Kratom World Health Organization Ban Update

by | Aug 11, 2021 | American Kratom Association, Blog

I wanted to update everyone on what’s going on with Kratom and the comment periods. It looks like the FDA is going to open the comment period back up until August 23rd.

Comments are still being collected on the AKA website and will be submitted to the W.H.O. and FDA. 

Using the AKA comment link at least we know that the proper people will see the comments and nothing gets “LOST”!


I will continue to fight for every Kratom consumer and the right to use kratom. The more we make, the more we donate to Keep Kratom Legal. This usually falls in the range of about 10% of our sales.

I will keep updating everyone with more news as I know more, but for now please leave your comment about kratom! These comments worked in 2016 and they will work again. I don’t have all the answers, but I promise to be transparent and honest about this industry from my end.

Kratom has given me my life back. I promise to do whatever I can to make sure that future generations will be able to use this plant.

Kratom is my cup of tea!


  1. John Wilson

    Keep up the good fight. You are doing so much for treatment and providing a voice for all of us that don’t have a platform. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Christopher

    You’re very welcome. I will always do what I can to make sure that kratom is here for the longhaul. Kratom is truly a God send for me, you and many others 🙏 and I want it to be here for future generations.
    God Bless you and be safe 🙏

  3. Ryan Andrade

    Just ordered from you today for the first time. Ordered the VIetnam I once loved so much, but have not had the privilege of being able to find in the last couple of years. I submitted my comments a week or two ago and hope this stays legal for many years!

    • Christopher

      We have sourced the vietnam kratom since we began. We will continue to have it in stock for a long time:)
      Thank You for being here with us.

  4. Christian Cook

    I am a paralyzed crime victim. I was mugged on Long Island, NY in 1979.
    Kratom has made my quality of life alot better since I’m taking Kratom and vitamins and supplements.
    Kratom has changed my life in a very positive way.
    I hope that it doesn’t get banned .
    Christian Cook

  5. Taylor Phillips

    Thanks for all you guys do at COB. I’ve been using Kratom since I first found your website back in 2016 and you always worked with me to make sure I could pay when the credit card system wouldn’t work and that always meant so much. I just ordered my first batch since 2018 so I’m SUPER stoked and can’t wait for it to come 🙂

    • Christopher Deaney

      We thank you for being here with us and trusting us. We promise to always do our best for you ❤

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