Kratom Consumer Protection Act

by | May 24, 2023 | Kratom Advocacy

Kratom’s status in America is not as clear as other botanicals because there is no scientific research. Moreover, the FDA does not regulate Kratom products, so there is a chance that consumers get defective and unsafe items from unethical vendors. However, the American Kratom Association has played an integral role in maintaining the quality of the herbal products available in the country through a network of online shops and local outlets.

Even then, there is a need for consumer acts, to ensure that Kratom users always get the best quality. What is the importance of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in this regard? Let’s find out so that you always get the best items to try.

What Is The Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

The consumer protection act is a legislative bill demanding all kratom manufacturers deliver the best, safest botanical substance to people. Many states in America are implementing this act to ensure that people in their jurisdiction get the best Mitragyna products. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act requires product quality, purity, and labeling requirements. The AKA instructs online shops, local outlets, and manufacturers to follow the actions to guarantee safety for users.

The age limit for sales through the KCPA is 21, and if a state implements this, it means that people under 21 cannot buy Kratom in that state. Moreover, the act also encourages the need for research and education for the public and healthcare professionals so that people can make better decisions regarding the strain to use.

Additionally, healthcare professionals will be able to guide users in case they feel uncomfortable or do not feel the impact of this botanical. With this act, the sale of harmful unregulated, and dangerous products can be checked thoroughly.

The Need For KCPA

You can see numerous items on the shelves when you go to any shop like Walmart or Walgreens. The FDA regulates each of these items; therefore, you can use it without worry. A series of standard checks, regulations, and requirements must be fulfilled so that those products are safe. Labeling of the ingredients, batch number to show the date of production, and other details of the item make it easier for consumers to get fresh, potent, and healthy products off the shelf.

However, since the FDA does not regulate Kratom item production, you can buy stale, unfresh, and unsafe Kratom items. The KCPA makes it possible for the AKA to check every item and verify the vendor so that all consumers can buy from this shop without fear of using old and contaminated items.

What Does The KCPA Say?

The KCPA is a detailed bill that introduces Kratom and discusses the key features of this herb. It explains how the botanical works and what kind of labels are needed to ensure that consumers get an insight into what they will be using. Aware customers are a prerogative, and this act underlines the need to ensure that all the users are fully aware of what they are using.

If a vendor does not provide all the details on the label and does not offer laboratory-tested items in GMP-compliant packaging, there can be penalties. The KCPA also emphasizes the importance of sharing all the effects and usage methods with the consumers so that they make a conscious decision.

KCPA gives the Department of Agriculture the oversight to set the standards for Kratom items and incorporate harvest and cultivation requirements. The AKA extends the care to consumers by going through another check of quality, lab tests, and packaging to make every item available in America a safe choice for all Kratom users.

States That Have Passed The Act

The need for KCPA is felt nationwide, and the AKA stresses the implementation in every state so that the botanical is not banned and users can freely enjoy this herb if they know they get fresh items. Here is the list of states where the KCPA has been passed to ensure safe and fresh Kratom items.

  • Utah,
  • Arizona
  • Georgia,
  • Oregon.

Most states in America allow using Kratom and are considering the implantation of KCPA. However, we feel that it is the need of the hour so that consumers all over the country can benefit from this botanical and feel safe.

Due to the increasing popularity of the herb, so many online and smoke shops sell this substance. However, many unethical vendors sell consumers mixed herbs and old stock for a profit. These vendors spoil the reputation of the Mitragyna industry, and many potential users become apprehensive.

If you also consider using this botanical, the product can have many reservations. You may not be getting 100% pure Kratom sourced from Southeast Asia. Moreover, there can be additives and fillers to increase the volume of the product. The KCPA, which is introduced to safeguard the users, can eliminate all these factors.

We Support KCPA

The AKA is doing a tremendous job ensuring vendors sell the right products. We support KCPA because it allows all users to check the lab tests and makes them more aware of their rights. The act also ensures no accidents and that all users know what to expect from each strain they select. The Federal Clarity for Kratom Consumers Act has been filed, so We can continue to enjoy the tea that we love.

Last Words

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is legislation that safeguards the rights of consumers and ensures safe, healthy, and fresh botanical items all over the country. Some states have implemented this act already, and many are following it. However, a few states that ban this herb may approve this action and allow the use of Kratom only for fresh products that fulfill the act’s requirements.


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