, tolerance, and personal sensitivity.

As with any Kratom strain, responsible usage is crucial. Start with a low dosage and gradually increase if needed, as individual tolerance levels can differ. It’s important to be aware of the potential risks and side effects associated with speciosa use. Kratom can be habit-forming, and excessive or prolonged use may lead to dependence.

Additionally, it’s important to research and understand the legal status of mitragyna speciosa in your country or region before considering its use. Some areas regulate and may restrict or ban it.

If you want to use Red Vietnam or any other Kratom, talk to a healthcare professional. They can give you advice that fits your situation.

Red Vietnam Kratom Effects

Farmers in the Vietnam region grow Red Vietnam, which is a strain of kratom. The effects of Red Vietnam kratom vary among people due to factors like body chemistry, tolerance, dosage, and quality.

Here are some commonly reported effects associated with Red Vietnam kratom:

  1. Relaxation: Red Vietnam kratom is often sought after for its potential relaxing effects. It may help promote a sense of calmness, ease tension, and induce relaxation. Users often use Red Vietnam kratom to unwind and de-stress.
  2. Mood Enhancement: Red Vietnam kratom may have mood-enhancing properties. It can promote a positive mood and a general sense of well-being. Some users find it beneficial for promoting feelings of contentment.
  3. Sleep Aid: Red Vietnam kratom is often used as a natural sleep aid. Its relaxing properties may help individuals achieve better sleep quality.
  4. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has not been approved for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its effects and safety have not been extensively studied, and it may pose health risks.
  5. It is crucial to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement, particularly for individuals with medical conditions, pregnant or nursing women, or those taking other medications. The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Use kratom responsibly.

The effects of Red Vietnam may vary, so we recommend starting with a small serving size. If needed, the dosage can be gradually increased. Reputable sources recommend following the dosage guidelines or consulting with a healthcare professional.

When it comes to purchasing Red Vietnam, it is of utmost importance to obtain it from trustworthy vendors who adhere to good manufacturing practices. This is essential in guaranteeing the purity, potency, and safety of the product.

By sourcing high-quality Red Vietnam kratom, consumers can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting a product that has been carefully cultivated and processed. Reputable vendors take great care in selecting the finest kratom leaves from Vietnam, ensuring that only the best and most potent strains are used.

Good manufacturing practices also play a significant role in maintaining the quality of Red Vietnam kratom. Vendors who follow these practices adhere to strict guidelines and standards throughout the manufacturing process. This includes proper handling, storage, and packaging techniques to prevent contamination and maintain the freshness of the product.

Furthermore, reputable vendors often subject their Red Vietnam to rigorous testing procedures. This ensures that the product is free from any harmful substances which could pose a risk to the consumer’s health. These tests also verify the potency of the kratom, ensuring that it contains the desired alkaloid content.

By purchasing Red Vietnam kratom from reputable vendors who follow good manufacturing practices, consumers can have confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the product. They can enjoy the benefits of this particular strain of kratom without worrying about any potential risks or impurities.

Red Vein Kratom is more for nighttime, or later in the day as reported by consumers.

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Region and History of Red Vietnam Kratom Powder

  • Red Vietnam Kratom Powder originates from Vietnam, particularly the regions around the Mekong Delta, where the tropical climate and fertile soil provide ideal conditions for the growth of the *Mitragyna speciosa* tree. The “Red” in Red Vietnam refers to the color of the veins in the mature leaves of the kratom plant, which are known for their high alkaloid content, contributing to the strain’s potent effects.
  • The history of kratom in Vietnam is not as well-documented as in other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia, where it has been used for centuries. However, it is known that local populations in Vietnam have utilized kratom leaves for various traditional purposes, similar to their neighbors. These include relief, as a stimulant to increase work endurance, and for relaxation and mood enhancement.
  • Red Vietnam Kratom is relatively new to the Western market compared to more established strains from other regions. It has quickly gained popularity due to its distinctive effects, which are often described as being somewhere between the typical effects of red and green strains. Users of Red Vietnam Kratom often report a pleasant balance of relief and mild energy, without the sedation that can accompany some other red strains. This makes it a versatile choice for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of kratom in enhancing mood, and improving overall well-being.


  • Light Red

Batch Number

  • 153309

Expiration or Best By Date

  • 12/26

Alkaloid Percentages

Initial alkaloid Percentages when testing the batch and adding percentages to the package

  • Mitragynine=1.1% 7-Hydroxymitragynine=0.002% Speciogynine=0.2% Paynantheine=0.2% Speciociliatine =0.4% Total Alkaloids=1.9%

Second random alkaloid percentage test pulled from this batch for release testing as seen in lab results

  • Mitragynine=0.915% 7-Hydroxymitragynine<=0.008% Speciogynine=0.155% Paynantheine=0.197% Speciociliatine =0.321% Total Alkaloids=1.60%

Red Vietnam Kratom Powder 3rd Party Lab Testing Results


  • 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.

Chris’s Take

  • I use Red Vietnam after dinner when there is a few more hours before bed. It gives me a bit of energy personally.

GTIN Product Identification Numbers

2oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181079

4oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181062

9oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181055

16oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181048

WARNING: Before Using any Herbal Products, make sure that you have a full knowledge of the herb, It’s Workings and any adverse reactions it may cause! Caution: Consult your physician prior to using this product if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition. This product was produced without federal regulatory oversight for health, safety, or efficacy. This product complies with testing and labeling requirements for microbiology, heavy metals, and contaminants required by the KCPA (New Jersey Kratom Consumer Protection Act).

5 reviews for Red Vietnam Kratom Powder

  1. jgibs64

    This strain had excellent relief. It was very soothing and relaxing while not making me overly tired. This is a solid Red.

  2. ottolaurie6

    This strain is lovely! A bit of a kick to my energy! When I need to exercise, this is my first choice.

    Customer service is off the hook (meaning EXCELLENT!)!

  3. clittchapel69

    This strain is very good. It’s a very good strain to utilize in a mix as well. It would be great mixed with a green or white strain. I think it would have a great synergy with a strain that has quality like a Malay or the green mahakem.

  4. Douglas F.

    I have tried alot of red strain’s and although they are great, they never gave me much of a mood lift. I was really impressed not just by the pain relieving properties of this strain but the mood lift it provided.High quality kratom at a fair price is what you can always expect from Christopher. Also his kratom is tested and I also like that he puts the alkoloid percentage on his website and packaging.Not to many vendors due that.

  5. Jimjamesradar (verified owner)

    OMG ! Probably the best kratom EVER ! Only time I got this level of relief was when I was a newbie and tried some really good Red Borneo. But I doubt it had 0.2% 7ohm ! Someone claimed to have had some at .7 something but the highest I’ve ever seen labs on is 0.05 % ! Some full spectrum extracts don’t have that much. I’ve tried all kinds of ways to oxidize my kratom and never got this much relief without completely ruining the taste. Age some tea in the sun a couple days and it will taste rancid even though I kept it between boiling and 140°F to prevent any spoilage. If my wish to win tonight’s Powerball lotto comes to be, I’m going to buy all of this batch. But I’ll tell Christopher to keep 10% of what I buy and send free samples to as many people as possible. I’m using up another wish “Kratom with this 7ohm level will always be available to me. And all of you as well. ✌️♥️????????

    • Christopher Deaney

      Kratom Science is very fun and learning the ways that kratom works and acts is the reason we care about kratom. We will learn together what is kratom? Kratom works wonders for me and so many others and I am thankful that I am still here doing what I love each and every day. Thank You for being here with us!

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