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by | Jan 10, 2023 | American Kratom Association

Finding a good online vendor selling authentic and Natural Kratom is not easy. You have to stare clear of the sellers using false marketing gimmicks and be wary of the low-quality botanicals floating around the internet.

Moreover, as Kratom is not regulated in the US on a federal level, some vendors try to exploit this and sell defective products with lots of pathogens and heavy metal contamination.

However, this is where AKA (American Kratom Association) comes in. They have established some regulatory protocols called GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). With the help of these, they make sure that the merchant is taking care to sell only top-notch quality products that are natural and entirely safe for consumption.

Oasis Kratom is also an online GMP-certified vendor that has existed since 2019. Based in North Las Vegas, it is famed as one of the best online sellers of the Mitragyna Speciosa in the US.

10 Reasons to Buy Kratom from Oasis Kratom

Oasis Kratom is a well-known wholesale and retail merchant offering high-quality authentic Kratom products at highly reasonable rates.

Here are ten reasons why you should opt for this vendor for purchasing your regular botanical fix:

1. Premium Quality Products

Accredited by AKA for the GMP program, Oasis Kratom complies with safety protocols that ensure the provision of top-notch products to customers.

They have a wide variety of Kratom products in different strains and forms. From standard vein colors like red, green, and white to rare ones like golden and yellow, you can find all kinds of botanicals on their website.

2. Lab Tested for Quality Control

Oasis Kratom is proud of its meticulous lab testing process and has even dedicated a page on its website for the same reason.

They assure their customers that their Kratom products are sourced from ethical growers and then carefully tested nine plus times for several pathogens like salmonella, yeast, mold, and staph.

However, one downside is that they haven’t made their lab testing records public. You might have to contact their customer support if you intend to examine their lab testing results personally.

3. AKA’s GMP Certified Vendor

American Kratom Association is a non-profit organization that advocates the safe consumption of herbs nationwide. They have set a GMP standards program that makes sure that the vendors accredited by them comply with all safety measures by passing a rigorous third-party audit.

As a member of AKA’s top 25 audited vendors globally, Oasis Kratom enjoys a good reputation within the Kratom community. It proves their herbal products are completely natural, safe, and contamination free.

4. Extremely Responsive Customer Support

This Sin City-based seller has 24/7 available customer support. You can either reach them through the contact form available on their website or email them at support@oasiskratom.com. They also have provided their support phone numbers on their contact page.

5. Good Website Usability

They have a promising website for their online store named Oasis Kratom Products. Different pages with exact names on their site make maneuvering easy.

All of their products are also listed clearly under the “Shop” section, where you can effortlessly find a dropdown menu of different products like Kratom powder, gummies, capsules, and whatnot.

6. Availability Of Sample Packs for Newcomers

Sample packs are convenient for newcomers to learn about herbal products in smaller quantities.

Oasis Kratom offers sample packs of both powder and capsule forms. You can choose three strains on their site and get 10 grams each for only $9.99.

7. Pocket-Friendly Product Range

This reputable botanical merchant offers incredibly market-competitive pricing. The products are priced reasonably, with Kratom powder of 60g costing around $15 and 250g of capsules for $99.

Furthermore, they offer consistent pricing for all of their strains so that the customers can easily buy their preferable strain without worrying about cost differences.

8. Amazing Return Policy

Oasis Kratom considers customer satisfaction their topmost priority, and that’s why they provide a full money-back guarantee. You can return your order containing at least 75% of the original product in its provided packaging within 30 days for a full refund.

9. They Have Something for Everyone

The best thing about this vendor is their great variety. They have almost everything that a Mitragyna enthusiast can be interested in.

Whether you are looking to find this botanical on wholesale rates to buy in bulk or want to buy the usual retail-priced products, you can easily find both on their online store.

Moreover, they have all kinds of vein strains and forms like Korth gummies and extract. You can also find some other herbal products like Blue Lotus Flower, Hirsuta extract, and Kava extract powder stocked on their website.

10. Informative Blog Section

Another awesome thing about this online seller is that they want their customers to be fully informed and educated. That’s why they have an informative blog section containing various detailed articles on essential topics regarding Kratom.

Get 25% Off

If you are interested in buying from Oasis Kratom for the first time, there is some good news. You can get 25% off on your first order from this website. Moreover, by joining them, you can also receive various offers and discounts on your further purchases.

Can I Buy Wholesale Kratom?


Oasis Kratom provides wholesale Korth at highly affordable prices for the ones interested in buying in bulk. You can get a minimum of 5 kg for $65 per kg from their online store.

What Is The Shipping & Return Policy of Oasis Kratom?

They provide USPS and UPS shipping methods domestically. Their orders are shipped the same day with guaranteed delivery within 1-2 days through USPS priority express mail and 2-3 days through USPS priority mail – except for Sundays and holidays.

UPS also promises delivery from the next day (UPS next day air saver), within two business days (UPS second day air), and 1-5 business days (UPS ground).


Oasis Kratom is a well-known Mitragyna vendor that provides guaranteed Kratom products that are natural, authentic, and safe from contamination. They are GMP certified by the AKA after going through a third-party audit that makes them completely reliable. All in all, you can definitely buy from them to get high quality Mitragyna products at affordable rates. Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is here for all of your herbal needs.


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