Kratom In Colorado: Is It Legal & The Best Kratom Shops To Buy

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Colorado is located in the Western United States and has a diverse landscape. From the desert areas to the snow-capped mountainous ranges, this state dubbed as the ”Switzerland of America” has it all. It has beautiful waterfall hikes, natural hot springs, attractive golden valleys filled with aspen trees, and numerous outdoor recreational activity areas.

However, the legal landscape regarding Kratom in Colorado is a bit complicated. We have the state law, city-specific ordinances, and recent kratom regulations to make sense of. There are a lot of misconceptions about Kratom in the Centennial State, and one probably has questions of their own.

Let’s delve into the details of Kratom laws in Colorado!

Is Kratom Legal to Possess, Buy, and Sell in Colorado?

Kratom is legal to possess, buy, and sell in the state of Colorado for anyone above the age of 21 years. Some regulations were put in place, thanks to the State Bill 22-120 passed by the state governor in 2022, and will be effective from July 1, 2024.

However, this isn’t true for the whole state, as one of its main cities, Denver, has enacted laws prohibiting the sale of kratom for human consumption since 2017. However, the local government has mandated posting a warning label against ingestion at the point of sale.

Similarly, Town of Monument and Town of Parker has also made it illegal to sell Kratom for human consumption since November 2019 and October 2019, respectively. A few years ago, Castle Rock also put a temporary ban on new businesses selling Kratom, but it was lifted in a few months.

The Colorado Kratom Consumer Protection Act

According to SB 22-120, The Colorado Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) is a regulatory framework focusing on product testing and labeling for Kratom products in the state. Unlike controlled substances such as cannabis, Kratom itself is not a controlled substance in Colorado, so the regulations are designed to ensure consumer safety instead of restricting its use.

The key provisions of the Colorado KCPA include:

Age Restriction

It is illegal to sell Kratom products to anyone below the age of 21 years. Moreover, displaying or storing the products in a retail store that allows anyone within the age limit to access them is also strictly forbidden.

Adulterants Safe Products

It is prohibited to manufacture, advertise, or sell any Kratom product that is adulterated with Fentanyl or any other controlled substance.

Labeling Requirements

According to the act, Kratom products must be labeled correctly with the manufacturer’s identity, address, and full list of ingredients.

Why is There a Need to Regulate Kratom?

The main reason to regulate Kratom is the traceability of the herb to ensure the safety of the users. The herb generally comes from Southeast Asian farms, where the safety standard is not strictly followed. Without product traceability, health officials can’t determine how contamination occurs, where contaminated products go, and if they need to initiate a recall.

The big issue with unregulated products is that business owners who want to cut corners can easily do so. Many don’t even realize the need for product testing. When businesses are more concerned about making money than keeping people safe, problems arise.

Above all, when it comes to kratom, the biggest concern is heavy metals. A couple of years ago, Dr. Walter C. Prozialeck and his colleagues conducted a study at the University of Florida that analyzed kratom products from shops in the Chicago area. They found microbes and unsafe levels of heavy metals in multiple products.

With proper testing and proper traceability, these products would never have made it to store shelves. This is why the herb is regulated to ensure its safety for human consumption.

Kratom Availability In Colorado

There are two primary ways to get Kratom in Colorado. You can purchase this botanical online and have it delivered to your home, or you can find a nearby business that offers it.

A) Buying Kratom In-Store

1. Kratom by Mile High Botanicals

In Denver, Mile High Botanicals is a considerable choice for buying good-quality Kratom. The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, and the prices are reasonable. Also, their vendors are GMP certified.

Address: 1540 S Holly St #5, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Telephone no: +1 720-339-2303

2. Kiody Kratom

They are located in Colorado Springs and can provide good quality Kratom for a long time. It is a reasonable option for people wanting Kratom in Colorado.

Address:  3902 Maizeland Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, United States

Telephone no: +1 719-425-8189

3. Clean Kratom Denver

They are the first in the United States to hold a certified license for the manufacturing and distribution of Kratom. They also claim to be GMP certified which makes it a good choice for purchasing Kratom. They provide premium quality at cost-effective prices.

Address:  258 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203, United States

Telephone no: +1 970-406-8728

B) Buying Kratom Online

Buying Kratom online is also a good option. However, it is necessary to research the vendor for good testimonials. Moreover, checking for lab testing and product variety is also required to classify a good vendor.

In a state like Colorado, due to regulations on Kratom mixed with adulterants, there is little chance of getting an unauthentic and contaminated Kratom. However, ensuring the Kratom quality is a good option for preventing future complications.

Future Predictions/News Related To Kratom In Colorado

The future of Kratom in Colorado is uncertain. As there are rules and regulations for sale and consumption in the state, there is unlikely to be any ban on its usage. However, it can be more strictly regulated for consumer safety, like mandating third-party lab testing or allowing only a certain amount of alkaloids to avoid side effects.

Moreover, some cities in the state, like Denver, are following strict rules and regulations regarding Kratom, including short-lived bans.

By analyzing these trends, we can estimate that Kratom will remain legal in the state but with some regulations. Nonetheless, the sales in each city will vary based on their ongoing discussions and rules.


Kratom is currently legal to buy and sell in most of Colorado but with some regulations. Although the state passed a law in 2022 requiring Kratom products to be tested and labeled, Denver and a few towns have stricter laws making it illegal to sell Kratom for human consumption.

The future is uncertain, but it is necessary to check for the laws of your city before buying Kratom to avoid legal complications.


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