Green Mahakam Kratom Powder

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Green Mahakam

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Green Vein Mahakam kratom is from the Mahakam river region of Indonesia. Buy kratom online from your trusted source since 2016. The Mahakam River is at approximately the latitude of the equator. Samarinda, the city through which the Mahakam River flows, has grown into a trading port city since the 1700s.

Different regions give kratom the unique attributes we enjoy. Green Mahakam Kratom is an underground fan favorite. Every two years, the Indonesian people celebrate Erau, a cultural festival that honors the connection between the river and themselves. It is a way to show gratitude for the gifts provided by the earth, such as the kratom tree.

It is important to approach mitragyna speciosa with caution and start with a low dosage to assess individual tolerance and sensitivity. Consulting with a healthcare professional or an experienced consumer can provide valuable guidance and insights into the potential effects and risks associated with speciosa use.

Green Mahakam Kratom Effects

  1. Green vein kratom strains, including those from Borneo, have a reputation for their balanced effects. Typically, people describe them as providing a combination of energy and relaxation.
  2. The effects of kratom can vary significantly from person to person due to several factors. One crucial factor is an individual’s body chemistry, which can influence how they respond to the substance. Each person’s body processes and reacts to substances differently, so what may have a certain effect on one person may not have the same effect on another.
  3. Another factor that can impact the effects of kratom is the serving size. The amount of kratom consumed can determine the intensity and duration of its effects. A lower dosage may produce milder effects, while a higher dosage can lead to more pronounced and potentially stronger effects.
  4. The optimal dosage varies for each individual. Therefore, it may require some experimentation to determine the correct amount.
  5. The quality of the kratom product is also a crucial factor in determining its effects. The potency and purity of kratom can vary depending on various factors such as the source, processing methods, and storage conditions. High-quality kratom products are more likely to produce consistent and reliable effects, while lower-quality or adulterated products may have unpredictable or diminished effects.
  6. Additionally, other factors such as tolerance, previous experience with mitragyna speciosa, and the presence of other substances in the body can also influence the effects of mitragyna speciosa. Regular users of kratom may develop a tolerance over time, requiring higher doses to achieve the desired effects. Previous experiences with kratom can also shape an individual’s expectations and perception of its effects.
  7. A good Daytime kratom phenotype as mentioned by consumers. Definitely for during the day when extra energy is required.
  8. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has not been approved for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its effects and safety have not been extensively studied, and it may pose health risks.
  9. It is crucial to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement, particularly for individuals with medical conditions, pregnant or nursing women, or those taking other medications. The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Use kratom responsibly.

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White Mahakam is the other variety of Mahakam kratom we carry at the moment. Green Vein Mahakam is similar to green malay kratom powder.

Region and History of Green Mahakam Kratom Powder

  • Green Mahakam Kratom Powder originates from the Mahakam River region in East Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. This area is known for its rich, tropical rainforests which provide the ideal humid and warm climate that kratom trees thrive in. The Mahakam River, a vital waterway, flows through the region and contributes to the lush vegetation, including the Mitragyna speciosa tree, from which kratom is harvested.
  • Historically, kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for its various therapeutic properties. Local populations traditionally chewed the leaves or brewed them into teas to enjoy their relieving, energizing, and mood-enhancing effects. The specific variety, Green Mahakam Kratom, is named after the river because the environment along its banks supports the growth of kratom trees that produce leaves with a unique alkaloid profile. This strain is particularly noted for its balanced effects that combine mild stimulation with relaxation, making it popular among kratom users worldwide.


  • Light Green

Batch Number

  • 152902

Expiration or Best By Date

  • 8/26

Alkaloid Percentages

Initial alkaloid Percentages when testing the batch and adding percentages to the package

  • Mitragynine=1.52% 7-Hydroxymitragynine=<0.04% Speciogynine=0.18% Paynantheine=0.28% Speciociliatine =0.37% Total Alkaloids=2.39%

Second random alkaloid percentage test pulled from this batch for release testing as seen in lab results

  • Mitragynine=1.21% 7-Hydroxymitragynine=0.015% Speciogynine=0.173% Paynantheine=0.253% Speciociliatine =0.374% Total Alkaloids=2.02%

Green Mahakam Kratom Powder 3rd Party Lab Testing Results


  • 100% Mitragyna Speciosa

GTIN Product Identification Numbers

2oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181239

4oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181222

9oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181215

16oz–Christopher’s Organic Botanicals Brand

  • GTIN 850007181208

WARNING: Before Using any Herbal Products, make sure that you have a full knowledge of the herb, It’s Workings and any adverse reactions it may cause! Caution: Consult your physician prior to using this product if pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition. This product was produced without federal regulatory oversight for health, safety, or efficacy. This product complies with testing and labeling requirements for microbiology, heavy metals, and contaminants required by the KCPA (New Jersey Kratom Consumer Protection Act).

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7 reviews for Green Mahakam Kratom Powder

  1. madmaxnightrider

    This Green strain has a very unique feel to it. Hard to pinpoint but not like any other strain that I have ever tried. Felt more like a Blend than just one strain. Kind of relaxing & slightly energetic all at the same time. Was very nice to try something different than the regular strains.

  2. chrisdiles

    I’ve enjoyed the benefits of kratom daily for over 2 years. As of late, I’ve been venturing out from my normal vendors to see what other gems I could find. I wish I had tried Christopher’s sooner! Without question, they are now one of my top 3 go-to’s. Top shelf quality, fast shipping and all the extras make them nearly unbeatable. This strain, for me, was a smooth, mellow mood lifter. I have really enjoyed it!

  3. Icedawgs8

    Have tried this a few times now and it is yet to disappoint. The onset takes a little longer for me but once it hits, it sure does boost my energy, with a great mood lift and overall sense of well being. For me it’s a perfect middle of the day strain. Definitely recommend you try this one. And while your at it, pick up some of the white mahakam as well.

  4. Dmoser00

    I had tried this awhile back and was amazed at how good and long lasting it was. Energy was probably better than the whites (for me), mood boost was perfect and phenomenal. I have been trying different vendors lately….not because I wasnt happy with COB but just to try others. When I came back and received my order It was like almost the first day I tried kratom! Chris has the best kratom, best customer service and is a awesome guy!

  5. wellstravis2000

    This strain caught me by surprise. Lots of energy. Definitly will be keeping this one on hand. As always chris has great customer service. Fast free shipping and quality kratom. The only vendor i buy from. Thank you chris.

  6. Melinda malawey (verified owner)

    Green mahakam is my all time favorite????????

  7. jeffgoman (verified owner)

    WOW!!!! First of all I loved Chris’ store for a long time but had to stop coming as I don’t really trust crypto. Ok so I’m a crabby old luddite. Now that I can use my debit card I’m back and WOW! again. This variety came in a sealed bag and the kratom was still bright green and aromatic with freshness. I have yet to try a ground Kratom product that was this good. Exactly what I needed. Not too energetic and astounding effective and FRESH. Christopher you are a godsend. THANK YOU!

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