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by | Dec 6, 2022 | American Kratom Association

When looking for quality kratom, we all want a shop that offers the best products at affordable prices. Many of us have been told that it is a dream only. However, a few online vendors make all this a possibility.

Super Speciosa is an upcoming and excellent online vendor for all kratom consumers in America and beyond. We decided to try out the shop because of the hype, and since then, we have been hooked.

Here are all the things that you need to know about a shop. Super Speciosa is not only a good match for budget watchers but also an excellent pick for all who like to try various strains.

Top Selling Products

When you log on to the website, you get a glimpse of all the best sellers that have made consumers become regular customers. These strains will not only be a potent dosage but also ensure consumers that the purity and efficacy of the strains make a world of difference. Check out the top sellers at Super Speciosa

All these products are packed in colorful, GMP-compliant airtight bags. Consumers will enjoy the boost of energy and stimulating effects because freshness is supreme, and Super Speciosa ensures that you get the best fresh Kratom every time.

Is It AKA GMP Qualified Vendor?

The biggest consolation for any customer is if the shop is AKA GMP qualified. The good news is that Super Speciosa is AKA GMP qualified, which means that you get the most authentic and healthy products made with pure kratom from Southeast Asia. The raw leaves are processed carefully to create different products.

Moreover, laboratory testing assures customers that their experience will be safe and robust. The GMP-compliant packaging standards include airtight jars and vacuum-sealed bags to protect all contents from contamination. The opaque and white jars keep the kratom products away from sunlight which can change the chemical composition of the alkaloids.

Super Speciosa is one of the few shops that have received the AKA GMP qualification, which means that all the products, customer service, prices, and even the packaging and shipping are on point.

Can You Buy Wholesale Kratom?

Consumers can buy wholesale kratom from Super Speciosa, which is a bigger advantage than many think. First, you get the best prices for all your kratom purchases; secondly, the exquisite quality and fresh stock can be a great way to include friends and family. Most wholesale buyers want to set up their businesses, and this brand is a great partner for all kinds of kratom supplies.

Special Discounts

There are unique offers at Super Speciosa, and you will enjoy each. All of us would want a discount, and more so if we know that it is not a few cents but a whopping cut that can make even the most exotic strains affordable.

20% Off Your First Order

As soon as you log onto the website, a pop-up gives you the good news that you can enjoy a 20% discount on your first order. You will have to subscribe to the website and become a member, and when you click order, the total appears with a 20% cut. This is a significant cut, and so many strains would become an addition to the final order once you understand that the final payment will be less.

Free Kratom

This offer is just the best! You get to enjoy free kratom in four simple steps. The online shop asks for your email address or phone, and you will receive a free package. Consumers who are new to the website can apply for this offer at any time.

Do You Have Questions? Check FAQ’s

Many online shops for kratom in America need stronger interaction with customers. So many consumers feel that their questions and unanswered. Super Speciosa is developed to ensure that all consumers feel heard and that their queries are addressed properly. You can check out the FAQ section, and we are quite sure that whatever query you had will be answered there.

Is Super Speciosa Available On Social Media?

Social media presence is a great help for consumers all over the country. They get to know about the offers and new kinds of products. Moreover, many users log on to Twitter and Facebook to give feedback.

Super Speciosa Facebook and Twitter pages are full of reviews. Since the online shop has not removed any of the ones that can be disagreeable, their intent to provide clean and honest service is visible.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Customers love Super Speciosa, and it is not due to the service alone. You can rely on the product quality and the authenticity of each strain. The AKA GMP approval seals the trustworthiness of this shop. If you want to see what customers say, see what they talk about on social media.

Live Chat Support

Another feather in the cap for Super Speciosa is the live chat feature. This feature makes it easy for consumers to find out about the products, discounts, the most suitable strain, and even the follow-up on shipping. You will love to know all of these things from the vendor.


Super Speciosa is an excellent choice for the variety of strains, good service, and the surety that whatever you buy is pure and authentic. The AKA GMP approval is a significant advantage, and the discounts are equally attractive. There are so many features to enjoy, and the best is that whichever kratom you buy will be available in the best form. Christopher’s Organic Botanicals has passed 4 American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practices Audits since 2019 and is here for all of your kratom needs.


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