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by | Jul 15, 2022 | Christopher's Organic Kratom News, Kratom Blog

There has been a lot of talk about types of kratom in the past few weeks that is exciting and concerning.

We are going to try something new here to help keep the Kratom community informed about what is going on with Kratom news from around the world. Read on if you would like to join us in learning more every day.

We need to have our voices heard and one of the best ways to do this is by talking to Our local governments and explaining that Kratom is not some evil plant. That is where advocacy starts locally and moves outward. If we all start talking about our experience, we will have influence over people’s perception of who actual kratom consumers are in the world.

Officials listen to people when they tell a story from their heart. Natural kratom has been used for a millennia.

The CDC received many comments from people all over the country stating that Kratom and Cannabis had improved their lives.

This story shows that people are looking into other ways to help improve their lives and not just feel like they have no other choice but to live a life of misery.

We are a small Christian company that focuses on the highest quality kratom, customer support, and fair trade kratom. Kratom powder and all herbs need to be treated with respect.

You can find High quality kratom leaves which are a wide variety of the highest quality green vein kratom and white vein kratom available at Christopher’s Organic Botanicals. Buying Kratom should be easy, and our small business is here for you! We are online kratom vendors that are advocates and truly love kratom.

Whether you are searching for kratom extract products, kratom powder, or kratom capsules you came to then right place. We do in house lab testing and send everything out for 3rd party lab testing too!

Here’s one news article that I came across that made me shake my head was the article out of Ireland about a Kratom seizure at Shannon Airport.

To say that the 4kg of Kratom is worth almost €81,000 is ridiculous. It was also said that four packages containing over 2.2kg of herbal cannabis had an estimated value of €45,200?

Seriously? These seem like catchy headlines to grab readers, but there could be more behind it. Scare tactics and or a way to demonize natural plants. Never in my life did I think that I would be defending a plant that has been used traditionally for thousands of years!

The FDA has had since 2018 to meet with the American Kratom Association to discuss Kratom. That has been the main goal but unfortunately that has yet to happen. The American Kratom Association has been waiting since 2018 and the FDA has not accepted a meeting.

CBD is everywhere and we can see those strains of Kratom are getting the same traction. Hopefully, the FDA will see that this Meeting is necessary.

CBD and Kratom will both get regulated in the same category at some point. What that category will be is not clear, but both CBD and Kratom are not looked at as drugs or food, so what do we do? Where do we put these products that so many people use daily?

Hopefully, the Day will come when the truth finally comes out and everyone can see the wonders of these plants. God put these plants here for a reason. Honestly, We should not have to regulate anything, but small companies and big companies alike would have a field day without regulations.

We are making headway across the board in our nation with the conversation about kratom leaf and other natural options being spoken about daily.

These plants have been here since the beginning of time. Why in the last one hundred years have these plants been banned? We used these plants for food and medicine as a species for thousands of years before we banned them! WHY?

There still is a lot to do and we will be on the frontlines of all issues concerning Kratom and Cannabis in NJ. I truly thank everyone for supporting natural options and believing in the Power of Nature!

We hope you enjoy this first Christopher’s Organic Kratom News blog post. We look forward to sharing them with you weekly.

Please visit our store Christopher’s Organic Botanicals for all your quality Kratom needs.

Honor God in All that you do!

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