How to Make Kratom Resin?

by | May 25, 2023 | Kratom Recipes

Kratom resin is among the most popular new products for new and old consumers. When you use Kratom, the first few choices emerge as powder, capsules, and liquid tinctures. However, nowadays, Kratom resin tops the charts at many online shops and local vendors. Resin is a semi-solid state of Mitragyna leaves that contain a concentration of alkaloids.

You can ensure the right dosage if you learn how to make Kratom resin at home. We are sharing the easiest method to make resin so that you can use it in our unique way with your dosage in mind.

Making of Kratom Resin

The making of Kratom resin is easier than one may assume. You need to know a few primary procedure steps, and the results are satisfying. We have made it easier for beginners to understand how they can prepare resin at home and ensure that other substances are not added.

Kratom resin is a dark brown, semi-solid, and slightly waxy substance. The texture of this waxy stuff is hard because plant matter is present, and the concentration of alkaloids is also much more than ordinary Speciosa products.

Making resin is easy if you have the essential ingredients ready. The main ingredient for Kratom products is always 100% fresh and pure powder. You would need an acidic substance such as lemon juice or citric acid for resin. Water is a must ingredient to give the Kratom powder a liquid form and enable extraction of alkaloids.

The Process – Making Resin

First of all, mix powder in water and leave it in a cool, dry place overnight. The Mitragyna alkaloids, when soaked for long become free.

Transfer this soaked mix to a saucepan with more water and heat. Let the water reduce to a small amount so the remaining mix looks like a thick paste. Remove this mix from the heat source, then add lemon juice or vinegar.

You can keep this mixture in the fridge for another night. This process will allow the alkaloids to be fully available when you use them.

When you reheat this mixture the next day, it will be thicker. When you add more water and reheat this mixture, the resin will become more fluid yet thicker. You can strain this mix to see a more consistent and smooth paste.

You can dry the Kratom resin paste to make it a dry solid with a powdery texture. However, the end look can be a personal choice when making resin at home. Many people prefer the tar-like consistency, while some prefer dry and rocky resin to add to the vaping chamber or food items.

Lemon juice or any other acid is used to break open the walls of the Speciosa cells to release more alkaloids. Kratom resin is, therefore, one of the most potent and fast products to use.

If you want to measure the potency of your resin, it is easy. You can measure the weight of the powder you used and divide it by the weight of the Kratom resin. Each gram of resin will have the resulting grams of the powder you used to prepare the resin.

What Does Kratom Resin Look Like?

Kratom resin is a concentrated form of the botanical, and it can be a waxy semi-solid or a dark jelly-like substance. Most resins available in the market are cut in cubes and are soft to the touch. Nevertheless, resin is one of the most frequently made home products. If you are straining the liquid and storing it in the fridge, the consistency of your resin will be more fluid than if someone dried it and made powder out of it to store as an extract.

The color of Kratom resin depends on the strain you use, and many types of red, green, and white vein strains vary in color. The resin will be darker than the powder you use. The aroma and taste of Kratom resin will be more intense because of the increased concentration of this substance.

How To Consume Kratom Resin?

Kratom resin is famous because you can use it in many ways. Speciosa consumers can use it in vapes, while other interesting ways of using this item are edibles, beverages, and even make capsules.

As mentioned earlier, Kratom resin can be thick, tar-like, rocky, and solid. Moreover, using resin in edibles and beverages can also be easy. You will need to use a small amount, which will suffice your daily need.

Using Kratom resin in edibles and beverages is the preferred effective method and will ensure long-lasting results. Our customers believe that Kratom resin is easy to carry, and since a small amount is needed daily, it is a suitable product for most of them.

Kratom Alkaloids are concentrated in the kratom resin, so taking just small amounts will be enough. Some people try to vape resin, but that is not recommended at all. Kratom Alkaloids are better absorbed through ingestion in the body and not by vaping kratom.


Kratom resin is fast becoming a popular method of consumption for users. If you want to try this product, you can make it at home to enjoy the stimulation while keeping your dosage requirements in mind. Making Kratom resin is easy, but you must give it some time. Follow the method shared and enjoy the energizing effect of the kratom strains of your choice.


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